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The Individual Subcircuits

Individual circuitry contains three subcircuits: Integration, Centering, and Knowing. Each of the individual subcircuits carries the theme of mutation, transformation, and the ability to articulate new ideas when the timing is right. The Individual subcircuits have a specific task that helps you understand what kinds of change you are here to bring and different energies that influence your ability to make change on the planet.

The Integration Circuit

Integration is a very complex and difficult circuit in that it truly embodies the energy of the soul of humanity. It is a deeply esoteric circuit and one of the more difficult ones to understand.


Figure 115: The Integration Circuit develops our awareness of self.

Integration is intuitive, motorized by life force, and driven by identity. When hominids first came into form, they expressed only the Integration Circuit. The theme of Integration is the phrase “I Am.” The job of the Integration Circuit is to develop awareness of the self as differentiated from others and conscious in our form.

When we are not in incarnated form, we exist as formless, undifferentiated unity. It is in human form that we experience the illusion of being separate and define ourselves by our uniqueness. We perceive ourselves to be separate human beings, not a unified whole. This is the power of the human experience. Through perceiving ourselves as separate, we are separate not only from each other, but from God. We seek enlightenment, and it is through the Integration circuitry that we are simultaneously separated and awakened to unity.

On a more practical note, Integration is a profoundly individual circuit. People who have a lot of the Integration Circuit are highly mutative and deeply individual. They may sometimes struggle to feel like they fit in.

People with Integration need time, which may seem counterintuitive, as Integration is rooted in the Spleen (the center for the here and now). Integration needs time for inner reflection and creating new paradigms as new experiences are “integrated” into the archetype of being human. And, of course, in addition to time, Integration also needs to respond. It is a generated circuit.

Integration Circuit Channels

  • Channel 34/57: Power
  • Channel 57/10: Perfected Form
  • Channel 34/20: Charisma
  • Channel 20/10: Awakening

Often people with Integration struggle to respond or even be in the moment. They need to integrate before they know what to do. This can sometimes be frustrating if you are trying to act or respond in the moment. Time to integrate or go into the proverbial cave is crucial for these people, especially on an interpersonal level.

It is not uncommon for people with significant channels of Integration defined to be perceived as self-referenced. They are not selfish, just individual by design. It's not personal. It's just the way the energy of this circuit works.

The wiring in this circuit is very complex, with gates overlapping in different channels. This does not happen in any other circuit.

Channel 34/57: Power

This is the original channel of the human archetype. When hominids first came into form, it was this energy that defined the original separation of humanity. This is intuitively based life force. This channel is also deeply auditory and intuitive. People with this channel are frequently employed in some sort of audio production. Sound distortions can be very challenging for people with this channel, and they can be especially challenged if they ever lose their hearing. People with this channel tend to be very clairaudient and can hear voices or intuitive guidance. They will also hear changes in your voice and will intuit things about you from your words and your tone.


Figure 116: Channel 34/57—Power

Gate 34: Power

Gate 57: Intuition

Channel 57/10: Perfected Form

In the evolution of the human, this was the second channel that evolved: the perfected form of intuition. This channel contains the intuitive, perfected awareness of how to survive in the now.

People with this channel are great people to follow. They always know how to survive. They intuitively know the safest route out of disaster or the best way around an obstacle.

Channel 57/10 people are perfectionists. It is common for this channel to stop taking action if they think they will make a mistake. But it is deeper than just a fear of making a mistake. This is a deep desire to get it perfect, and intuitively they know how to do this.


Figure 117: Channel 57/10—Perfected Form

But, notice that this channel is non-motorized and does not make it to the Throat. It is totally projected. When channel 57/10 tries to offer up its expression of perfection, no one listens. It is only through invitation that the perfection is recognized.

As this is a deeply individual channel, when recognition doesn't happen, coupled with a fear of not getting it “perfect,” people with this energy can truly take it personally. The truth is, they are mutative, offering new and unique perfected expressions that will not be adaptive unless they are invited to share them.

Spiritually, the energy of this gate is very special. The Spleen Center is all about the energy for survival. This is an energy that we share with other animals. In channel 57/10, our intuition is connected to the soul in the Identity Center. We are the only living creatures who are designed to intuit our soul's direction and have the capacity to know if we are fulfilling the destiny of our soul.

