Leo Horoscope 2018

Three Solar Eclipses this year will bring dramatic (more so than usual) personal change. Usually there are only two such eclipses, but this year we have three. With the Sun as your ruling planet, you’re very affected by them. Two eclipses – one Solar and one Lunar – will occur in your own sign, and this further reinforces the changes we see. You will be redefining yourself, reinventing yourself, more than usual. Generally the events of the eclipse force the issue. (More on this in the monthly reports).

The main headline this year is Uranus’s move from Aries into Taurus. This is major. This year his move is a brief foray – from May 16 to November 6. But next year he will move into Taurus for the long term, for the next seven years. This will affect two important areas of your life – the love life (Uranus is your love planet) and the career (as Taurus is your 10th solar house of career). Health is also affected here as Uranus will be making stressful aspects to you. More on this later.

Jupiter will spend most of the year in your 4th house of home and family. This often shows a move, renovation or the buying of an additional home (sometimes one doesn’t buy the home, but has access to it). It also shows happiness from the family. More on this later.

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Leo Horoscope 2018

Pluto has been in your 6th house of health and work for ten years now, and this year, Saturn joins him there. This will bring changes to the health regime and a stronger work ethic. You will probably need to work harder this year, and you might feel the job situation could be better. You’ll have to grin and bear it. More details later.

Jupiter will move into Sagittarius on November 8 and Uranus will move away from his stressful aspect on November 6. These powerful planets will then be making harmonious aspects to you. So the latter part of the year – the last two months – will be much happier and easier than the previous months. Jupiter in Sagittarius signals more fun in life, more creativity and more involvement with children (in happy ways).

Neptune has been in your 8th house of regeneration for many years (and will be there for many more, too). We have discussed this in previous years and the trends are still in effect. Neptune is spiritualizing your sexuality and sexual attitudes. Sexual activity will be more elevated, more refined. It will become less an act of lust and more an act of worship.

Your most important areas of interest this year are home and family (until November 8); fun, children and personal creativity (from November 8 onwards); health and work; sex, occult studies, personal reinvention; foreign travel, religion, higher education (until May 16 and from November 6 onwards); and career (from May 16 to November 6).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are home and family (until November 8); fun, children and personal creativity (from November 8 onwards); the body, image and personal pleasure (until November 17); and spirituality (from November 17 onwards).

Health 2018

(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both of these perspectives were identical. But now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Health is basically good this year. Until May 16 only one long-term planet is in stressful alignment with you – Jupiter – and his stresses are not usually serious. On May 16 Uranus will move into a stressful alignment as well, and these two will be the maximum planetary stress (of the long-term planets), through to the beginning of November. And after November 8 both Jupiter and Uranus will move into harmonious alignment with you.

The other good news is that your 6th house of health is very strong this year. You’re paying attention here. You’re not letting little things develop into big things. With Saturn in your 6th house you seem more open to daily, disciplined health regimes. You seem more disciplined in your health attitudes.

Uranus’s move into Taurus will be felt most strongly by those of you born between July 23 and July 26, early in the sign of Leo. Most of you won’t feel this too strongly this year (but you will in future years).

Your health is good, but you can make it even better by giving more attention to the following areas – the vulnerable areas of your Horoscope (the reflex points are shown in the chart below). This will tend to prevent problems before they develop.

  • The heart. This is always an important area for you, Leo as Leo rules the heart. The important thing here is to avoid worry and anxiety, the two emotions that stress the heart.
  • The spine, knees, teeth, skin and overall skeletal alignment. These are also always important for you, as Saturn, the ruler of these areas, is your health planet. This year (and next) they become even more important as Saturn is now in your house of health. So, regular back and knee massage is important. Spinal health is vital, so regular visits to a chiropractor or osteopath would be a good idea. Therapies such as Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais or Rolfing would be good. Yoga and Pilates are also very beneficial for the spine and posture. Make sure you have regular dental check-ups, and if you’re out in the sun use a good sun screen. Give the knees more support when you exercise.
  • The colon, bladder and sexual organs. These areas became important when Pluto entered your 6th house in 2008, and they will remain so for many more years. Safe sex and sexual moderation (a big issue for Leo) continues to be important. The tendency of Leo is to overdo this. If you listen to your body and not your mind, you will know when enough is enough. A herbal colon cleanse every now and then – especially when you feel under the weather – might be a good idea.

With Saturn as your health planet you tend to be conservative in health matters and to gravitate to orthodox medicine. This year, with Saturn in his own sign and house, this tendency is even stronger and you tend to shun any new or experimental treatments. You might want to be a bit more flexible in your approach this year.

