Dating Sagittarius Woman

OK, you want to date a Sagittarius Woman and you want to know more about her sign to communicate with her effectively? Later on as you read you will found out what you should do and what you shouldn’t to score the heart of the Sagittarius Woman you like.

Also the attributes she posses that can be helpful or harmful. A Sagittarius Woman is a very concerned person in many aspects in life. Being appreciated is what she always wants to feel. To win her heart, you can follow the tips written here to help you connect to her comfortably. Listed here are some traits that a Sagittarius Woman possesses that you should remember.

Positive Traits

Sees the best in people


Frank and open


Negative Traits


Denies sadness

Tends to preach

They are the coolest among the zodiac so you better learn to see the best of them too.

Asking Her Out

One of the easiest ways to catch the attention of a female Sagittarian is to talk about travel. They love packing their bags and heading off for the unknown. They are the most widely-travelled among the zodiac signs. They simply love seeing new sights and meeting new people. So before you even ask her out, ask your Sagittarius her last destination she traveled to or the most exciting vacation she had. Surely this will spark up an interesting conversation. This will make asking her out easier as you will now have her attention.

Your First Date with a Sagittarius Woman

Because they love travelling, you can take her out-of-town or to a place she wanted to visit for a day. There will be no problem about uneasy and silent moments because a female Sagittarius is talkative.They are rather physical people and the outdoors are very attracted to them. You can have a very successful date when you follow these easy to remember steps. You can also learn at lot more things about her by doing this. Prepare a fun and romantic get away with her and you will be on the fast track to winning her heart.

After The First Date

A Sagittarian may fall in love quickly but they don’t put too much effort in it. Especially in sexual intimacy, though they are sensitive about their partner, intimacy does not contribute a driving force in their romantic relationship. The lover of a Sagittarius Woman should be clear about these manners. They want a partner, who does not play games, they’re afraid of it. Also keep in mind that a female Sagittarian loves sports.

Sees the best in people

Seeing the best in people can be one of the coolest manners a Sagittarian has. When people say that someone is an idiot; she won’t agree. A female Sagittarian sees the best in every person. Their wise eye catches every great act of a person that most of us won’t bother to see. They appreciate things, people and etc. They have a practical outlook about life. They see the world the way it truly is which is beautiful. A right lover for her should be appreciative too. You must appeal to how she looks at the things in every aspect of life. Having a positive mental attitude will help you win the heart of a Sagittarius.


They are carefree and casual. Therefore the life of every Sagittarius Woman is full of fun and stories that are worth telling.They love gambling too; in games and in love. They are the risk-taker types. A female Sagittarian is versatile and likes to rebel against authority; so their interests are both varied and radical. They love raffles and lotteries where their luck is being tested. A female Sagittarian can be quite flirty too.Do not try to argue about this behavior of hers, instead you can help her realize when thing didn’t go well instead. Since they are the type of person who wants to test their luck sometimes, a person close to her should be willing to sometimes roll the dice.

Frank and open

She says exactly what she sees. There will be times where you wish she wasn’t as honest, but that’s the way they she is. Frank and open. She is optimistic but not irrational. She will judge a certain situation based on the gathered facts and analyze the probable outcome and believes that things can still get better. This optimistic mind loves the people around her because it motivates them.It’s good to know her natural ability is to help people but her being straightforward can also get her into trouble. It’s good for you to be on her side. Be honest to her at all times. The best way to deal with this is to just stay true when it comes to a Sagittarius Woman because it gives them happiness.


A humorous person, they are blessed with an amazing sense of humor. She is also a type of person who will just laugh on the misfortunes on her life. She is naturally talkative mentioned earlier and is full of ideas of her interest that she really wants to chat about. But her enthusiasm differs when it comes to relationship; a female Sagittarian is looking for an intellectually compatible partner before putting her guard down and opens her enthusiasm. Keep this in your mind and do not try to fight about her ideas. Instead, lean on her for the development of your relationship.


Usually, Sagittarius women are calm and composed. However, when you offend her or become rude, she may become like a fire-spitting dragon. They generally fight with words, as sharp as darts, and sometimes use their fists. They usually think with their mouths, tactless and they can be boastful sometimes which at times tends to upset others. The primary cause of this is them being demanding when they don’t get what they want. The best way to deal with it is to talk to her at the time it happens to let her realize that arguing doesn’t help develop her personality instead it stunts it. Let her know you understand what she is saying then have a one-on-one talk to build a constructive solution.

Denies sadness

A Sagittarius Woman can still smile even when she’s in pain. She’d rather hide it before letting other people pity her. For her, it’s good to refuse sadness because she hates it when other people give her sympathy. It’s very useful if you can give her the confidence to help her cope with her sadness.She truly feels that she’s a victim that deserves condolences therefore it’s your job to give her determination to move on a certain situation. You can give her a gift to lessen her sadness or you can treat her to some ice cream to help relieve her sadness.

Tend to preach

They are not a nagger but once you have doubted her she can continuously preach to you until she has said what she wanted to say. This can be really annoying and irritating. They can act like your mother preaching to you about everything that she feels you need to hear.  Whether it’s done with good intention or not, it can still be viewed as offensive. It’s not really good for anyone to be preachy but it is natural particularly in a female Sagittarius. However, for a man who really wants to be with a female Sagittarius this can be treated by showing her respect and love in spite of her being preachy. Always remember that you can’t really change a person’s beliefs but you can try to change the way you react to it. You may listen to her, and as she speaks, you can jot down notes of some points she had for it may be useful for your future interaction.


Restless and uncommitted in love, Sagittarius are pretty scared of long term relationships. They can have problems with attachment. They avoid quick commitments and tend to prefer their personal freedom. She must have a space for herself where she can go with her friends and her partner is not included. Don’t make a mistake by expecting her to change her lifestyle to suit yours. They are the type of Sagittarius Woman who will not stand being “owned” by their partner. No worries because this is the best way to deal with it. All you have to do is to understand this kind of nature she has. It doesn’t really mean she doesn’t want to be with you; she just wants to have a time for herself where she knows you are off limits to others.

Datinga Sagittarius Woman: Conclusions

If you really want to be with a Sagittarius Woman, you should be quite clear about their feelings. Her words and actions are nearly based on what she is thinking and feeling so beware of it. She wants a man who can love her for her explicit charms and wit. Also make sure you give her enough time of her own. Her personal freedom is her top priority in life. A Sagittarius Woman has an amazing combination of qualities and there’s a lot more qualities you can discover if you let yourself really fall for her. Don’t try to change her or doubt her personality, or everything can crack. Instead, be the man that she needs and she’ll brighten your life with optimism and shower her affection on you.


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