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The Reflector

Besides having your type listed in the keynotes section of your chart, you can identify your type as a Reflector because:

All nine centers on your chart are white (undefined).
See figure 28 for an example of a Reflector’s chart.

Representing less than 1 percent of the population, the Reflector is the rarest of the Human Design types. The Reflector is a truly unique, unusually sensitive person who must be in the right place with the right people to experience true happiness. A Reflector should be honored and valued by those around them, as they serve a truly unique role that can help the rest of us make decisions that can improve the welfare of all.

A Reflector has no inner authority. They can only know truth when they see it reflected through others. In an ideal society, we would have a collectively supported Reflector living with us and serving as a barometer for the health of our collective.

Reflectors can do anything provided they wait twenty-eight days to make good decisions. Reflectors talk a lot, and they need to talk to get clarity. The greatest gift you can give a Reflector is to listen to them.

The few Reflectors I have had the honor of meeting have been passionate souls who have had a deep sense of the pain and suffering on the planet. They have been strong proponents for peace and prosperity. Many of them have traveled around the world as guests and have been completely supported by the gifts and donations of others.

 the Reflector, all nine centers are white (undefined).

Figure 28: For the Reflector, all nine centers are white (undefined).

Reflectors are truly unique beings ruled by the magnificent moon. You can almost see the radiant light of the moon in their faces. May you find that all the Reflectors in your life are beacons of joy, and that bodes well for them as well as for us.

The purpose of the Reflector is to reflect the health of their community. A happy Reflector comes from a happy community. An unhappy Reflector lives in an unhappy community.

Because the nature of the Reflector is to be energetically reflective, the conditioning experience of the Reflector does not seem as harsh as it can feel for other types, especially the Projectors. Reflectors are designed to be deeply conditioned by their environment, and because they have such little consistency in their charts, they can reflect something new quite easily without much trauma.

The Reflector’s Chart

It doesn’t take long to spot what is unique about the Reflector’s chart. A Reflector has no definition in any of their centers and has an almost totally white chart. Because Reflectors have totally open centers, the gates in their charts are very important. Those energies are the only consistent energies in their charts.

The Reflector’s Strategy: Wait Twenty-Eight Days

Reflectors are lunar beings. The moon makes a complete cycle through each of the sixty-four gates every twenty-eight days. As the moon moves through the chart of a reflector, it brings with it consistent changes in definition. Because of these consistent changes, a Reflector can anticipate energetic and decisive days based on their lunar cycle. The Reflector’s strategy is to wait twenty-eight days (the cycle of the moon) to make a decision.

It is very helpful for a Reflector to get a Human Design reading. A reading will show the Reflector the exact changes in their chart over the twenty-eight days of their cycle so that they can know which days in their cycle are consistently for certain activities and decision making.

As you can imagine, needing to wait nearly a whole month to make sure your decision is valid can be difficult in our very fast culture. So it follows that the emotional theme of the Reflector is disappointment. Reflectors often experience disappointment in their decisions because they didn’t wait long enough for clarity. They can regret their choices and be stuck with unhappy consequences because they were pressured to make a fast decision.

They also experience disappointment because, by virtue of their openness, the Reflector can be deeply wise about the extent of human potential, and they can so clearly see when humans don’t live up to their potential.

While a Reflector is waiting out their twenty-eight days, it is important that they understand their need to talk about their decisions with others. A Reflector has no inner authority. They can only know the truth of their decision when they see it reflected through others.

It is vital for Reflectors that they have a consistent group of friends who make them feel good and who will listen and support the Reflector in their decision making. Because of the inconsistent nature of the Reflector’s energy, Reflectors need consistent auras that they can rely on.

Reflectors also need to heed their only true inner authority, feeling good. When a Reflector feels good where they are, they are in the right place. If a Reflector does not feel good somewhere, whether they are in a restaurant or at their job, it is important for them to leave. If they are in a restaurant, they can leave immediately; but when leaving a job, it’s good practice to take a full twenty-eight days to be sure that leaving is the correct decision.

Once the Reflector waits twenty-eight days to make a decision, then they can do whatever they need to do to act on that decision. If they need to quit, they can just quit. If they need to move, they move. No more waiting is required after that.

Although they can need a lot of alone time to discharge excess energy, especially Sacral energy, Reflectors also need others. A quiet, hermetic life is not correct for the Reflector. In a perfect world, we would all know who the Reflectors are in our community and would make sure they are feeling good and happy, because their happiness reflects the happiness of the community.

Special Traits: Inconsistency and Sensitivity

Because the Reflector experiences so much energetic change from within and from others, every day in the life of a Reflector can be inconsistent and volatile. It’s hard for a Reflector to know what is stable and reliable. The only solution is to take time with all choices and to make sure to “bounce” ideas off trusted friends and family. Of course, taking long periods of time to gain clarity isn’t always easy to do in our culture, and the Reflector is often pressured to make quick decisions that end up being incorrect and disappointing.

Reflectors have a deep awareness of the full potential of humankind. What happens in the “real” world can impact a Reflector deeply. War, suffering, and injustice can truly tear at the Reflector’s spirit, and traumatic global events can cause the Reflector tremendous pain. It’s important for Reflectors to watch their mindset and to find a strategy, like the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), to cope with the disappointment and pain they experience.

The Reflector’s Health

As with all other non-Sacral types, the Reflector may have trouble sleeping. Making sure that the Reflector gets time supine in bed before falling asleep is important for good health.

As the Reflector is quite open, he also needs significant alone time to discharge the extra energy from his body. Remembering alone time is sometimes challenging for a person who needs and is designed to be with others, but it is healthy.

Although a Reflector can have more energy than any other person due to their open nature, they do not have within them any inherent consistent energy. Because of this, hard physical exercise or labor is not correct for the Reflector. Again, what feels good is probably good for the Reflector as long as they remember when enough is enough and do not overwork themselves.

Because the Reflector is here to reflect the health of others, they may not always be able to see their own health. Because of this, Reflectors need consistent people in their life who know them and can help them recognize if they become ill. When a Reflector becomes ill, it is important, of course, to take care of their body, but it is also vital to look at the community to see if there isn’t also something within the community that is making the Reflector ill.

Parenting the Reflector Child

Reflector children need consistency and do not transition easily. Because they have open Spleen and Identity Centers, it is common for Reflector children to seem clingy and to need their parents close by.

Remember that feeling good is truly the authority for the Reflector. If they feel good, then they are in the right place. As a parent, you may have to move your Reflector child around a bit until they find a place that feels good to them. Because of this, a Reflector child will want to be in school, but be aware that if there is unrest or problems in the energy of the classroom, your child may reflect that energy and complain.

Reflectors will also reflect their friends. Reflector children must have friends who feel good, too. Remember that your child will be a reflection of their peer group. If you do not feel good about your child’s peer group, you may want to gently work with your child to help them make better friends.

 Reflectors have no true authority because all of their centers are undefined.
Figure 29: Reflectors have no true authority because all of their centers are undefined.

Affirmations for the Reflector

  • I am a reflection of my world around me. If I feel good, I am in the right place. If I don’t feel good, I need to change my location.
  • I honor myself enough to take as long as necessary to make good choices. I discuss my options with my close friends, and I listen carefully to their feedback and sense if it feels correct for me.
  • I am sensitive to the world around me. I can experience the pain and suffering of others deeply.
  • I have consistent strategies to help me cope with intense feelings of disappointment with the world. I seek solace and find joy in nature, in animals, and with children who help me restore my spirit.