July 30 Birthday Personality: The Robust Explorer

The Robust Explorer

Your greatest challenge is…

seeing beyond the material

The way forward is…

to understand that focusing on material satisfaction without a spiritual dimension is a recipe for frustration, loneliness and unhappiness, however rich or successful you are.

You’re drawn to people born on…

November 23 to December 21

As long as you give each other plenty of space and loyalty this relationship can be dynamic and exciting.

Luck maker

Take care of your soul

Lucky people understand that when they forget to pay attention to their soul, they become nervous, stressed and afraid, blocking the possibility of luck. Take care of your soul by enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

People born on July 30 tend to be practical and down-to-earth individuals. They set ambitious material goals for themselves and love exploring all aspects of the physical world. Sensual and robust, they are often comfortable in their bodies, and their forceful, self-confident manner usually takes them to the top in their careers. Money and status, and all the privilege and pleasure they can bring, matter a great deal to them.

Although friends and family will often take second place to material goals, their relationships are conducted with steady equanimity and a concern for the physical and emotional well-being of friends and loved ones. They are fair and ethical in their dealings with others, and are almost always true to their word. They hate playing games of any kind and can be extremely generous with their material assets. In fact, one of the reasons they devote so much energy to increasing their earning power is that they enjoy being able to offer material support to those close to them.

Despite their morality, reliability and generosity, their target-orientated ambitions tend to exclude recognition of the importance of personal emotional and spiritual fulfillment. Unless they learn to cultivate an interest in their psychological growth, any victories they achieve in the material world will seem strangely hollow. Between the ages of twenty-three and fifty-three there is an emphasis in their lives on practicality and, given that they are already biased toward the material, it is crucial that they try to see beyond the material world they love so much. After the age of fifty-four there is a turning point which highlights their growing need for intimate relationships, creativity and harmony.

Above all, these extraordinarily robust individuals are motivated by a desire to achieve concrete progress in life, and they have all the determination and star quality they need to succeed. Their journey toward success, however, will be considerably happier and more rewarding if they can learn to appreciate and put a high value on the things in life that money can’t buy.

On the dark side

Materialistic, mundane, repressed

At your best

Generous, sensual, ambitious

Love Solid dependability

People born on July 30 are often warm, sensual and entertaining, and they tend to have a very active social life. Once in a relationship they can be incredible loyal, dependable and supportive. They need to be careful, however, not to neglect their partner or make them feel that they come a distant second to money, status and material gain.

Health Seeking balance

People born on this day are often very physically aware and, if they don’t excel at sports themselves, they will often be interested in it. They are likely to take regular exercise and to eat healthily and, as long as they make sure they don’t take things to extremes, their body-conscious lifestyle keeps their energy and spirits high. The biggest health risk for them isn’t a specific illness, although they can be prone to muscle problems, high fevers and sudden illnesses, but their tendency to neglect the importance of spiritual, emotional, mental, and intuitive realities in their lives. They need to understand that happiness and success can only be experienced when all aspects of their lives–their minds, bodies, hearts, and souls–are in balance. It would be extremely beneficial for them to find ways to regularly renew and strengthen these four key areas of their lives. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color green will encourage them to seek this balance.

Career Born art dealers

The practical talents of these people, combined with their goal-orientated approach, make them well suited to careers in finance and commerce, as well as in the sporting arena. Their highly developed and inquisitive sensuality may also equip them for success in the arts as a painter, musician, writer, actor, or art collector. Other careers that might appeal include the catering and leisure industries.

Destiny To support and enrich the lives of others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn to open themselves up to emotional and spiritual experiences. Once they have learned to become more self-aware, their destiny is find ways to support and enrich the lives of others.

Power Thought

“Taking time to relax is my gift to myself and to my spirit”

July 30

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Leo

Ruling planet: Sun, the individual

Symbol: The Lion

Birth date ruler: Jupiter, the philosopher

Tarot card: The Empress (creativity)

Favorable numbers: 1, 3

Lucky days: Sunday and Thursday, especially when these days fall on 1 and 3 of the month

Lucky colors: Yellow, purple, orange

Birthstone: Ruby