Sagittarius Horoscope 2018

Jupiter in your 12th house since October of last year shows a spiritual year ahead. This brings internal growth, invisible to the outside world. But you can feel it. On November 8, as Jupiter crosses your Ascendant, others will see it too. You’ve been in a prosperity period for two years now, and Jupiter’s move into your 1st house is going to prolong and accelerate it. Jupiter, the ruler of your Horoscope, in your 1st house will make you even more of a Sagittarius than you are now. All the typical Sagittarian qualities will be accentuated. There will be more than usual travel, more than usual interest in religion, philosophy and higher learning, more than usual ebullience and optimism. There’s more on this later on.

Your money house is unusually strong this year. Saturn, your financial planet, moved in here late last year and will be there for the next two years. This shows great financial focus and, with that, success. More on this later.

Neptune has been in your 4th house of home and family since 2012. This shows the ‘spiritualization’ of the family, and especially of parents or parent figures. The whole family life is becoming more elevated and refined. More details later.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2018

Uranus has been in your 5th house for seven years now. At last this is about to change as he moves into your 6th house from May 16 to November 6. Children and children figures in your life have been more difficult to handle. They have been rebellious and unsettled. This is still the case in the year ahead but things are getting easier. Uranus in your 6th house shows changes in the job situation – and in coming years there will be multiple job changes. This aspect also brings important changes in your health regime and health attitudes. More on this later.

There is much turmoil and change happening in your 9th house of religion and intellectual pursuits. Four out of the five eclipses this year impact here. There are three Solar Eclipses (one more than usual) and two eclipses that actually occur in your 9th house. So college students are making dramatic changes to their educational plans. They can change schools, or courses, or make other important changes. Many of you are changing your place of worship as well.

Your most important areas of interest this year will be finance; home and family; children, fun and creativity (until May 16 and from November 6 onwards); health and work (from May 16 to November 6); spirituality (until November 8); and the body, image and personal pleasure (from November 8 onwards).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year will be spirituality (until November 8); the body, image and personal pleasure (from November 8 onwards); religion, philosophy, higher education and foreign travel (until November 17); and sex, occult studies and personal transformation (from November 17 onwards).

Health 2018

(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both of these perspectives were identical. But now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Health should be good this year. There is only one long-term planet – Neptune – afflicting you. All the others are either in harmonious aspect or leaving you alone. You will feel this in your overall health and energy levels. You had a vulnerable health year in 2016, although 2017 was a little better. If you got through those years, you will sail through the year ahead. The aspects are so much easier now.

With more energy all kinds of vistas open up to you. Projects that you might not have even considered in the past two years now become eminently ‘doable’.

Good though your health is, you can make it even better. Give more attention to the following – the vulnerable areas of your chart. This will tend to prevent problems from developing, and even in cases where they can’t be totally prevented, they can be softened when they happen. They need not be devastating. (The appropriate reflex points are shown in the chart below.)

  • The liver and thighs are always important for you, as these areas are ruled by your sign. Thigh massage should be a regular part of your health regime. This will not only strengthen the liver and thighs, but the lower back as well. It is also said to benefit the colon. A herbal liver cleanse every now and then, but especially when you feel under the weather, might be a good idea.
  • The neck and throat. These too are always important for you. Regular neck massage should also be part of your regular regime. Check for tension in the muscles there and release them. Craniosacral therapy is good for these areas too.
  • The ankles and calves. These are only just beginning to gain importance this year – from May 16 to November 7 – as Uranus enters your 6th house of health. But from next March onwards, for the next seven years, these will be important for your health. So massage the ankles and calves. Feel for any sore spots and massage them out. The shin bone should also be massaged (often there are tender points that we’re unaware of except when we massage). Give the ankles more support when exercising.

Jupiter’s move into your own sign on November 8 will make Sagittarians of childbearing age much more fertile. There will also be a tendency (usually because of the increased good life) to put on weight. This should be monitored as well.

Uranus is the ruler of your 3rd house of communication. His position in your health house indicates the importance of good mental health. Avoid over-using the communication faculties – talking too much. Avoid thinking too much. Turn the mind off when it’s not in use. Give the mind the exercise and digestion it needs – read good books and mull them over. Strive for intellectual purity. (This is always a good thing, but now it’s becoming a health issue.)