Pluto is your home and family planet. His position in your 6th house shows that for you good health means a healthy home and family life – domestic harmony. So, if problems (God forbid) arise, bring this area into harmony as quickly as you can. Also work to maintain emotional harmony. Moods should be kept positive and constructive.

Home and Family 2018

Home and family interests have become both happy and important since October 2017, when Jupiter moved into your 4th house. He spends most of the year ahead here. For Leos of childbearing age, this aspect indicates heightened fertility. (This will be true next year as well.)

Often, as we have mentioned, Jupiter in the 4th house will signal a move, home renovations or the acquisition of an additional home. There are many scenarios as to how this happens, but the end result is a larger, more comfortable home. People often buy expensive items for the home too. It is ‘as if’ one had moved or enlarged the living space.

This aspect shows the prosperity of a parent or parent figure and his or her generosity towards you, too. The family as a whole becomes more prosperous. Your present home increases in value, as does many of the furnishings in the home. It generally shows the fortunate purchase or sale of a home.

The family circle expands this year. Generally this happens through birth or marriage. But often it shows meeting people who are ‘like’ family to you. You have this feeling towards them and vice versa.

Pluto, your family planet, has been in your 6th house for ten years now. So, there is much focus on the health of the family and family members, and on making the home ‘healthier’. Sometimes one spends on getting rid of mould or harmful substances (and they’re always finding new threats). Sometimes one buys health equipment or health gadgets for the home. We have written of this in previous years and the trend is still very much in effect. Your home is as much a ‘health spa’ as a home.

This position also indicates working from home – perhaps setting up a home office or home-based business.

Renovations will go well all year, but January 1 to January 26 seems the best time for this. If you’re redecorating or rearranging things in a cosmetic way, or beautifying the home, September 9 to October 5, October 23 to November 22 and December 2 to December 31 seem best. These are also good periods for buying objects of beauty for the home – paintings or sculptures and things of this nature.

The marriage of a parent or parent figure seems stressful this year and will be severely tested. There can be repairs in the home (there are two eclipses in his or her 4th house) but not necessarily a move. Children and children figures in your life are likely to move this year. They become more prosperous from November 8 onwards. Siblings and sibling figures are prospering, but they’re better off not moving. Grandchildren (if you have them) have a stable kind of family year.

Finance and Career 2018

With your money house basically empty this year (only short-term planets will move through there) finance is a not a big deal for you. Other things are much more important. Usually this shows a stable situation. You seem basically satisfied with things as they are and have no need to make major changes. You have a lot of financial freedom this year, a lot of free will in this area. But, you lack the interest. The financial passion is not there. If financial problems do occur (God forbid) this is probably the reason. You will need to pay more attention here.

Jupiter in your 4th house for most of the year signals good fortune in real estate or in industries that cater to the home – furniture makers, landscapers, interior designers. It shows a good feeling for the hotel and food industries too, and good family support. Family connections also bring good fortune.

Mercury, your financial planet, is a fast-moving and often erratic planet, and, this would be a good description of your financial life. Sometimes it moves fast, and you make great progress. Sometimes, it moves slowly. And sometimes you feel like you’re going backwards. It reflects the movements of Mercury in the heavens. As our regular readers know by now, in any given year Mercury will move through all the sectors of your Horoscope. He will make aspects – good or bad – with every planet in your chart. So, there are many short-term financial trends depending on where Mercury is and the aspects he is receiving. These are best covered in the monthly reports.

The good thing about having Mercury as your financial planet is that money and earnings opportunities can happen in many ways and through many kinds of people and activities.

Mercury will go retrograde three times this year (an improvement over the past two years, where he went retrograde four times in each year). These are times to put the financial life under review and to refrain from making important purchases or investments. Your financial judgement is not up to par during those periods. This year these periods are from March 23 to April 15, July 26 to August 19, and November 17 to December 6.

Finances might not be a big deal this year, but the career will be important with Uranus’s move into your career house. Those of you born early in the sign of Leo (from July 23 to July 26) are going to feel this the most in 2018, but in the coming years all of you will feel it. Major career changes will be happening – and they happen suddenly and unexpectedly. It favours a more ‘free’ kind of career – the freelance life. Many Leos are involved with electronic media. (I would wager that if we did a poll of media figures – especially in the entertainment world – we would find a disproportionate number of Leos, or people strong in the sign.) There will be a lot of changes in your company and industry as well. Over the next few years I wouldn’t be surprised if you actually changed your career and career path.

Uranus, is your love planet. His position near your Mid-heaven from May 16 to November 6 shows that your social grace is maybe more important (or at least just as important) as your professional skills. Likeability becomes a factor, so you should cultivate this. It will be important to attend (or perhaps host) the right kind of parties and gatherings. You’ll make more career progress in social settings than in the normal, conventional ways.

