Dating Libra Woman

An interesting sign of the zodiac, Libras represent either humans or animals. Libran are said to be one of the most desirable signs because they are often good looking and the most civilized amongst the signs. Female Libra naturally has good traits that most guys seek.

Libra women tend to stand out rather than blending in with the rest. The Libra sign shows balance in all aspects, diplomatic and tempered. It’s good to fall in love with a Libra; however, they still have traits that a man couldn’t easily please. Listed below are some of the pleasing and displeasing manners of a female Libra. Be conscious, deal with it and help her manage the displeasing traits and it just might leave a smile on your face.

Positive Traits





Negative Traits




Be aware of the following traits listed above. Knowing that a female Libra has these traits can be beneficial to both of you in building a good and healthy relationship.

Asking Her Out

If you want to ask her on a date, make sure you said it the right way.Make it pleasing and nice, there’s no problem in asking her out because female Libras have an easy-going manner. As long as you say it the right way, everything will go smooth. Try to impress her by sending gifts like fashion magazines and other “Libra Woman ’s” like things because Libran girl loves to be beautiful. They love dressing up. Just don’t make it awkward sending her too many girly gifts because this makes her think you’re telling her she’s not beautiful and needs help in that area.

Your First Date

Make your date romantic. Take her to a social scene like a fancy restaurant where there are beautiful, smart people around her.A female Libra has perfect social graces. She has natural social ability making her very popular among her friends. She has an easy-going and pleasant manner so there shouldn’t be problems with silent moments. She’s all set to fill it up. In these qualities, Libra women are titled to be the most delightful dating partners in the zodiac. It’s good to have one of them. If you want a casual date, you can take her to a classy nightclub where she can bring her friends with.

After The First Date

A female Libran is slow to get involved in a emotional relationship. Remember, too much display of emotions is embarrassing for them. They treat personal relationships with an airy detachment. Librans want a steady relationship so keep a good interaction with her. Talk to her more often so you’ll get a chance to know her more.


Libra Woman naturally posses an aura of beauty and elegance.As feminine as Goddess Venus herself, they have good looks and good grace. They are aware of their beauty and are working hard to maintain it. They know that this is their primary weapon and they tend to use it to achieve their goals.

They’re quiet popular and they can be the talk of the town. That is what their beauty gives them. Their sweet smile is what you can never forget about them. You have to appreciate her efforts and doings to keep the communication good and alive. Tell her you like what she’s doing to maintain herself and support her relentless efforts to maintain her beauty.


The easy going manner of a Libra Woman is what their friends like.She’s fun to be with and she will never leave you empty and silent. It’s not hard to get along with a female Libra. You don’t have to think too much about her. She is cool enough to make good friends and also be a great lover. She has a natural social ability to make people comfortable around her.Sometimes, she is the one who find a way to get you to know her to start having a connection with you. Stay by her side and enjoy this attribute of hers. With this, you should be able to communicate with her freely.


Due to their charms and beauty, a female Libra is romantic in love. She is the one who never fails to let her man feel how special he is to her.They do sweet things to keep the relationship alive. This makes their lover feels really special. She is a kind of Libra Womanwho allows her man to dominate her. She will cherish and honor her man forever. Do the same thing to her as what she did to you. But if you’re really trying to score some extra points be more romantic to her she is to you. These are surefire winning strategy to win the heart of a female Libra.


She believes in playing fair. This is the best quality of a Libra Womanborn under Libra. Being a diplomat means having the ability to solve fights of two people who don’t usually see eye to eye. Also they could have an ability to give great advices to people. A right lover should give her the sense of security and assurance that you will play fair too. A man should disgust injustice with her to spark her intellect. Respect and give your attention to her as part of your playing fair.


They like the opposite sex to the extent of being sexually active sometimes, and may indulge in romanticism bordering on sentimentality. They love being in a relationship but easily get bored. Airy signs, they are always looking for the perfect relationship. We all know that doesn’t exist, but that fulfills them. You have to be true and sincere to her because if you don’t she will quickly find someone that will. Don’t fail to be passionate and romantic. With her flirting she feels she can find someone who can give her “perfect love”.


A Libra takes a lot of time before making a decision. They’re afraid of making a wrong decision. They explore options before they decide. This wishy-washy manner of theirs is sometimes irritating. They might loss great opportunities because of their lack of firmness. Their time is often wasted too. Unfortunately, they don’t stop worrying about their decision, instead they worry they made the wrong one. Sometimes, they know what they want but they don’t trust their judgment and intuition. They can sometimes seek help from someone that can misguide them. The right lover for her should help her realize the good side of being firm. Be the one that gives her confidence especially when making decisions. Show her that her inner wisdom is the main recipe when making a decision.


A Libra Woman can easily be influenced by others. It’s hard for them to say “no”. They are naturally gullible. Even if they don’t want to be that way, they end up being that way. Libra women can do the things that they want for the sake of others. Yes it is out of kindness but it is not good all the time. They are empathetic and concerned with other people’s feelings. People may dupe or use them because of this characteristic. As her man, don’t let others take advantage to her. Be aware when other people are tending to use her for her kindness. Protect her from those kinds of people. Always give her a second opinion about things where she can’t say no.


Libra and Aries are essentially the same. “ME” is inherent to them. But unlike Aries, Librans care for others. They are self-centered, they will always insist on their own way. They cannot take criticisms well and feel insecure sometimes. If you are a kind of man who criticizes even unintentional, she just might hate you. Avoid talking too much, let her speak but listen to her and try to manage her trait. Discover what she needs. Underneath the self-absorption is a need of attention or approval. Find out what kind of message she needs to feel better and relax in the conversation.


The overall qualities of a female Libra is not so controversial. They do not come across very strong. They are just on a girly level. If you are in love with a female Libra, you should be tactful and strong enough to protect her. Attention and appreciation is your main weapon in winning her heart. You should have the guts to appeal on her. Give her the time she needs when she needs to be alone. Be her guard from other people, she is too soft for them. Help her when making decisions; support her to be concrete with her decisions; guide her to be a stronger Libra Woman in this bad world. Ride on her likeable manners but be smart enough to help when things get ugly.Be the man who can give her the right love she needs. A romantic courtship is an ideal way to score her heart.

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