July 09 Birthday Personality: The Lovable Opportunist

The Lovable Opportunist

Your greatest challenge is…

accepting the word “no”

The way forward is…

to understand that “no” can be an awful word to hear but the only way to move onward is to find ways to turn rejection into direction.

You’re drawn to people born on…

March 21 to April 20

You are both expressive and energetic, and this can be a passionate and stimulating relationship.

Luck maker

Ask why

When they hear “no,” lucky people do everything they can to find out why. They focus on the reasons they didn’t get what they want, and learn to move on from their mistakes.

People born on July 9 are often a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm. They love to taste all that life has to offer and put their heart and soul into everything that they do, whether it is work or a relationship. Endearingly curious and eager to learn, their wide-eyed wonder has an energizing and motivating effect on everyone they deal with.

The opportunist streak that they possess, when combined with their questing imagination and boundless energy, gives them great creative and innovative potential. Indeed, their conviction that there is so much yet to be discovered may lead them to explore concepts that others may dismiss as totally unfeasible or unacceptable. Despite their fierce originality, however, they are not unrealistic about the possibility of success and are able to supplement their intellect and intuition with persistence and effective practical skills. When their optimism and charisma are added to this combination, it’s no surprise that they are often attractive and popular individuals.

Although they do tend to have a healthy self-esteem, they are not always so good at dealing with rejection or setbacks and they can also suffer from exhaustion. When they are feeling low, they may withdraw into bitterness, frustration or disillusionment; it is vital for their self-image that they find more constructive ways to deal with disappointment, using it as an incentive or a learning experience. When they hit their teenage years they will be presented with opportunities to develop more confidence to display their talents and skills; it is important for them to take advantage of these, ensuring that they believe in their potential for success, regardless of the setbacks they encounter. After the age of forty-three they are likely to become more discriminating, practical and perfectionist.

These people really do believe that anything is possible; if they can just learn to try another approach if the first fails, their enduring interest in investigating, exploring and pushing the boundaries of human knowledge gives them outstanding potential to blaze truly innovative trails throughout life.

On the dark side

Disillusioned, unrealistic, withdrawn

At your best

Vital, imaginative, persistent

Love High expectations

People born on July 9 are blessed with natural charm and this makes them extremely popular. They have high expectations of relationships and give a lot to those they love, but they do need to be loved and appreciated themselves in return. Their choice of romantic partners tends to be those who share their curiosity and who come from different backgrounds to their own.

Health Energy dips

For the benefit of their emotional and physical health, people born on this day need to learn to pace themselves because they have a tendency to throw themselves wholeheartedly into whatever they do and this can lead to energy dips and exhaustion. Making sure they have plenty of time for rest and relaxation is recommended, as are periods of solitary meditation. They may not like to spend time alone but the need to recharge is part of their nature and they will damage their health if they don’t. As far as diet is concerned, they are likely to go for variety so their nutritional intake is probably sound, but they might benefit from daily multi-vitamins and minerals as an insurance policy. Extreme forms of exercise should also be avoided although moderate-intensity exercise, such as jogging, dancing, or cycling, should not. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the colors orange and yellow will give them a confidence and energy boost when they feel low.

Career Born pioneers

These people are innovators and they will often be found pioneering artistic or scientific theories, or even psychic phenomena, mysticism and spirituality. Their gift with people also makes them ideal for working with the public and their interest in humanitarianism may lead them to the healing professions, law, social work, and counseling. Other careers that might appeal include writing, public speaking, sales, promotion, publishing, interior design, or theater, art, and music.

Destiny To blaze an innovative trail through life

The life path of people born on this day is to learn how to handle rejection and setbacks positively. Once they have learned how to deal with challenges, their destiny is to blaze an innovative trail through life.

Power Thought

“Every obstacle in my life is an opportunity for me to learn and grow”

July 9

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Cancer

Ruling planet: Moon, the intuitive

Symbol: The Crab

Birth date ruler: Mars, the warrior

Tarot card: The Hermit (inner strength)

Favorable numbers: 7, 9

Lucky days: Monday and Tuesday especially when these days fall on 7 and 9 of the month

Lucky colors: Cream, cherry red, white

Birthstone: Pearl