The spouse, partner or current love seems very successful this year and is perhaps opening doors for you. The same is true of friends and social connections.

Love and Social Life 2018

Though your 7th house is empty this year we do see many changes and upheavals in love. First off, there will be two eclipses in this house – one a Solar Eclipse on February 15 and the second, a Lunar Eclipse on July 27. This will test existing relationships. The good ones – the ones that are basically healthy – tend to survive these things and get even better. But the inherently flawed ones tend to dissolve. But more important than the eclipses is the shift of your love planet from Aries into Taurus, from your 9th to your 10th house. This is not just the shift of a major long-term planet; it signals a shift – a sea change – in your love attitudes and needs. This is more difficult to handle.

Uranus has been Aries for the past seven years and you have been a ‘love at first sight’ kind of person. You tended to jump into relationships rather quickly and often paid the price for it. You were attracted to the ‘excitement’ of love – to the adventure, to the conquest. You could fall in and out of love rather quickly. But now (and this is only the beginning) your love planet moves into conservative Taurus. You begin to want more stability in love. You want something that will last. You want ‘reliability’ and ‘steadiness’ in a lover. There is a whole shift in psychology. (As we mentioned earlier, those of you born early in the sign of Leo – from July 23 to July 26 – will feel this most strongly this year.)

And since Uranus is hovering around your Mid-heaven – the cusp of your 10th house of career – you are attracted to ‘high and mighty’ people. People who are already successful. People of status and prestige. Wealth will also be an allurement (much more so than over the past seven years). Wealth and power are exciting these days (especially from May 16 to November 6).

You will find love and romantic opportunities as you pursue your career goals and with people involved in your career. Often this aspect indicates the ‘office romance’ – a relationship with a boss or someone higher up either in your company or your industry or profession.

You want someone who supports and who can help your career and life work. And you will find this, either this year or in the coming years. Though there are many love and social changes happening, I feel you will be successful in love. Uranus will be the most ‘elevated’ planet in the chart. Love will be high on your priorities. There will be great focus here – and this is 90 per cent of success. By the spiritual law, we always get what we focus on – good, bad or indifferent.

This position can also be read as love actually being the career. Your mission is really your love life – your marriage and friends – to be there for them.

Uranus in your 10th house shows that you will be mixing socially with powerful people – the ‘elites’ as they are called. Much of your social life will be career and business related.

Self-Improvement 2018

Jupiter in your 4th house has many more meanings than just home and family, which we have discussed. In esoteric science, your subconscious mind, often called the ‘deeper mind’, is considered a person’s true home. We live in it and the conditions it has created for us (through our conscious or unconscious commands). It is the repository of everything that has ever happened to us – not only in this life, but in past lives. This mind is a slumbering, silent giant, capable of all kinds of supernatural feats, but always under the control of the conscious mind. If there are challenges in life, or undesirable conditions, this mind needs to be understood.

This is a year for getting this deeper understanding. So, those of you in conventional kinds of therapy should make good progress this year. But even if you’re not in any formal kind of therapy, you will experience ‘nature’s therapeutics’ this year.

Most people are not suffering from physical, financial or social maladies. These are only the side-effects of deeper issues. Generally they suffer from ‘undigested or partially digested experiences’. Things happened in the past that were evaluated by a young, immature mind. Conclusions were reached. Judgements were made. Often passionate statements – negative and destructive affirmations – were made. These, if left unattended, continue to operate in the psyche (and in our affairs) long after they have been consciously forgotten. (Even statements made when we were little children will continue to act in our adult lives on an unconscious level.)

Jupiter in the 4th house is often interpreted as ‘nostalgia’ – a love for the past. This is true, but this too is only a side-effect. Nature, through the planetary powers, is bringing up old, long-forgotten memories. This will happen out of the blue (seemingly). Often a person has dreams of past events. Or, they might meet a person who reminds them of some past event. And though it might seem ‘random’ to the conscious mind, these memories are significant. Nature is helping you to confront old experiences that are still active in the mind, and to look at them from your current state of consciousness. What, to the child, is a terrifying trauma is viewed very differently by the adult. When this is realized, the past trauma loses its power and you’re free to create new conditions and circumstances. The emotional content is no longer active.

This is not about ‘rewriting history’. The facts are still the facts. The events are still the events. But history is being reinterpreted. The meaning of past events will change. And this will make all the difference in the world. In many cases, from your present perspective, you will see some past trauma as a great blessing in your life and actually give thanks for it. It was never what you thought it to be, only the tough love of the cosmos acting in your highest and best interest. Then healing happens.