Scorpio Horoscope 2020


The bottom half – the night side – of your Horoscope is dominant this year. There is only one long-term planet above the horizon. And while the day side will get stronger as the year progresses, it will never outweigh the night side. So the year ahead is more about home, family and emotional issues – psychological issues – rather than outer activities. More on this later.

Health looks good most of the year. (Next year will be a different story, however; you’ll have to work harder on health.) This year there is only one (sometimes two) long-term planets in stressful alignment. More later.

Your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests is easily the strongest in your Horoscope this year, which is good for students. It shows a focus on their studies. They are working hard and this spells success. It is also a good aspect for teachers, writers, marketing and PR people. They work hard but there is success.

Four lunar eclipses this year (twice as many as usual) impact on college-level students, signalling much change and disruption. They can change schools, change courses, change their educational plans. These eclipses will also test your personal religion and philosophy. Your beliefs get tested multiple times. Some will have to be revised, some will be discarded. It will not be wise to travel during these eclipse periods. (We will discuss them more fully in the monthly reports.)

Finances look excellent this year, Scorpio. Your financial planet, Jupiter, travels with Pluto and Saturn on and off during the year. This shows that you earn your money in enjoyable ways and there is luck in speculations. More on this later.

Spiritual Neptune has been in your 5th house for many years now and will be there for many more to come. So your tastes in entertainment are being refined and spiritualized. There is a greater affinity for the fine arts. Children and children figures in your life seem more spiritual as well.

Love is perhaps the most challenging area this year (and for years to come). Love is exciting, but unstable. Existing relationships are being severely tested. More on this later.

Your most important areas of interest this year are communication and intellectual pursuits; home and family (from March 23 to July 1 and from December 18 onwards); children, fun and creativity; health and work (from June 28 onwards); and love, romance and social activities.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year will be communication and intellectual interests (until December 20); home and family (after December 20); religion, philosophy, higher learning and foreign travel (until May 6); and career (from May 6 onwards).


(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both these perspectives were identical. But now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Health, as we mentioned above, looks good this year – especially early in the year. From March 23 to July 1, Saturn will join Uranus in stressful alignment with you, but this is generally not enough to cause serious problems. Your 6th house becomes strong after the end of June, showing more focus on health which is exactly what is needed. This focus will stand you in good stead for the period after December 20. Then you will have three long-term planets in stressful alignment and health will need more attention. This will be the case next year too.

But for most of the year, health looks good. However, you can make it even better. Give more attention to the following – the vulnerable areas of your Horoscope (the reflex points are shown in the chart below):

Important foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Try to massage all of the foot on a regular basis – the top of the foot as well as the bottom – but pay extra attention to the points highlighted on the chart. When you massage, be aware of ‘sore spots’ as these need special attention. It’s also a good idea to massage the ankles, and especially below them.

  • The colon, bladder and sexual organs. These are always important for Scorpio, as are safe sex and sexual moderation. Listen to your body and not your mind and you will know when enough is enough. A herbal colon cleanse every now and then would be good.
  • The head, face and scalp. Regular scalp and face massage should be part of your regular routine. The plates in the skull tend to shift and need to be in right alignment – craniosacral therapy is also good for this.
  • The adrenal glands are always important for Scorpio and the vital thing with the adrenals is to avoid anger and fear – the two emotions that stress them out.
  • The musculature. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder with bulging muscles, you just need good muscle tone to avoid knocking the spine and skeleton out of alignment, as this will cause all kinds of other problems. So vigorous physical exercise – according to your age and stage in life – is important.
  • The heart is important between March 23 and July 1 and from December 18 onwards, Scorpio, and will be important next year too. The thing with the heart is to avoid worry and anxiety – we can define this as a lack of faith. Meditation will be a big help for this.

Mars, your health planet, is a relatively fast-moving planet and this year he moves through six of the signs and houses of your Horoscope. Thus there are many short-term health trends that are best discussed in the monthly reports.

In general, hot, spicy foods – things that heat up the body – are healing for you. Onions, garlic (the penicillin of the ancient world), jalapeños and cayenne pepper are healing foods. Hotter climates are better healthwise for you than colder ones. If you live in a cold climate make sure to bundle up in the winter. Heat is a good therapy for you and you benefit from saunas, steam rooms, hot baths and fire and candle-lighting ceremonies. (These bring in metaphysical fire, which is good.)

