December 28 Birthday Personality: The Shining Example

The Shining Example

Your greatest challenge is…

coping with disappointment

The way forward is…

to remember that everyone, however successful, makes mistakes and you are no exception. Start to view setbacks not as failures but as stepping stones on the road to success.

You’re drawn to people born on…

July 23 to August 22

You are both self-assured and sophisticated individuals, and this can be a passionate and fulfilling relationship.

Luck maker

Focus on the positive

You tend to get what you focus on, so focus on the positive and leave negativity behind. You can put a positive spin on everything, even rejection, by acknowledging that it will help you learn and grow.

People born on December 28 tend to impress others greatly with their energy and clear sense of direction. They are a shining example of calmness, self-assurance and dependability to whom people often turn for support or advice during a crisis; and that support is typically given without hesitation.

The image that they tend to present to the world is one of capability and sophistication, but their competent exterior can often mask their intense search for a deeper and more fulfilling meaning to their lives. Their charismatic presence can have both a positive and a negative effect for them: positive, in that they gain enormous satisfaction from helping or motivating others; negative, in that their concern for the well-being of others may often cause them to neglect their own needs. Their careers, or having a family, will often give them a way of uniting these external and internal orientations with outstanding results, so they don’t constantly feel torn between the two.

As self-assured individuals, they have the ability to inspire confidence and even awe in those around them by means of their incredible perception, compassion and real desire to help others progress. They would be almost perfect if it were not for the fact that they find it incredibly hard to deal with rejection and, instead of fighting back, will often slump into depression, bouts of uncertainty or confusion. They can also give the impression that they have all the answers, which is of course not the case. This over-confidence can alienate even those who previously championed them.

After the age of twenty-four there are opportunities for them to become less concerned about the image they are presenting to the world and more concerned about expressing their individuality. They should take advantage of these opportunities because, once they have recognized that personal fulfillment and being of service to others are not incompatible but highly compatible human needs, they can unlock their potential to be shining and inspirational examples to others.

On the dark side

Over-confident, fragile, serious

At your best

Inspiring, sophisticated, confident

Love Cool head but a warm heart

The cool-headed but warm-hearted people born on December 28 are too serious to be flirts, but all the same they will often find themselves surrounded by admirers. They tend to be attracted to sophisticated and intelligent individuals like themselves, but might actually fare better with someone who can introduce some excitement and adventure into their lives.

Health Don’t get stuck in the mud

People born on this day are often passionate about music, and listening to music can be a great morale booster when life knocks them back. Owning a pet, in particular a dog, may also be helpful for them as it will encourage them to express their playful, spontaneous side. As far as their diet is concerned, they should aim for as much variety as possible and not stick to the same meal plans and menus time and time again. Variety is also the key when it comes to exercise; if they have been doing the same kind of exercise routine for years they are strongly advised to cross-train and find another way to challenge themselves physically. Not only will this boost efforts at weight loss if they have weight to lose, but it will also encourage them to take on new and different challenges in other areas of their lives. Wearing, meditating on and surrounding themselves with the color orange will encourage them to be more spontaneous, and a few drops of jasmine oil on a handkerchief to breathe in will lift their spirits when life seems to be working against them.

Career Born models

These people are often attracted to fields where they can help, guide, enlighten, or delight others, and they may choose careers in the arts, the media, fashion, communications, or spiritual studies. Possible work options include teaching, writing, acting, singing, journalism, charity work, social reform, and the healing and caring professions.

Destiny To inform, guide and enlighten others

The life path of people born on this day is to learn from their mistakes instead of repeating them. Once they have found a balance between their own needs and those of others, their destiny is to guide, enlighten and delight others.

Power Thought

“Keeping my thinking positive means I can overcome any problems”

December 28

Signs & symbols

Sun sign: Capricorn

Ruling planet: Saturn, the teacher

Symbol: The Goat

Birth date ruler: Sun, the individual

Tarot card: The Magician (will-power)

Favorable numbers: 1, 4

Lucky days: Saturday and Sunday, especially when these days fall on 1 and 4 of the month

Lucky colors: Dark green, orange, yellow

Birthstone: Garnet


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