February 09 Birthday Personality: The Winning Attitude

The Winning Attitude

Your greatest challenge is…

learning not to beat yourself up for some perceived weakness

The way forward is…

when you do mess up to talk to yourself as though you were a small child; be positive, supportive and gentle.

You’re drawn to people born on…

March 21 to April 20

You share a passion for intensity and the unconventional, and this creates an exciting match.

Luck maker

Keep your cool

Keeping your cool creates luck because others will respect you, meaning you are less likely to have enemies; lucky people, by definition, have few enemies.

People born on February 9 are independent and generous individuals with their own unique and at times non-conformist perspective on life. They are shrewd observers of human nature and capable of enormous understanding of others’ problems. Above all, though, they are fighters; life may have given them a few knocks but they have managed to bounce back with resilience, and this winning attitude can lead them to great achievements.

The remarkable ability of people born on this day to understand people and situations, even those they have not met themselves, makes them much sought after for advice and support. They make great teachers and leaders, and they influence and inspire not so much by technique but by example, showing others through their own actions how to rise above challenges with a winning attitude.

Yet when it comes to applying that same penetrating insight to their own lives and relationships they tend to be overly critical, measuring themselves by an impossibly high ideal. It is important for them to learn to be as tolerant and supportive of themselves as they are of others. Before the age of forty the needs and approval of others tend to be dominant but at the age of forty there is a turning point which places a greater emphasis on self-awareness and acceptance, as well as a need to take the initiative in all areas of their lives, possibly with a new relationship or venture.

The strong presence of people born on this day can sometimes make people think of them as aggressive, but behind this they possess a soft side that takes rejection and criticism to heart. They also have a tendency to act rashly; they need to remain calm under pressure and not allow their good will to be exploited. Once they are able to regard themselves more positively—and to be less harsh in their self-criticism—they will be able to achieve the high goals they set themselves, in the process becoming an inspirational model to everyone lucky enough to wander across their path.

On the dark side

Inconsistent, long-suffering, anxious

At your best

Powerful, generous, resilient

Love In for the long haul

People born on February 9 have the charisma to attract people from all walks of life, but they feel happiest with someone whose intelligence matches their own. In a relationship, they are loyal and passionate partners with a clear idea of where the relationship should be heading. They don’t give up easily on a relationship if it starts to flounder, because they believe that with the right attitude almost any kind of problem can be ironed out.

Health Time for you

People born on this day are often blessed with boundless energy so, unless they give in to cravings for comfort food or don’t take enough care of themselves, they are unlikely to have problems with their weight. If they do have weight problems it is because they have been neglecting themselves or have dipped into depression or anxiety. It is important for them to eat little and often, and to make sure they stay away from too much alcohol and mood-altering drugs. A regular exercise routine is also recommended to keep their metabolism high. They would also benefit from breathing exercises and meditation, and if they are feeling low or uptight a few drops of jasmine essential oil on a handkerchief to breathe in will help them see the sunnier side.

Career Born mentors

These people are natural mentors and messengers and they make great teachers, advisors, counselors, consultants, therapists, and psychologists. Their multi-talented personality may, however, lead them into many different careers and in many cases they will have more than one career. Science and social reform will allow them freedom and growth but other possible career choices include the arts, theater, design, property development, and technology. They also thrive in careers that involve travel and change, and may be drawn toward careers in aviation, navigation, and international business.

Destiny To inspire others to worthwhile causes

The life path of people born on this day is to be less self-critical. When they can learn to be more positive about themselves, their destiny is to lead and inspire others with their positive attitude, devoting their energies to a worthy cause.

Power Thought

“I will always seek the possible, not the obligatory”

February 9

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Aquarius

Ruling planet: Uranus, the visionary

Symbol: The Water Carrier

Birth date ruler: Mars, the warrior

Tarot card: The Hermit (inner strength)

Favorable numbers: 2, 9

Lucky days: Saturday and Tuesday, especially when these days fall on 2 and 9 of the month

Lucky colors: Turquoise, red, mauve

Birthstone: Amethyst

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