Gate 57: Intuition

Gate 10: Love of Self

People with this channel can be very conscious of being on their life path and often have a role in life of empowering others to discover and fulfill their soul's destiny.

Channel 34/20: Charisma

This is the most powerful channel in the Human Design system, which brings sustainable, generated energy to the Throat. This channel is the archetype of the Manifesting Generator, as it is the only channel that directly connects the Sacral Center to the Throat. Power and charisma are contained within this channel, but because it is connected to the Sacral, true power in this channel is expressed in response. That means that even though these people are very, very powerful in a sustainable way, they cannot truly live out their powerful destiny unless they respond. If they are initiating with power and charisma, they will get into big trouble and no one will follow them. If someone with this channel is not living his or her power and charisma, they can become very, very frustrated. Inside, they know how powerful they are, but they can't move that energy unless they respond.


Figure 118: Channel 34/20—Charisma

The big energetic task of channel 34/20 is to manifest thoughts into deeds, but only in response. Of course, with Gate 34 to the Throat through Gate 20, once these people are activated they can be very busy bringing things into form. But strategy is key here. The 34/20 who is not waiting or is without access to the intuition in other parts of their chart can be very busy following idea after idea and burning out their Throat and thyroid but achieving nothing. This is potentially the Don Quixote channel: busy, busy, busy tilting at wind-mills unless directed by influences from the rest of their chart (the 57 or the 43/23 channel, usually).

Gate 34: Power

Gate 20: Metamorphosis

In the evolution of the hominid, channel 34/20 evolved after intuitive survival. It is life force generated to the Throat. It is deeds (the doing of the Sacral) to the Throat. The “doing energy” here is not only based on survival but in sustainable life force energy. This is the energy of working to make sure we have what we need to survive over time.

Channel 20/10: Awakening

Channel 20/10, the channel of awakening, is the last channel to evolve in the evolution of the hominid into human. With this channel comes the perfection of the self in the now. This is the ultimate expression through Gate 20 of individuation. This is a totally projected channel of awareness. People with this energy have a deep capacity for spiritual awareness, empowerment, and self-love. Channel 20/10 often serves as a teacher of self-empowerment and enlightenment, but its lessons can only be shared when someone asks for them. If a person with this energy tries to force their knowledge out into the world, they are often ignored or even perceived as being critical.


Figure 119: Channel 20/10—Awakening

Gate 20: Metamorphosis

Gate 10: Love of Self

In relationships, this channel can be expressed in a challenging way. People with the 20/10 configuration, sometimes called the “verbal gunslinger,” can be known for their sharp tongue and vicious words. The language for empowerment or disempowerment is in this channel. If you have this energy or you love someone who does, be extra mindful of the power of your words.

The verbal gunslinger can be a configuration defined within an individual chart or brought together by electromagnetics in a relationship. Either way, it is an energy that requires awareness. It is not personal; it is simply energy. A relationship strategy of getting out of each other's space when the energy is too sharp will help when tongues lose control, as they can and will!

Anytime you have a defined energy from the Identity Center to the Throat, you have the potential for vulnerability, because the voice comes directly from the seat of the soul. When the 20/10 channel is speaking and not waiting for recognition, it runs the risk of either not being heard or being criticized. If this has been your experience, you might find that you have shut down your personal and creative expression. Learn to wait, and the right people will always ask you for your insights.

Of course, this channel can also be the highest expression of integration. Awareness and wisdom rooted in the self, when lived out purely as itself, is ultimately the most empowering energy in the chart. Simply by living strategy and being themselves, the 20/10 channel can empower others to do the same.

The Centering Circuit

The Centering Circuit is considered a minor circuit. It has only two channels, but they are very compelling. Two of its three centers are motors, the Sacral Center and the Will Center.


Figure 120: The Centering Circuit focuses change and improvement on the self.

The Centering Circuit acts as a vortex. People who are drawn into the energy vortex of the Centering Circuit are influenced to act more individually, regardless of their own definition. The Centering Circuit is a mutative force, ultimately designed to initiate others in the love of self and Spirit, and it will use life force energy (Sacral energy) to make it happen.

