Dating Virgo Woman

So you think you’re interested in a Virgo Woman, but still you’re lacking the knowledge for winning her over? Things can be tough if you can’t manage a Virgo’s traits well. Virgo is a sign of perfectionism and realistic in nature.

A picture of a true and strong Virgo Woman, the Virgo is considered as a sign of critic and craftsmanship.If you want to be her partner, you should have a clear understanding on her sophisticated manners. Written below are some of the characters a female Virgo has. Read on to know more about them.

Positive Traits

True lover




Negative Traits


Hates criticism


A Virgo Woman is blessed with outstanding characteristics. However, they still have unappealing traits which you just can’t ignore or abolish.

Asking Her Out

If you’re planning on asking out a Virgo you better make sure it’s perfect. Plan the whole date perfectly all the way down to its last detail. Choose the perfect place, the right food to eat and even the flowers that you should give her. A Virgo Woman hates dilapidated work, you should be very careful in your every step you make if you really want her to fall for you. She’s a perfectionist but hates criticism. Her meticulous nature is something you can possibly be worried about.

Your First Date

You can take her to a classy restaurant where elegant people are around. Make her feel like she’s one of them, elegant and beautiful. Choose the right seat, the food to eat and even the right flowers you should give her, as mentioned earlier. Even your gestures should be perfect or she may feel embarrassed. Their meticulous nature is what makes them very sensitive.

After The First Date

You can expect the same attention that your Virgo Woman gives herself to be the same as your building relationship. However, she may have some implications on every word and gestures from you, especially in this stage that she doesn’t know you very well. But then, you may be flattered by the effort she will take to make you happy. She’ll apply her perfectionism in her every detail into the relationship.

True lover

It feels like heaven if you win the heart of a Virgo Woman. She is a true lover. She will be completely devoted and loyal to you. When they fall in love, they show their passion and extreme intensity that only few other women can. However, you should know and follow her desired love atmosphere. She wants a slow growing relationship, no being together everyday. She also may want some “me time,” if so give it to her.


She is very thoughtful that she can do anything and everything for the people she loves.By love, she means real love, no other type of love exists to her. If she wants something, it could be hers in no time. She knows how to manage this tactfulness of hers. She can always get her own way because of this unique trait of hers.A suitable partner for her should be a supportive man who can help her and reflects on her thoughtfulness. It can be very beneficial if you know how to appreciate her thoughtfulness and return it to her.


Expect her place to be clean and her household is very well managed. As well as her mind, she keeps it neat and tidy. Cleanliness is one of her top priorities. She’s into health and a good lifestyle. This is because of her meticulous nature; she is building up a healthy lifestyle by being clean at all times. It’s a very helpful strategy if you can send her some cleaning tools as a gift or a health magazine that can be useful to her lifestyle. A gift certificate to a salon or to the best spa in the town for a facial and body massage is the best.


A Virgo Woman is the one with a most disciplined and systematic lifestyle.They possess a great sense of self-disciple and time management. If she is attending a meeting, she will arrive on time. She is super-organized at everything, even in the smallest details. She is a Virgo Woman who lives by the saying “play by the rules.” They strive for clarity and perfection in their lives so they prefer everything to be proper and well-organized. Try sending her some space organizers whether for her home or at work. Look for a drawer with multiple flaps for more storage or an elegant jewelry box to store her jewelry. Anything that can help organize her things is very welcome for this meticulous personality.


She will judge everything according to the highest standard written in her own rulebook. A Virgo Woman is nothing if not a perfectionist. The only zodiac with the highest standard set on everything. This is because they believe that if your work is worth doing, it is worth it doing well. For her, everything can be rewarding if you make it perfect, everything can work well if you work with it detail by detail. This is not really a negative characteristic of a Virgo Woman; it can be good when it comes to health and other aspects in life. An ideal man for her should be well informed and understand her especially on her being a perfectionist. A perfectionist can have low self-esteem and can lack motivation, so it is your job to help her feel good because they usually feel like they are a loser; learn new skills together by attending some workshops because she can lack motivation and may think she may never be able to do something well.

Hates criticism

A Virgo Woman tends to be a perfectionist because they hate criticisms. She cannot stand it. She works hard and well for the people around her not to judge her. She gives dedication and investment in her work to be appreciated and praised. She will do the task and chores detail by detail because she thinks that other people always see the defects in her works. An appropriate man for her should have a broad mind to help her realize the good side of criticisms. You can talk to her and make her realize that she shouldn’t have to take criticisms seriously at all times; that sometimes criticisms are made to make your work better.


Since they are perfectionist, they demand a lot of things especially in a relationship. Also there are times she will judge you according to the standards she holds on her life, some impossible things that you can’t stand. There will be times she demands you to follow and maintain her standards for the benefit of your personal relationship. This can be hard but if you really want her, have the courage and guts to follow her. You can follow her demands but think of it as a seed that you can harvest at the right time. Because I don’t think she’ll demand you for something not good for your relationship. You will see the fruit of your harvest when you’re lucky to score her heart.


Negative thoughts are always bugging the mind of a Virgo. A Virgo Woman thinks things on a negative way than opposite.She possesses some negative behaviors due to her being a perfectionist. One is being aghast of criticisms and being pessimistic is another. This is nonproductive, it lowers her self-esteem and gives off depression. Their negative perspective is what is making them feel down. If possible, it’s better if you help her fix the limited beliefs she has. Make her understand the pros and cons of taking risk. Remember that being realistic is one of the best ways to deal with pessimism.


You may recall it was mentioned perfectionism and meticulous nature multiple times; it’s because that is what Virgo women are. A Virgo Woman is practical and concerned with activities which have tangible outcomes. With her realistic mind and discriminating eye, she’s only attracted to the professionals and ventures which can be taken to a logical conclusion. She’s also good in finances, no worries when it comes to money, she can handle that with ease. If you are falling in love with a Virgo Woman, make sure you have her ideals and traits on your mind. Be sure you have a clear understanding of her to avoid implications on your relationship. Understand and help treat her imperfect features and she’ll be a perfect Virgo Woman for you. Support and shower her with your love especially when she needs it most, especially times when her imperfections appear.

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