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The Five Personality Types

If you're like most people, you've probably gone through your life doing “okay.” Maybe you've had some success. Some things in your life have worked out. You feel that more is possible, but you just don't quite know how to fully activate what you sense is inside you.

The truth is, most of us aren’t raised to really live out the full power and potential of who we are. In fact, most of us are raised to do the opposite of what is right for us. We are taught to go out in the world and make things happen. While that works for some people, for most of us taking that kind of action just results in feeling frustrated, bitter, or disappointed that we didn’t get what we tried so hard to create.

We are all powerful creators. But in order to create in a powerful way, you have to know how you operate. Your Human Design type shows you exactly how to create in a way that is empowering, fulfilling, dynamic, successful, and exciting.

Because your type is one of the easiest ways to learn from Human Design, and one of the most important, we’ll start with this aspect of your chart first. As you can see in the table and chart below (figure 18), most of us are Generators of some kind. Many are Projectors, a few are Manifestors, and if you are a Reflector, you’re very rare indeed.

Human Design The Five Personality Types

Figure 18: Seventy percent of the population is either a Generator or a Manifesting Generator.

The Personality Types

The Manifestor

Energetic, powerful, effective, impulsive, and mysterious, Manifestors are one of the rarest types in the Human Design system, making up just 9 percent of the population. (read more)

The Generator

Generators have tremendous sustainable energy, and they are the only type designed to work. But they must find the right work and the right life force opportunities in order to feel happy. (read more)

The Manifesting Generator

The Manifesting Generator has aspects of their personality that match both the Manifestor and the Generator. Roughly 35 percent of the population are Manifesting Generators. (read more)

The Projector

Roughly 20 percent of the population are Projectors. The gift of the Projector is to manage, guide, and direct others. The aura of the Projector says, “Ask me a question. I know the answer, and I would love to share it with you.” [(read more)]

The Reflector

The Reflector is a truly unique, unusually sensitive person who must be in the right place with the right people to experience true happiness. (read more)


Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, and Projectors have authority in their charts. Reflectors, because they have no centers defined in their charts, have no true authority other than their Reflector strategy (figure 29).


Figure 30: Generated, or Sacral, authority

Generated Authority
Generated authority means that you have a defined Sacral Center and that there are no additional energies influencing your Sacral. Your Sacral is the only decision-making center in your chart, and your Sacral response in the moment is the correct authority for you at any given point in time (figure 30).


Figure 31: Splenic authority

Splenic Authority
The spleen is the center for survival, time, health, and intuition. Because it is the energy for basic survival, it is very time-centered and always operates with an intuitive pulse in the moment. You trust your gut and act on it. This is pretty easy for Manifestors and Projectors, but sometimes it can be confusing for Generators, who may wonder if their spleen overrides their Sacral response. For Generators with splenic authority, their Sacral response in the moment is correct. Your spleen and your Sacral work together (figure 31).


Figure 32: Emotional authority

Emotional Authority
When you have a defined Emotional Solar Plexus, it will dramatically influence your strategy. The defined Emotional Solar Plexus is a motor with energy that pulses in waves. If you are emotionally defined, you probably know that you have moods or changes in your emotional energy pretty regularly (figure 32).

It’s pretty common for emotionally defined people to be terrified of making decisions. They often have a history of enthusiastically leaping into decisions and then waking up a few days later only to find that their mood has shifted and now they are obligated to finish a project or a relationship that they just aren’t in the mood for anymore. Understanding emotional authority will help you make better choices and significantly improve your chances that your mood won’t affect your commitments.

If you have a defined Emotional Solar Plexus, you are not here to be spontaneous, though others will often put pressure on you to leap into things. Leaping into things without waiting for clarity will only create chaos in your life if you have emotional authority.

When you have emotional authority in your chart, you still use your strategy, but you need to wait until it feels right.

Ego Authority
Only Manifestors have ego authority. Ego authority is when your Will Center is connected via a colored channel to your Throat Center (figure 33).

With ego authority, you don’t have to wait for anything before you take action. The one caveat with this is making sure that you are well-rested and ready to take on the world. A defined ego is designed to have cycles of work and rest. It’s easy with the willpower of the ego to push through burnout and actually damage your health. If you have ego authority, check in with yourself to see if you need some downtime before you leap into the next commitment.

Self-Projected Authority
Only Projectors have self-projected authority. Self-projected authority comes from a channel connecting the Identity Center to the Throat Center with no other overriding energies defined in the chart, such as the Solar Plexus or the Spleen (figure 34).

Self-projected authority means that you have to “see” your decisions reflected or projected through others to get clarity. In order to really know what is correct for you, you need to have a circle of close friends who you can talk to about your choices. You need to hear yourself talking to others and see their response to know whether something is correct for you or not.


Figure 33: Ego authority

This does not mean that you have to follow the advice of your friends or family. You may disagree with their thoughts or opinions. But you do need to hear your own thoughts and opinions projected through others. You’ll get clarity from sharing your choices in conversation.

Mental Projected Authority
Mental projected authority is also only experienced by Projectors with a defined Ajna to the Throat Center and no other overriding energies. Mental projected authority, just like self-projected authority, means that you have to talk to other people to get clarity about which invitations are right for you (figures 35 and 36).


Figure 34: Self-projected authority


As you can see, each one of us has a unique strategy for creating and experiencing the world. Knowing your type and strategy is the most important information you need to know in Human Design. If you follow your strategy according to your type, your life will invariably improve and become an expression of who you truly are.


Figure 35: Mental projected authority

It’s important to note that while each one of us is different and magnificent, it is truly in the sum total of the parts of who we are as humans that the true elegance of Human Design and humanity is revealed. We need each other. And our unique energies are created to come together in service to one another.


Figure 36: Another example of mental projected authority

When you understand your type and the types of those you love, it empowers you to create relationships that are honoring and authentic. The most common thing my Human Design clients tell me is that not only did their experience with their own design open up their world, but it helped them stop judging others and truly see them for who they are. The world needs more of that, don’t you think?