Its aura-busting qualities are only matched by the power of the Defense Circuit. When these two come together it is quite a challenge, with both circuits pushing each other out of their natural energy patterns. The Tribal becomes more Individual in expression, and vice versa.

The Centering Circuit has no potential for awareness, so it is purely mechanical, the experience of the self with no expression. There is nothing here for the Centering Circuit to report other than its experiences; no awareness, no expression, no channel to the Throat. It is a purely generated circuit only capable of sharing its process in response.

Contained within the Centering Circuit are mystical conversion through experience and initiation. These experiences can be shocking to the self and to others. The Human Design system was born of such energy, an initiation through a shock. It is also Individual in that the shock of the Centering Circuit can be empowering or alienating, depending on your perspective.

With the Will Center as part of the circuitry, the Sacral needs rest to sustain its energy. The irony of the Will and Sacral together is that you have sustainable work force energy that needs a break. Again, strategy protects the Individual, and a Sacral with a Will responds to rest.

The Centering Circuit is empowering in another way, too. Because there is perfected behavior of the love of self and Spirit here, and it is initiated and sustained, the Centering Circuit can energetically move people into self-love simply by being. Again, there is no convincing and talking here. The Centering Circuit, merely through responding, will empower others to love themselves and consequently create mutation.

Think about this. Tribal energy is all about sacrifice for the greater good of the whole. When the individual Centering Circuit steps into the Tribal aura, caring mutates into caring about the self.

Centering Circuit Channels

  • Channel 34/10: Exploration
  • Channel 25/51: Initiation

Channel 34/10: Exploration

The combining of Gate 34, power, and Gate 10, the love of self, creates a channel that represents following one's convictions. When this channel comes together, it is purely generated, and it is through response that the perfected form of power can happen. Through responding, people with this energy are able to behave with their power correctly, or are behaving in a way that is powerfully correct. This is a deeply individual channel, and when you are in its presence, you will be drawn into behaving correctly as long as you are responding.


Figure 121: Channel 34/10—Exploration

Gate 34: Power

Gate 10: Love of Self

The beauty of this channel is that it is purely generated. People with the 34/10 merely need to act correctly in response in order to demonstrate power. There is no convincing or sharing here. There is no Throat Center here. This is pure empowerment by being and responding, and as with all Individual circuitry, these people can empower others simply by being the purest expression of the self.

You can see how this is a small step up from Integration. Here we go from individuation to individuality, acting correctly and empowering through right action by being.

Channel 25/51: Initiation

Channel 25/51 is mystical. Notice that this is a totally projected channel. You don't have to do anything to be initiated. Life initiates you.

Initiation in this channel is Will based. The willpower of the 25/51 is less about willpower in the traditional sense and more about having the will to survive the initiation. Initiation can be shocking, dramatically life altering, and, of course, unexpected. But the initiation here is always about bringing the individual closer to Spirit.


Figure 122: Channel 25/51—Initiation

Sometimes we call this the channel of the shaman or priestess. The shaman and the priestess have to “die” to the ego before they can emerge into their wisdom. This energy is archetypically located here.

Gate 25: Love of Spirit

Gate 51: Shock

On a more practical note, the channel can be very competitive—or not. Remember, in Human Design, energies are thematic. That means that people who have this energy defined stir up competition in others but are not necessarily competitive. In fact, sometimes they are not competitive at all, but others definitely compete with them.

Simply by being present in the energy field, the geometry, and the matrix, the 25/51 will radiate initiation and it is amplified by others. They do not have to seek it. They will never find it. It is projected. It comes to them and then shocks them into Spirit (or bitterness . . . this is projected, after all).

The Knowing Circuit

The Knowing Circuit is the last of the Individual Circuits. It is the only Individual Circuit that is designed for transmission and implementation rather than experiencing, as we saw with the Integration and Centering Circuits. The Knowing Circuit mutates the tribe and the collective when the timing is right.


Figure 123: The Knowing Circuit mutates the tribe and the collective when the timing is right.

Timing is everything in the Knowing Circuit. In this circuit we see both centers for time: the Spleen, which is about the now and right action when the timing is right, and the Emotional Solar Plexus, which is about the energy for expression after taking time for clarity.