The fire element is weak this year. There will be periods where it gets stronger, but overall it is weak, and there will be periods where there is no fire in your chart. So keeping warm is even more important than usual.

Home and Family

This area of life becomes more important as the year progresses. Saturn enters your 4th house from March 23 to July 1 and then again (this time for the long term) on December 18. Jupiter enters your 4th house on December 20 and will be there for almost all of next year. So a move or renovation of the home can happen later this year, but is more likely in 2021.

When Saturn is in your 4th house by himself, the home and family seem like a burden and discipline. More family responsibilities are placed on you and you have to do your duty. These are not things you’re able to avoid. A parent or parent figure seems more controlling than usual, and seems pessimistic. There is a greater tendency to depression. But things will lighten up when Jupiter enters the 4th house late in December. He lifts the gloom and injects a note of optimism and happiness. Where things looked bitter for a while, now they are bittersweet. Women of childbearing age will be more fertile after December 20 – and for the next two years. A pregnancy this year seems complicated though. There is more work involved. A pregnancy next year seems smoother.

Your family planet, Uranus, has been in your 7th house since March last year, and will remain there for years to come. This tends to show more socializing with the family and with people who are like family to you. A parent or parent figure seems very involved in your current relationship or with your love life in general. This parent probably means well, but can destabilize things.

With your family planet in your 7th house, you will be working to make the home more beautiful, more attractive. You’re working to make it more of a social centre. You’re having more parties at home and entertaining more from home. Probably you will redecorate, and perhaps multiple times. You’re probably buying objects of beauty for the home too.

Saturn moving into your 4th house signals an upgrade of communication systems in the home, and investment in the latest communication equipment. It would not be a surprise if you held lectures or workshops in your home and made it more of an educational centre too. This will go on for the next two years, but you’re feeling the beginnings of it this year.

Jupiter’s move into your 4th house shows that you are spending more on the home and family – it seems like a good investment for you. It also indicates earning money from home, installing home offices and the like. Family support will be stronger – but there are challenges here. (More on the financial aspects below.)

The parents or parent figures in your life seem more restless this year. Moves could happen, perhaps multiple moves. One of them will be travelling around a lot and living in different places.

Siblings and sibling figures could be making important renovations or repairs this year – probably from June 28 onwards. They have an opportunity to move in March. Children or children figures in your life are having a stable family year. The same goes for grandchildren (if you have them) and for those who play that role in your life.

If you’re planning major repairs or renovations, March 31 to May 13 is a good time. Redecorating can happen all year, but March 5 to April 3 is especially good.

Finance and Career

You’re coming out of a two-year stretch of prosperity and financial expansion this year. By now most of your short-term goals should have been attained and you’re more focused on your intellectual and mental development. The money house is basically empty this year; only short-term planets move through there. This tends to the status quo in finances. Last year was prosperous, and the year ahead will be too.

Your financial planet Jupiter spends most of the year in your 3rd house. This gives many messages. You spend more on intellectual pursuits – on books, magazines, courses, lectures and seminars – but you can also earn from these kinds of activities. This is a good year for teachers, writers, marketers, PR and advertising people. Jupiter travelling with Saturn for most of the year further reinforces this. These aspects are also good for trading – buying and selling.

Your financial planet will also be travelling with Pluto, the ruler of your Horoscope, for much of 2020, with varying degrees of exactness. This too shows prosperity. You spend on yourself. You invest in yourself. You cultivate the image of a prosperous person and people see you this way. This also signals that money and financial opportunity seek you out and there’s nothing much that you need to do. Often this indicates financial windfalls. This is a very fortunate financial aspect.

Jupiter in the sign of Capricorn almost all year shows financial conservatism – sound financial judgement – another signal for prosperity. You’re not worried by short-term fluctuations in investments but looking at their long-term worth. You have a good sense of this. This is an excellent year for setting up budget plans, savings and investment programmes. You have good financial discipline.

Though the year is prosperous, it’s not about ‘quick cash’. It’s about attaining wealth in a step-by-step methodical kind of way. The financial planet in Capricorn favours conservative investments – investments in blue chip, stable, large cap companies listed on major stock exchanges.