Venus, your health planet, is a fast-moving planet, as our regular readers know. Usually she will move through all the signs and houses of your chart in a given year. (This year, however, because of her retrograde, she will move through eleven rather than the usual twelve sectors.) So, there are many short-term trends in health that depend on where Venus is and the aspects she receives. These are best covered in the monthly reports.

Home and Family 2018

This has been an important area for some years now and will be important for many more to come. Jupiter in Scorpio for most of the year is in beautiful aspect with Neptune, your home and family planet. This is showing harmony with the family. You’re getting on with them. There is good cooperation between you.

This aspect favours a move or the enlargement of the present home. It shows the fortunate purchase or sale of a home. In many cases people buy additional homes (or have access to additional homes). It shows the enlargement of your family circle as well. Often this happens in the normal ways – through birth or marriage – but it can also happen through meeting people who play the role of family in your life, people who give you the unconditional emotional support that family should give.

The home, as we mentioned, is becoming more spiritualized. Thus there are probably more religious or esoteric symbols or artworks in the home. Perhaps there are more crystals, gongs, drums or other psychic paraphernalia there. The home – and we have seen this in past years too – is perhaps being used as a meeting place for spiritual activities – prayer meetings, spiritual lectures or seminars, things of this nature.

With Neptune in your 4th house (and as the ruler of your 4th house) it is imperative to keep the home ‘psychically’ pure. It’s not enough to have clean floors and rugs, etc. (though this is a good thing). The thought atmosphere – the emotional atmosphere – needs to be kept clean. This is a year to learn how to get rid of ‘ghosts’ and discarnate entities. There are people who specialize in this sort of thing. I believe they call it ‘space clearing’. Through various techniques (some use incense, sage, sound, prayer or banishing rites to achieve their aims) they come in and purify the psychic energy of a home. If there are problems in the home (and these pests can cause all sorts of problems – psychological or physical) this might be a good idea this year.

After November 8, as Jupiter moves into your own sign, you will have to work harder to achieve family harmony than before. You seem in disagreement with a parent or parent figure.

A house renovation can happen any time this year. But if you have free will in the matter, from November 15 onwards seems good. If you’re redecorating, repainting or buying art objects for the home, February 11 to March 7 looks like a good time.

A sibling or sibling figure in your life is very successful careerwise this year but seems emotionally unsettled. He or she can have multiple moves in the coming years. The parents or parent figures are travelling more this year. One of them seems likely to move. It can happen after November 8 or next year. Children and children figures have a stable year. Grandchildren (if you have them) are likely to move. If they are of childbearing age, they are more fertile this year.

Finance and Career 2018

The year ahead, as we mentioned, is prosperous – a continuation of the last two years. Saturn, your financial planet, is now in your money house, in his own sign of Capricorn and in his own house. Thus he is both ‘celestially and terrestrially’ strong. He is operating with maximum power. This spells higher earnings.

His move into Capricorn late last year is another good signal. Saturn, in his own sign and house, will give sound financial judgement. Last year you might have been more speculative and risk taking. No longer. You are now taking a methodical, step-by-step approach to wealth. You have a long-term view. Quick money – the fast buck – is actually abhorrent right now. You will build your wealth over time in solid kinds of ways.

The financial planet in Capricorn favours gaining control over your finances, rather than letting them control you. It favours budgeting and long-term savings and investment plans, disciplined, daily financial regimes. If you stick to them – and it is likely you will over the next few years – wealth will happen naturally, with little stress or strain. The biggest strain will probably be sticking to your plan. Regularity and discipline is more important for an investment plan than luck. There are always temptations to slack off, but stick to it.

For investors, Saturn in Capricorn favours the commercial real estate industry and the ‘blue chip’ sector of the market – the old school, traditional large companies listed on Wall Street or the London Stock Exchange. Conservative kinds of investments – but quality ones.

For non-investors, this position favours a business or managerial position in the corporate world. Your managements skills – and they are strong this year – are very marketable. Pluto has been in your money house for many years now and he will remain there for many more to come. Pluto rules debt, and his position favours bonds and the bond market (preferably of the kinds of companies mentioned above). He also rules taxes. Thus the message of the Horoscope is that good tax planning – tax efficiency – is important in finances.

Those of you of appropriate age are probably doing estate planning these days. Others are either inheriting money or are involved in some administrative way with an estate.