The Knowing Circuit also contains struggle. Mutation has to struggle to take hold in the tribe or the collective. Think about this. Without the struggle to create meaning, we would be riddled with useless and possibly dangerous mutations that don't serve people. (In biology, imagine a world filled with frogs with fifteen feet and twelve eyes, most of them useless and possibly even endangering the well-being of the frog over time.) A worthwhile mutation has to struggle against the status quo to prove its effectiveness.

Of course, with timing and struggle being a part of this circuit, it's easy to imagine the challenges facing people with significant definition in this circuit. You have to trust and wait for the right time to share what you know. If you do, you'll be considered a genius. If you don't, you run the risk of being misunderstood.

This is not logical or holistic energy. The Knowing Circuit simply knows. And it doesn't know how it knows. It just knows that it does. If someone has a lot of Knowing Circuit definition mixed with Logic circuitry, which can be a doubtful kind of energy, he will have a tremendous amount of self-doubt until he understands how he is hardwired.

Not only can doubt be challenging for the Knowing Circuit, but, as with all Individual circuitry, there is a struggle to be heard and understood. If you're here to share something that you “know” and it's not logical, people have never heard of it before, and there is no paradigm to plug it into, you can see how the struggle to be and feel understood can be quite profound for this circuit. The result of this experience can be melancholy. Mood and melancholy are keynotes for this circuit.

Fortunately, there is built into this circuit a certain lack of caring. It doesn't mean that individuals don't love. If an individual has a lot of Tribal energy, they will be driven to connect and try to share. But an Individual by design is not necessarily nurturing, and she can sometimes be lost in her own mutation, oblivious to the perceptions of others to a certain degree. Of course, all of this depends heavily on what else is defined in the chart.

Being heard and waiting for the right timing for the right words (or not), is one challenge for this circuit. The other challenge is listening. So much of the Knowing Circuit is going on inside the person. These are people who can certainly get lost inside their thoughts, insights, and feelings. It can feel frustrating to others to try to connect with this energy. Remember, the “ignoring” is not really ignoring, but rather just the symptom of someone who likes to think and feel—a lot. If you love someone with a lot of Knowing Circuit definition, touch them to get their attention. Their “not listening” is not personal.

Knowing Circuit Channels

  • Channel 61/24: Awareness
  • Channel 43/23: Structuring
  • Channel 28/38: Struggle
  • Channel 57/20: The Brainwave
  • Channel 3/60: Mutation
  • Channel 14/2: The Beat
  • Channel 1/8: Inspiration
  • Channel 55/39: Emoting
  • Channel 12/22: Openness

The most powerful message you can share with someone with a lot of definition in the Knowing Circuit is the importance of celebrating their uniqueness. These are people who are truly here to be different. And in the mechanics of evolution, not all mutations are adaptive. There will be some Individuals who are just plain different, and it's all perfect. It only becomes a problem when they try to be someone they are not.

Channel 61/24: Awareness

The 61/24 is the initiating channel in the Knowing Circuit. The initiation energy for this circuit starts in the Head with inspiration. Gate 61 is considered one of the gates of madness (along with Gates 63 and 64). The “madness” of 61 comes from the perpetual question of “Why?” which leads to an inspiration through “knowingness,” a sudden awareness of information that doesn't have any proof or logic.


Figure 124: Channel 61/24—Awareness

Gate 24 tempers knowing, focusing on the possible, sometimes filling in the gaps in the knowing leaps of Gate 61. Gate 24 inherently understands timing and waits with much greater awareness than Gate 61.

Thinking is sort of like a sport to this channel. Thoughts flow like waves, much like emotions work in waves in the Emotional Solar Plexus. The 61/24 stretches out their awareness to try to know the unknowable. This can be a very mysterious and occult awareness.

Gate 61: Mystery

Gate 24: Rationalization

This is mutative thinking. It is unique and new. And because all mutation has to eventually stand the test of time and repetition, it is a knowingness that has to wait for correct timing. In this case, because this is an energy that has to be recognized or invited out of you, the knowingness of the 61/24 has to wait for an invitation in order for the timing to be correct.

