July 29 Birthday Personality: The Partisan Leader

The Partisan Leader

Your greatest challenge is…

using your own judgment

The way forward is…

to understand that subordinating your individuality to the needs of the group often leads to emotional problems and resentment.

You’re drawn to people born on…

October 24 to November 22

You have much to learn from each other, and this can create a fulfilling and intense union.

Luck maker

Let go of your past

Hereditary patterns, cultural codes and social beliefs can be limiting, so when appropriate you need to break free. Lucky people understand they are the only ones whose power can create the life they deserve.

People born on July 29 tend to be energetic and positive individuals dedicated to fostering community awareness. Their ambitions are directed less toward achieving their own success and more toward benefiting the social group to which they belong, be this their family their local community, their work, their country or the world as a whole.

Within their own social group, these people tend to gravitate toward leadership positions and, because they are strong willed with clear-cut goals and the organizational talents to motivate others, they can be inspirational. Their willingness to nurture and assume responsibility for those around them–combined with the generosity, loyalty and pride they display toward those in their charge–generally earns them affection, respect and gratitude.

Although their dedication and commitment to the social group they belong to is nothing but admirable, their intense communal bias does not leave them much room for those closest to them, such as partners and family or for their own independent interests. This is ironic considering that many of these people like nothing better than to encourage self-reliance in others, even though this self-reliance does need to be within a framework of community awareness.

It’s important for them to make time for themselves and for their own psychological development, especially between the ages of twenty-four and fifty-four, during which their mental focus becomes more analytical and practical, and the desire to be of service to others takes center stage. These are the years when they are likely to make outstanding contributions to their community or even humanity as a whole, but they need to make sure they don’t regard their own personal needs and ambitions as less important than those of the community. This is because by demonstrating to others that their community supports their individuality rather than suppresses it, they can give their community the most powerful and liberating endorsement of all.

On the dark side

Conformaist, restricted, generalizing

At your best

Generous, loyal, cooperative

Love Don’t overlook the individuals

People born on July 29 are attracted to people who fit in with their community but they would actually benefit more from potential partners who are more individualistic in their outlook. Once in a relationship they can be positive and thoughtful lovers, and their wonderful way with words can quickly dissolve tension and create harmony

Health The placebo effect

People born on this day should do some research about the placebo effect and the relationship between mind and body This is because they tend to believe either that they will inherit illnesses from their parents or that when they reach a certain age they will be prone to age-related illnesses. It would benefit them enormously if they freed themselves from culturally accepted beliefs about aging, and focused instead on health and eternal youth. As far as diet is concerned, they should aim for variety and not be afraid to experiment with new tastes. When it comes to exercise, variety is again essential, but this time their structured approach may work for them; once they find an exercise routine that works for them, they are likely to stick with it. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color yellow will encourage them to focus more on their own needs.

Career Born charity leaders

These people make excellent teachers, and social, charity or political party workers, but they may also be drawn toward the world of entertainment, teaching or writing. Their leadership skills may make them sensitive and successful directors and businessmen. With their natural sense of authority they don’t like to be in a subservient position and are at their best when working selflessly for a cause or group they believe in.

Destiny To dedicate themselves to the common good

The life path of people born on this day is to remember their own individuality and the individuality of others. Once they are able to serve their community without losing themselves in it, their destiny is to become a living and inspiring example of how dedication to the common good can nurture and inspire true individuality.

Power Thought

“I ta ke my pow er ba ck. My destiny is up to me”

July 29

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Leo

Ruling planet: Sun, the individual

Symbol: The Lion

Birth date ruler: Moon, the intuitive

Tarot card: The High Priestess (intuition)

Favorable numbers: 2, 9

Lucky days: Sunday and Monday especially when these days fall on 2 and 9 of the month

Lucky colors: Gold, silver, milky white

Birthstone: Ruby