Preparing to use Healing Crystals

After carefully selecting my crystals and bringing them home, I immediately start preparing to use them by cleansing, charging, and programming them. Your crystal energy work will benefit if you do the same. A big part of using crystals rests with how you set your intentions. Properly preparing your crystals, the space where you use them, and your mind can help you set your intention, allowing you to make the most of their energetic healing properties.

Cleansing Your Crystals

Due to their energetic nature, crystals hold on to energy patterns with which they come in contact. By the time your crystals have made their way to you, they have been in many hands and places. This is why it is important to cleanse your crystals. I recommend cleansing them as soon as you bring them home, and then cleansing them at least weekly, or more frequently for those you use daily. There are several methods for cleansing crystals.


Nonporous crystals, such as quartz and amethyst, can be soaked in a saltwater solution. Submerge your crystals in the salt water for about an hour (longer if the crystals have had heavy use), and then rinse them and pat them dry. Use sea salt or Himalayan pink salt for this task, not table salt. Do not use this method for porous crystals, such as selenite, desert rose, and gypsum. You’ll also want to keep magnetic stones, such as lodestone, out of salt water because it could rust the stone.


Light a bundle of sage, cedar, lavender, or sweetgrass, and blow out the flame. Then hold the crystals in the stream of smoke to cleanse them. (I use a combination of these four herbs.) You can also cleanse them in the smoke from incense, such as Nag Champa sticks.


If you have a large cluster or geode made of a quartz stone, such as amethyst or clear quartz, you can place your smaller crystals in the cavity for 24 hours to cleanse them.


If you have some type of energy healing ability (such as Reiki), you can cleanse the crystals using that energy. As a Reiki master, I do this by holding the crystals in my giving (dominant) hand and sending Reiki energy to them.

Is It Possible to Ruin a Crystal?

Crystals are hardy. They never lose their energy, regardless of their shape or condition. Even if they break, they still work well after cleansing and charging. For example, a piece of black tourmaline I was carrying in my pocket broke in half when I came into contact with an extremely negative person. After I discovered the broken tourmaline, I cleansed and charged both pieces, and each piece was good as new.

Really, the only way to harm a crystal in terms of how it works for you is by failing to cleanse and charge it. However, once you do, it will be back in full working order.

Charging & Programming Your Crystals

After cleansing, you need to charge your crystals. Charging puts energy back into the crystals so they can continue to function at their highest level. You should charge your crystals every time you cleanse them. Programming your crystals involves placing intention into them for the specific task you’d like them to complete. This can help the crystal work more effectively, so do this every time you cleanse and charge them. You can use several methods for these purposes. Consider the following ideas.

To charge your crystals in nature, you can place them outside in the sunlight or moonlight for 6 to 12 hours. You can also charge your crystals with visualization. Hold the crystal or crystals in your giving (dominant) hand. Close your eyes and visualize white light coming down from the universe, entering through your crown chakra, traveling down through each of your chakras, then into your arm and hand, and then from your hand into the crystal. Do this for about 10 minutes.

To program the crystal once it has been charged, repeat the visualization process described, but this time, focus on the type of energy you’d like the crystal to have.

Preparing Your Space

Creating an environment for your crystal work can help you set your intention for success. I have a small space dedicated to my energy healing work that is free of distractions and energetic disturbances. It is an electronics-free zone, as well as a quiet and comfortable place where I won’t be disturbed.

When setting up your workspace, make it comfortable. Consider the following tips:

  • •Create a space where you can sit and/or lie comfortably for meditation.
  • •Use soft lighting, possibly on a dimmer.
  • •Remove distractions.
  • •Minimize objects that may disrupt or disturb energy flow, such as computers, tablets, or cell phones.
  • •Keep the tools you will need nearby, such as candles, incense, and sage.
  • •Decorate your space with beloved objects that make you feel happy, peaceful, and positive.
  • •Once your space is set up, clear the energy by using the space cleansing remedies here. Whenever the area starts to feel congested, cleanse the space again.
  • •Keep negativity out of your space. For example, don’t pay bills or fight with your spouse in that area.
  • •Dedicate your space—no matter how small—to energetically positive activities such as meditation, visualization, and crystal healing.
  • Preparing Your Mind

Preparing your mind for crystal healing and other energy work is essential for setting your intentions for the work you are about to do. It creates a positive and affirmative space for the crystals’ energy to work with you. You may want to meditate (see here), pray, or chant a mantra—whatever puts you in a positive and spiritual mind-set and clears away any lingering negativity. You may also wish to begin with an affirmation, such as, “I am grateful that the work I do today with these crystals brings me positive, healing vibrations.”


Five More Crystals That Should Be in Every Home

Along with the healing crystals starter kit here, there are several other crystals that have properties that will work well in most homes. Consider adding the following five crystals to your collection.


is a wonderful mix of citrine and amethyst, so it has the healing and energetic qualities of both crystals.


is a prosperity and abundance crystal, which can help you prosper in finances, health, happiness, and well-being.


is a stone of luck and protection.


contains multiple colors, so it vibrates in tune with multiple energies, including health, intuition, serenity, creativity, and spirituality.


enhances relationships by strengthening compassion and unconditional love.