As with all Individual circuitry, this is a deeply auditory channel. People with the 61/24 often have a deep internal auditory process. It is normal for the 61/24 to have a lot of noise or voices in their head. Although it is hard for this chancel to be perceived as different (as demonstrated by the melancholy in their charts), people with the 61/24 channel should celebrate the uniqueness that is Individuality and should not take the timing as personal.

Channel 43/23: Structuring

Gate 43 is the beginning flow of the energy that has the job of translating the internal auditory process of the Knowing Circuit into words. The 43/23 is the first expressive channel of the Knowing Circuit. This is the channel that contains the energetic potential for the Individual auditory process to be translated into language. All those sounds, all that wordless thinking is pushed through this channel and given language. Or not. People with this energy often say, “I know, I know, I know . . .” a lot.


Figure 125: Channel 43/23—Structuring

Gate 43: Insight

Gate 23: Assimilation

The struggle of the Individual knowing process is translating insight into language. Knowingness is instant, a sudden epiphany of awareness. When the Individual blurts out this knowingness without recognition or invitation, there can be a tremendous struggle to articulate or to be understood.

People with this energy serve themselves and the mutation they carry best by waiting for the right timing and allowing other people to ask them for what they know. If they are not waiting, there is a possibility that the timing for the expression of their knowingness will be wrong and they can potentially feel misunderstood.

The most important thing a person with this energy can do is to wait for others to recognize that the 43/23 knows and to ask them for their insight. This can feel like a frustrating process while you're waiting, but it is well worth the wait. It saves a lot of personal pain and rejection in the long run.

We are heavily biased toward logic. Logic demands a systematic approach and proof of knowingness. This can be especially difficult for people with the 43/23. They don't know how they know. They just know. For children with this, school can sometimes be difficult as they struggle to explain how it is that they know what they know. They have to learn to value their knowledge enough to wait for the right people to ask what they know.

Like all Individual channels, the 43/23 is deeply auditory and learns best by listening, but the listening is often self-directed. They want to hear what they want to hear. And, once they hear it, they get lost in thought.

Sometimes we call the 43/23 the channel of not listening. It's not that they aren't hearing you, it's simply that they can get very lost in their own thoughts and tune out the outer world. A gentle, loving touch is usually all that's necessary to get their attention.

Of course, these people are here to bring change. The most respectful thing you can do for a 43/23 is to ask them what they know. And give them time and space to think. They love to think. They need to think.

Remember, the Head and the Ajna are not decision-making places. There are no motors there. Just awareness and thoughts. Life is acted on based on other awarenesses.

Channel 28/38: Struggle

The channel of struggle is one of those energies that really needs a lot of awareness. It's also crucial that if someone has this energy, they understand that struggle is something everyone faces at some point in his or her life. It's not about screwing up, getting it wrong, or always taking the hard way.


Figure 126: Channel 28/38—Struggle

The energy of struggle in this channel is first and foremost related directly back to the possibility of evolution. People with this channel are ultimately designed to evolve. But any kind of change or mutation has to meet with resistance to test it out and make sure that it is indeed a good change on a personal (and eventually a collective) level.

The first struggle in the 28/38 channel is all about testing to see what is adaptive and what isn't. It's important to remember that when you have this channel that your personal struggles are for the greater good.

The second struggle in this channel is the struggle for the meaning of life. You wonder whether the struggle is worth the effort and endurance necessary to bring it forth and endure. This can sometimes lead to youthful experimentation with the meaning of life until the value of life is discovered.

Gate 28: Struggle

Gate 38: The Fighter

People with this energy usually take their lessons of survival and the value of life and share them with others. Many coaches, therapists, and motivational speakers share the story of their own personal struggles as part of helping people transform and embrace the true value of life.

When people have this energy and don't understand it, it can sometimes create some bitterness. People with this energy need to wait for recognition or invitation to engage in the correct struggle, otherwise it can feel as if they are fighting and struggling constantly.

Correct struggles may feel difficult, but they are ultimately worth struggling for. When invited to share their insight, the 28/38 can actually make the Individual circuitry transpersonal. The invitation helps them share the true value of life and ultimately forces Individuality to care. In its highest expression, this energy loves challenge. Easy is boring and meaningless.

