Birthday Personality

The Zodiac Birthday Personality guide is an easy-to-use guide to personality based on psychology, history, numerology, tarot and astrology. Just by knowing dates of birth, one can gain in-depth knowledge not only about oneself, but also about friends, loved ones—even new-found acquaintances.

Astrologers correctly argue that the exact time, place and year of one’s birth must be known in order to calculate the planetary positions, aspects, transits and progressions required for a detailed astrological reading. Nevertheless, a great deal can be known about an individual simply by his her birthday. Indeed, the popular astrology found in magazines and newspapers is far more general, since it is based on “sun-sign astrology.” in which we are advised solely on the basis of what sign the sun was in on our date of birth (e.g., Gemini. Aquarius or Scorpio), regardless of the particular day. Because of this, an astonishing number of people all over the world not only know their sign, but identify with its symbolism in their daily life.


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