Although this is a good financial year, it is not an especially strong career year. As we mentioned earlier, almost all the planets are below the horizon of your chart. Your 4th house of home and family becomes ever stronger this year while your 10th house of career is basically empty. Yet, because the North Node of the Moon (an abstract point) will be in your 10th house from May 6 onwards, there is a sense of fulfilment in the career. Perhaps you feel happy where you are in your career and can now focus on home, family and emotional issues. Also, a lot of your focus on the home, family and psychological infrastructure is career motivated. You have to get this part of life in order before you can attain your true career goals. You’re in a preparation stage for the career.

Love and Social Life

This is an area that is both exciting and challenging at the same time. It is much easier for singles. It shows someone who is ‘playing the field’, experimenting in love and relationship. Eventually singles will learn what makes them happy. It is a trial-and-error process. Marriage is neither likely nor advisable for a while.

The good news for singles is that love is exciting and stimulating. There is never a dull moment. Love and romantic opportunities can happen at any time and any place – often when you least expect it or with people you least expected. You can be taking out the rubbish or doing some other mundane task and ‘boom’ – you meet someone. The only issue is the stability of these encounters. They can occur suddenly and dissolve just as suddenly. But no matter, there is always the next one.

For those of you who are married or in a serious relationship, this is a challenging time for love. I have seen relationships survive these kinds of aspects, but it was never a smooth ride. The commitment needs to be very intense. One needs to be willing to put a lot of work into the relationship. The spouse, partner or current love seems very restless and rebellious. He or she wants freedom and change. If the current relationship allows for this, it could work.

As we said earlier, there is more socializing from home and with family members. For singles, romantic opportunities can come through the family or family connections. Love opportunities could be close to home. An old flame from the past – or someone who has those personality traits – can come back into the picture. This can be another destabilizing factor in a current relationship. Generally these ‘revisits’ are for healing purposes. Old issues get resolved and you can both move on.

There are many short-term trends in love, because your love planet, Venus, moves so fast; romance can happen in many ways and through many people. This is just your nature. Your love needs and love attitudes also tend to change quickly. These depend on where Venus is at any given time and the aspects she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Four lunar eclipses this year will test the marriages or current relationships of siblings and sibling figures. They need not break up – good relationships tend to survive – but there is more disruption. If the relationship is essentially flawed, it is doubtful whether it will survive all these eclipses.

The marriage or current relationship of a parent or parent figure gets tested between March 23 and July 1. But things will ease up after December 20.

Children and children figures in your life have a quiet, stable kind of love year.


The Scorpio mind is deep, deep, deep. No one goes deeper into any subject than Scorpio. Just memorizing facts and figures is not Scorpio’s way. They have to really understand a subject, which is why they make such good researchers and intelligence people. They want to know what is behind the facts. This tendency is even stronger this year as your 3rd house is the strongest in your Horoscope. So take courses in subjects that interest you and go deeply into them. Take your time. It will pay off. This is a year for restocking your intellectual capital and making intellectual breakthroughs.

Saturn enters your 4th house for the long term in December. But before he does that he will make a brief foray there from March 23 to July 1. This, as we mentioned, brings added family responsibilities to you, which you can’t avoid. Nor should you try. Take them on and you’ll find that you have help in handling them. The other issue with Saturn in the 4th house is the emotional life. The 4th house has deeper meanings than just home and family. It rules your moods and emotions – your psychological life – and this will be a focus for at least two years to come.

Saturn moving through the 4th house signals a need to put the emotional life in right order. It means learning to direct and manage the emotions so that they further your goals. This was the way things were always intended to be, but it needs to be done correctly. Directing and managing emotions is not the same as repressing them. Repression cannot go on for too long as eventually the negative feeling will be expressed and probably in a more destructive way than the situation demands. Nor will repression be good for your overall health. So negative feelings (many of them quite natural) need to be expressed in harmless ways. There are various ways to do this. Those of you working with a therapist can get release through talking through your feelings. But you can also write out your bad feelings when they arise, or speak them into some recording device. Hold nothing back. Express what it is you feel. No need for politeness here. This is between you and the recorder. When you are finished (and you’ll know when to stop) tear up the paper or erase the recording. Don’t reread or listen back again. It is out of your system and you can go forward with your life. When you release negative feelings like this, doors open in the mind and you can see solutions (or ways to proceed) for the problems you feel negative about. The point is you need not be a victim of your emotional states. If you are a meditator, your meditations will go much better than before.

Neptune has been in your 5th house for many years now and, as we mentioned, your taste in entertainment and fun is becoming spiritualized and refined, as is your personal creativity. Those involved in the creative arts are really feeling it strongly.

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