Channel 57/20: The Brainwave

Gate 57 and Gate 20 are both part of several circuits, so the wiring in this channel is quite complex. In the Knowing Circuit these energies function differently than in other circuits.


Figure 127: Channel 57/20—The Brainwave

This channel is pure intuition to the Throat Center. Its awareness is penetrating, splenic, and in the now. When people with this energy speak, they speak from their intuition and a sense of what is to come in the future.

Normally, Individual energy does not care. It is an energy that is involved with the self and the experience of the self. But in the Knowing Circuit we see a different possibility for this energy. In the stream of energy from the Root to the Spleen to the Throat, the 57/20 is forced to intuitively unify the right people with the right skills to create an expression of what is truly valuable in manifested form.

Gate 57: Intuition

Gate 20: Metamorphosis

In other words, the discovery of the value of life in the Channel of Struggle forces the 57/20 out of its Individuality into an energy of caring, and the 57/20 has the capacity to bring people together in the name of expressing that value.

People with this energy do well when they wait for people to ask them for their insights and contributions.

Channel 3/60: Mutation

The 3/60 is a very important channel on a genetic level, and it has a powerful ability to bring change to the world. This is one of two channels that makes the Sacral response mutative by nature, and when the energy of the 3/60 is on, it responds to change or mutation.


Figure 128: Channel 3/60—Mutation

Gate 60 limits the expansive nature of its electromagnetic, Gate 3, and only responds if the mutation seems to look good and adaptive.

The 3/60 is one of the three format energies. The format energies operate in pulses and adrenalize the energy of the Sacral. When these energies are pulsing on, they are powerful and vibrant, ready to get things done. When these energies are off, it's hard to get things done, almost as if the adrenaline energy of the Root and the life force energy of the Sacral are unavailable. Unfortunately for people with this energy, they usually have to keep working, even when the energy is off.

Gate 3: Ordering

Gate 60: Acceptance

The 3/60 responds to work and reproductive opportunities that are mutative. On a purely genetic level, the 3/60 is all about genetic mutation, and when both of these energies come together to reproduce, the offspring will bring in new energy and genetic material.

In terms of work, the 3/60 pulse responds to work that is transformational and mutative. People with this energy often have or want to have unusual jobs that can bring change to the world.

Like all mutative channels, there is an energy of expansion and then resistance contained within this channel. Gate 3 reaches out to bring in change, and Gate 60 integrates the change with the old genetic material, stabilizing the mutation.

Channel 14/2: The Beat

This channel is in some ways the luckiest of all the energies in the chart. The 14/2 is all about generating and managing resources—usually money, but any resource that is associated with wealth.


Figure 132: Channel 14/2—The Beat

The 14/2 works to energize the direction of the soul (Sacral to Identity connection). This channel responds to mutative work or life opportunities that bring resources that make the journey of the soul easier. It's much easier to follow your life path if you have the resources and don't have to worry about the money.

There is energy in this channel for working to make money, as well as energy for managing or allocating money. When both work together, there is tremendous opportunity for resource generation. On its own, Gate 14 works very hard to make and save money, while Gate 2 spends it.

Gate 14: Power Skills

Gate 2: Keeper of the Keys

This channel is the energy of the individual who can truly impact the world. If you're going to be strange, have money, because money will give you power to influence and insulate you from some of the pain of being “different.”

Remember that this is a purely generated channel. The energy in this channel is powerful and mutative but only in response. It is in response that the right work happens to bring change.

Channel 1/8: Inspiration

Channel 1/8 is rooted in soul direction from the Identity Center and life force from the Sacral. This is a mutative expression that has tremendous yang energy, and is consequently pressured to make a creative contribution to the world.


Figure 130: Channel 1/8—Inspiration

The channel of inspiration comes from the soul. It speaks from its identity and has a certain vulnerability associated with it. It wants to be accepted for who it is and be recognized for the contribution it makes. If it isn't, it may never make its contribution.

Gate 1: Self-Expression

Gate 8: Contribution

This is a projected energy. The mutation of this contribution isn't influential unless it is recognized or invited. If it is connected to a motor, it will have a better chance of being heard, but it will still be vulnerable.

People with this energy are inspiring and are here to be creative role models. While the contribution may not be entirely mutative, its full expression as a creative role model inspires others and can be the catalyst for mutation in the world.

