January 13 Birthday Personality: Progression


Your greatest challenge is…

knowing how to cope with anger or disappointment

The way forward is…

to understand that painful feelings are only released when they are faced. Remember the only way out is through.

You’re drawn to people born on…

October 24 to November 22

You share a broad outlook and a passion for accomplishment and this can create an imaginative and exciting union.

Luck maker

Have faith

Unwavering self-belief when the going gets tough generates the ability and enthusiasm you need to succeed.

Progression is the key word for those born on January 13. They never stand still, always moving forward in their lives, whatever their circumstances or start in life. Their ability to overcome obstacles and make even the most difficult of transitions or tasks seem easy gives them a natural charisma.

Those who make life seem easy are universally favored, and people born on this day not only have the ability to succeed; they also have the ability to keep their cool when all around are losing theirs. When setbacks occur they pick themselves up, learn from their mistakes and do all it takes to reach their goals; and reach them they will.

People born on this day have no problems leaving their past behind them. They understand the importance of letting go in order to progress and move beyond limitations. They particularly enjoy initiating new projects and ideas, and they work steadily and in a disciplined way until they have attained what they desire. Although their imagination and intelligence give them the potential to succeed in many areas, the arena of social and humanitarian reform has particular appeal for them. Of course they feel disappointment and disillusion at times—they are human like everyone else—but typically after the age of thirty-eight, more often than not sooner, they discover the importance of making their mind work for rather than against themselves.

It’s impossible for people born on January 13 to hold back in any way and they cannot see the point of doing anything unless one hundred per cent of one’s attention and energy is given. If others are not committed or are lazy or not paying attention, they will let them know. They will progress faster if they can understand that not everyone has the same drive or need for achievement as they have, and that sometimes the price for having high ideals means that they have to stand alone. By taking time out to relax they can discover whether they have being pushing themselves too hard or have become too detached from the world they are so committed to improving.

On the dark side

Stubborn, rebellious, bossy

At your best

High achiever, expert, revolutionary

Love Charismatic flirts

People born on January 13 tend to be attracted to a partner from whom they can learn or who are a step higher than them on the social ladder. They need to respect and admire their partner rather than the other way round and take great pride in his or her success or accomplishment. Until they find someone to whom they feel ready to commit, their charismatic personality naturally attracts admirers and can mean they will have an erratic love life, sometimes with numerous partners in succession.

Health Healthy is better than perfect

Those born on this day are likely to look after their health as they learn early in life that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. They need to take care that they do not become too obsessive, however, and worry about their health to the extent that every ache and pain has meaning. Exercise is important to keep them flexible and toned but again they need to take care that they do not overwork themselves in a quest for physical perfection. Spending more time in nature or reading, meditating or surrounding themselves with shades of green should help keep them grounded and disciplined but also flexible enough to change course if it becomes necessary.

Career Born advisors

The ability of these people to stay calm in a crisis ideally suits them to careers in medicine, the armed forces, personal relations and the emergency services. They may also be attracted to education, where the fields of philosophy and psychology may be of particular interest. Their obligation to society and making the world a better place may draw them toward humanitarian causes. Imaginative and creative enough to work alone, these individuals are also happy working for others in advisory or specialist roles.

Destiny To make the world a more harmonious place

The life path of people born on this day is to rise above adversity and help others do the same. Once they have found the courage to stand alone and have learned to respect differences as well as similarities in others, their destiny is to make the world a more harmonious place by bringing people together and settling disputes.

Power Thought

“I can and will reach my full potential”

January 13

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Capricorn

Ruling planet: Saturn, the teacher

Symbol: The Horned Goat

Birth date ruler: Uranus, the visionary

Tarot card: Death (change)

Favorable numbers: 4, 5

Lucky days: Saturday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 4 and 5 of the month

Lucky colors: Black, fir green, sky blue

Birthstone: Garnet