January 01 Birthday Personality: Self-improvement


Your greatest challenge is…

to stop beating yourself up about making mistakes

The way forward is…

to learn from your mistakes, turning regret into positive resolve. Let the powerful energy of positivity sweep into your life and raise your game.

You’re drawn to people born on…

July 24 to August 23

You share the same wild energy and drive, and this mutual understanding creates an intense and passionate bond.

Luck maker

Believe in a better plan

When you plan for things one way and they turn out another, don’t drown in remorse and anxiety; open up your mind with the positive belief that there must be a better plan or a better way.

Full of energy and enthusiasm, those born on January 1 like to show others the way forward. Once they settle on a goal, their drive, integrity and originality attract good fortune and assure success. However, the very qualities that draw success to them can also hold them back.

It is extremely important for people born on January 1 to realize that “mistakes” are going to happen in life. If they go through life expecting that things will always turn out the way they wanted and that people will always do what they said they would do, they will feel perpetually frustrated when life does not go according to plan. They need to deviate from the familiar, learn from mistakes and accept the unexpected. And when they are finally able to turn rejection into resolve they will discover an emotional resilience that will drive them forward and break through their fear.

Above all, January 1 people value dedication, discipline and anything to do with education, psychology and study. They truly are born to lead and inspire, both at home and at work. There is always a voice inside them urging them to work harder, faster and longer. This quality can make them charismatic achievers who set an example to others. They are the bosses who burn the midnight oil, the teachers who give up their spare time to help struggling pupils or the politicians who take a pay cut. The only disadvantage is that they can get so caught up in the process of self-improvement that they forget their goal, their sense of humor and the bigger picture.

January 1 people, especially those under the age of thirty, do run the risk of becoming too focused on work and responsibility, and pushing themselves and others hard in the process. But once they figure out that optimism, resilience and listening to the opinions of others are just as important ingredients for success and happiness as hard work and dedication they possess tremendous potential for creativity, insight and inspired leadership.

On the dark side

Oversensitive, impatient, manipulative

At your best

Drive, dedication, honesty

Love Overpowering and seductive

The seductive power and drive of those born on January 1 can be so strong that unchallenged it can overpower others. They like variety and constant challenge and if their relationships don’t hold their interest they can get bored quickly and become controlling. However, once they get involved with someone creative who can keep them on their toes, and who can give them a sense of peace and security when things aren’t going to plan, they tend to stay involved.

Health Danger of burnout

Emotional and physical burnout is the biggest health worry for people born on this day; because they can be so self-critical they can suffer from bouts of depression. It is extremely important for them to have people in their lives with whom they can talk about their insecurities. This could be family, friends or counselors. Stress-related illnesses, such as headaches and high blood pressure, as well as comfort eating and digestive problems, are also areas of concern. They need to make sure they avoid alcohol, smoking and reliance on caffeine and sugar, and that they get plenty of fresh air, exercise and relaxation. Three drops of lavender essential oil on a handkerchief to breathe in when life is moving too fast will give them a much-needed pick-me-up.

Career Born specialist

These people like to be in charge so they are often attracted to careers that offer them this possibility. In business they like to work as a planner, producer, CEO or account manager and, if these are not possible options, to be self-employed. They can also be attracted to politics, education, engineering, astronomy, geology and medicine but any career that allows them to specialize in and rise to the top of a particular rather than a general field will appeal.

Destiny To be a voice of the people

The life task for people born on January 1 is to recognize that weaknesses in themselves and others are not necessarily insurmountable obstacles and that with a change of perspective weaknesses can become strengths. This insight, along with the realization that everyone has something to offer, will help give them the emotional strength to fulfill their destiny as a voice of the people.

Power Thought

“When one door closes, another always opens for me”

January 1

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Capricorn

Ruling planet: Saturn, the teacher

Symbol: The Horned Goat

Birth date ruler: Sun; the individual

Tarot card: The Devil (instinct)

Favorable numbers: 1, 2

Lucky days: Saturday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 1 and 2 of the month

Lucky colors: Dark blue, orange and baked clay brown

Birthstone: Garnet