The 1/8 has to develop its communication skills to be recognized correctly. With Individuality, we know this can be hard. The challenge of being an agent of change is articulating paradigms that are new. The theme here is express yourself (or not), but only when you're recognized.

If the 1/8 isn't waiting for the right recognition, it runs the risk of sharing from that deep place of the soul and not being valued or heard.

Channel 55/39: Emoting

The 55/39 is a deeply emotional energy that can experience high highs and low lows. It is a power and creative energy when the mood is correct. There is energy here for music, poetry, and other creative endeavors.


Figure 131: Channel 55/39—Emoting

Creative energy has two distinct kinds of cycles. This channel is punctuated by an inner creative cycle that sometimes can feel like melancholy. It also experiences an outer creative cycle that can be joyful, bubbly, and outwardly expressive. Both cycles are crucial to the creative process.

The real challenge with this energy is to understand the nature of creative cycles. It is very easy when this energy goes down into an inner cycle to mistakenly think that you are depressed or that something is “wrong” with you. The minute you get into your mind about where you are with your creative cycle is when you can actually make yourself depressed by overthinking the melancholy.

Gate 55: Spirit

Gate 39: Provocation

Because this energy is also emotional, the right mood and the right timing for expressing are very important. The mutation of this creative energy can be shared and adopted when the timing and the mood are correct. If not, there can be an enormous amount of tension that builds up here, and the expression of this energy is either ignored, provocative (in a bad way), or self-destructive.

This channel is far away from the Throat Center and is therefore dependent on others to dictate right timing. People with this energy must wait for recognition before they can share their creativity. This can further trigger a sense of frustration or melancholy. People with this energy often feel that no one wants the creativity they have to offer.

On the spiritual side, this channel is also about lack and abundance. Remember that in mutative circuitry there is an inherent energetic push and pull in each channel, a system of energy checks and balances, to make sure that a mutation is good. Gate 55 contains a deeply mystical possibility of abundance, while Gate 39 responds with the potential energy for lack, good deals, and hoarding.

Because abundance and food are often intertwined and this channel is deeply emotional, there can sometimes be a challenge with 55/39 energy and emotional eating. Awareness of this tendency can help break patterns of moody munching.

The purpose of the entire channel is to restore people to the flow of abundance. This channel is not only deeply emotional and creative, it can also be rather provocative. The provocation in this channel is all about breaking tension and the status quo and restoring an awareness of Spirit as the source of everything. This can be a profoundly magical and alchemical energy when it is in the right mood.

Channel 12/22: Openness

The 12/22 is the only manifested Individual channel (motor to the Throat). It is deeply emotional and has to wait for the right mood to speak. The theme of this channel is self-expression. People with this energy can talk about their feelings, their creative contributions, and what is unique about them—but only when they are in the mood to.


Figure 132: Channel 12/22—Openness

If the mood is right, then this energy is heard and can be quite transformative. But if people with this energy try to communicate when the mood isn't right, they often will come across as angry. There is a lot of potential anger here.

But there is also grace and charm. The 12/22 is designed to wait for the right mood, and then it can come in and articulate and express with passion, beauty, grace, and more, deeply impacting those around them.

The theme of the Individual process is articulation. The Individual struggles to articulate what is new and unique about it. When there is no paradigm to speak into, it's hard to bring change.

Gate 12: Caution

Gate 22: Openness

As we have seen in the entire Individual process, right timing is crucial for correct mutation. This becomes more difficult with this channel as it is a motor directly to the throat. This is intense energy with high highs and low lows. It's hard sometimes with this energy to remember to inform and then express yourself.

There is also shyness here. It can be a secret kind of shyness, one that others would never suspect hides inside this Individual. The shyness is rooted in the struggle for articulation. It is not unusual to see people with either hearing or speech difficulties with this channel.

Music, passion, poetry, and other intense creativity lives here. People with this energy can also be quite romantic and even seductive. But again, timing is everything.

Spiritually, this energy also connects the voice to Super Consciousness. Sometimes the Individual is simply speaking for Source and serving as a channel. Source constantly seeks to expand, and the Individual has a primary role in being a messenger for this expansion.