July 24 Birthday Personality: Charismatic Uncertainty

Charismatic Uncertainty

Your greatest challenge is…

feeling happy on your own

The way forward is…

to celebrate your aloneness. The idea of aloneness carries with it a wonderful quality of freedom, as you’re free from what other people might think.

You’re drawn to people born on…

September 24 to October 23

You are both exciting and enigmatic in your own way and will never tire of playing games with one another.

Luck maker

Become more aware of others

Lucky people understand that, as fascinating as they are, the best way to win friends and influence people is to make them feel they are the special ones, not you.

People born on July 24 are among the most original and exciting of the year. They have an invigorating presence that surprises and shocks everyone they meet, and their charisma is so intense that others find themselves irresistibly drawn in.

They are exciting and adventurous, and others tend to cluster around them in the hope of understanding them better and perhaps catching some of their magic and energy. Sometimes they may express the dangerous side of their personality by taking up an extreme sport, dating someone wholly inappropriate or accepting a job that involves a huge amount of retraining or risk to their professional status. They are able to do this because they are often more concerned with the thrill of taking on a new challenge than they are with the consequences of their actions. They are here to have an amazing time and that is what matters most to them.

Although they may give the impression of being fearless, what they fear most of all is routine, the mundane and not moving forward with their lives. They need to learn that some of the greatest adventures lie within, and that getting to know themselves better will be an endless source of excitement and discovery. After the age of thirty there is a turning point in their lives when opportunities will be presented to them to draw more pleasure from being of service and doing their job well. They need to take advantage of these opportunities because their real source of fulfillment is to motivate and help others.

Whatever they choose to devote their dynamic creativity to, they will always find themselves attracted to the far out and the unusual. Whether they realize it or not, their actions are often designed to attract the admiration or attention of others. Once they discover that others will notice and admire them just as much, if not more, when they demonstrate their quieter, but no less effective, gifts for sensitivity and creativity, they have the potential not just to motivate others but to truly amaze and inspire them.

On the dark side

Selfish, obsessive, fickle

At your best

Innovative, hypnotic, inspirational

Love Teach me

It won’t be easy for people born on July 24 to find a partner who is as compelling, unusual and adventurous as they are, but when they do they can be loyal, passionate and endlessly exciting partners. Settling down may also be a problem as they have such a restless nature. They are attracted to those who can teach them something but who also have a fun, youthful side to their personality.

Health Focus on higher things

Not surprisingly people born on this day are prone to accidents because they can be so reckless and their compulsion to seek out new and unusual experiences may lead them to experiment with activities, such as drug taking, that are detrimental to their health and well-being. They are prone to eating binges and comfort eating when they feel bored, so it is important that their diet is as varied as possible so they don’t deprive themselves of foods they love. They should also find healthy ways to relieve their boredom: going for a walk, writing in a journal or chatting to a friend or loved one. Because they are generally so active, regular exercise may not be as essential as it is for other people, but in the unlikely event that they do find themselves in a sedentary job, exercise will be an excellent way to release pent-up tension. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color purple will encourage them to take time out to reflex and focus on higher things.

Career Born entrepreneurs

The creative talents of these people are so strong that they may suit a variety of professions, with the proviso that they assume a leadership role or at least act as independent agents. Being a good organizer, they can excel in commerce but they could do equally well in promotion, advertising, education, philosophy psychology politics, acting, and writing.

Destiny To admire, lead, motivate, and inspire others

The life path of people born on this day is to recognize the impact that their actions may have on others. Once they have learned to think through the consequences of their actions, their destiny is to admire, lead, motivate, and inspire others.

Power Thought

“Nurturing inner peace positively affects my life and the lives of others”

July 24

Signs & symbols

Sun signs: Leo/Cancer

Ruling planets: Sun, the individual/Moon, the intuitive

Symbols: The Lion/The Crab

Birth date ruler: Venus, the lover

Tarot card: The Lovers (choices)

Favorable numbers: 4, 6

Lucky days: Sunday and Friday especially when these days fall on 4 and 6 of the month

Lucky colors: Gold, pink, green

Birthstone: Ruby