This is not an especially strong career year. Some years are like that. The cosmos aims for a balanced kind of development and so different areas are emphasized in different years. By the time one has reached middle age, there will be development and experience in all the sectors.

Mercury is your career planet. Next to the Moon he is the fastest moving of all the planets. Every year he will move through every sign and house of your chart. Thus there are many short-term career trends that depend on where Mercury is and the aspects he receives. These are best covered in the monthly reports.

Love and Social Life 2018

Saturn in your own sign for the past two years has not helped your love life. Probably, unbeknownst to you, you have come across as cold, brusque, business-like and aloof. These are great qualities in a manager or corporate executive, but not so great for social success. Sagittarians are not cold people by nature, yet, this is how others saw you and reacted to you. Subconsciously these kinds of vibrations were being sent out.

Happily Saturn is now out of your sign, and you’re behaving more like your sunny, carefree Sagittarian self. Your native warmth comes through and you will see a big improvement in your love life.

Your 7th house is not prominent this year so love and romance are not big issues. You have no need to make major changes here. The cosmos doesn’t push you one way or another. It tends to the status quo. Those who are marrieds will most likely stay married and singles will stay single.

Mercury is your love planet (as well as your career planet). As our regular readers know, he is a fast-moving and erratic kind of planet. Sometimes he moves very fast – he speeds through three signs and houses in a month. Sometimes he moves slowly and sedately. And sometimes he goes backwards. Doesn’t this describe your love life well? Because of this there are many short-term trends in love that depend on where Mercury is at any given time and the kind of aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Mercury will go retrograde three times this year. This is another reason why we see improvements in the love life – in the past two years he went retrograde four times. These retrogrades tend to weaken the social confidence. Social judgement is not what it should be. Thus it is not a good time for making important decisions in love, one way or another. It is a time to gain facts, to gain mental clarity on things, to see where improvements can be made. Then, when Mercury moves forward again, you can act on your plans.

Last year was a great year for friendships and group activities. You made new and important friendships. This year, you’re not that active here. Again, it’s a status quo kind of year.

Co-workers and employees (if you have them) are having a strong social year. Singles are getting involved in serious relationships. Friends and partners are also having a good social year from November 8 onwards. The spouse, partner or current love will also have a banner social year after November 8. He or she is making new and important friendships. Siblings and sibling figures in your life are having their marriages or relationships tested. The good ones will survive, but the flawed ones are likely to end. Children and Children figures are having a quiet, stable love year. Last year was much better.

Self-Improvement 2018

Perhaps there is no sign that understands the spiritual dimensions of wealth better than Sagittarius. It is innate to you. Hardwired, as the saying goes. With your spiritual planet Pluto in your 2nd money house since 2008, the tendency is even stronger. Intuition guides you and you prosper. Financial guidance will often come in dreams, through psychics, seers, astrologers or spiritual channels.

The affluence of the Divine is not at all concerned with what we call ‘practical factors’. It is not concerned with the state of the economy, the market or with how much you have in the bank. It creates conditions. It creates wealth. Often it will reveal wealth where you didn’t think it existed. With intuition we tend to ignore what some call ‘reality’ – the material reality – and focus on the spiritual realities of unlimited supply.

But now a new factor has entered the picture. Saturn is now in your money house. He is the most practical of all the planets, the most worldly, the most focused on the ‘visible conditions’. Saturn would tend to view the spiritual approach as ‘cloud cuckoo land’ – a dangerous chimera. Saturn looks at how much you have in the bank, calculates market conditions and future earning power, and makes plans accordingly. Such an approach is totally opposite to the ways of spiritual affluence.

So there are two opposite forces at work in your financial life, one very spiritual, the other ultra-worldly and practical. The spiritual side says, ‘give and it shall be given unto you’. Saturn says, ‘give only when you can afford to give’.

These two forces argue with each other. It is like having two minds in one body. If you go with your intuition, Saturn, the practical side, is fearful and perhaps even angry. If you go with your practical side, your spiritual side is unsatisfied. Somehow or other – and there are no rules to this – you have to merge these two forces. Unite them. Make them work together.

Perhaps you follow intuition to make money and then use Saturn’s practicality to manage and invest it properly. Some might earn in the conventional ways and invest intuitively.

Sometimes this shows someone who is in a management position of a non-profit or charitable organization. The goals are idealistic and spiritual, but the day-to-day management is practical.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2018