Sagittarius Horoscope 2020


Though the year ahead is a major financial year – prosperity is very strong – it is not an especially strong career year. Money trumps status and prestige. In addition, all the long-term planets are on the night side of your chart this year. The day side, the upper half, will get a bit stronger as the year progresses, but will never dominate. The night side, the side of home, family and emotional issues, will always be the strongest. More on this later.

Last year you were your normal bubbly, enthusiastic Sagittarian self. Happy-go-lucky. This year you seem more serious about life. Your Sagittarian qualities are toned down. The focus on business and finance is the probable cause.

Neptune has been in your 4th house for many years and will be there for many more. Thus your home, family and emotional life are becoming more refined, more spiritualized. More details later.

Uranus moved into your 6th house of health and work last March and will remain there for many more years. There is great experimentation happening in your health regimes. You are ultra-experimental here. But health overall is good this year. It looks like there is much instability in the job situation however. More on this later.

Mars will spend over six months in your 5th house – from June 28 onwards. This is an unusually long time for Mars to stay in a house (usually he stays for only about six weeks or so). There is a love affair brewing for singles. Though there might be a love affair, marriage doesn’t seem in the stars. There is admittedly nothing against it, but there’s nothing especially supporting it. You don’t seem very interested in committed kinds of relationships these days. More on this later.

Four lunar eclipses this year (twice as many as usual) impact on your 8th house. Thus you seem to be dealing with death and death issues. Perhaps surgery too. Generally these encounters are on the psychological level and are not literal. But by the time the year is over you will have a better understanding of death and less fear of it.

Your areas of greatest interest this year are finance; communication and intellectual interests (from March 23 to July 1 and from December 18 onwards); home and family; children, fun and creativity (from June 28 onwards); and health and work.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are finance (until December 20); communication and intellectual activities (after December 20); sex, personal transformation and occult studies (until May 6); and religion, philosophy, higher learning and foreign travel (from May 6 onwards).


(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both these perspectives were identical. Now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Health looks super this year. There is only one long-term planet – Neptune – in stressful alignment with you. Thus you have abundant energy and tend to good health. Sure, there will be periods in the year where health is less easy than usual, but these are temporary things caused by the planetary transits and not trends for the year. When they pass your naturally good health and energy return.

The times to rest and relax more are from February 19 to March 20, May 21 to June 21 and August 23 to September 22. We will discuss this in the monthly reports too.

Uranus is in your health house for the long term, as we mentioned. Thus you are in a cycle where you throw out all the rule books on health and learn how you personally function – learn, through trial, error and experimentation, what works for you. This is really every person’s job in life. But for you it’s happening now. You are a unique individual, wired up in a unique way. The law of averages doesn’t really apply to you. You are not a statistic. Things that work for ‘most’ people might not work for you. Things that don’t work for others could work for you. You have to learn this for yourself.

Uranus in the 6th house can sometimes lead to too much of a good thing. One can become a health faddist, pursuing every new diet or therapy merely because it is new. You need to do your homework as this can be quite expensive. Uranus in your 6th house also tends to show someone who gravitates to alternative therapies rather than orthodox medicine. However, the new cutting-edge technologies in orthodox medicine could also appeal to you.

Your health is good, but you can make it even better. Give more attention to the following, the vulnerable areas of your Horoscope (the reflex points are shown in the chart below):

Important foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Try to massage all of the foot on a regular basis – the top of the foot as well as the bottom – but pay extra attention to the points highlighted on the chart. When you massage, be aware of ‘sore spots’ as these need special attention. It’s also a good idea to massage the ankles in particular, and below them.

  • The liver and thighs are always important areas for Sagittarius. Thighs should be regularly massaged; it should be part of your normal health regime. A herbal liver cleanse every now and then would be good, especially if you feel under the weather.
  • The neck and throat. These too are always important for Sagittarius and, again, regular neck massage should be part of your health regime. Tension tends to collect there – especially if you feel stressed out – and needs to be released. Craniaosacral therapy is great for the neck.
  • The ankles and calves have become important since March last year, but will continue to be so for the next seven years, approximately. So massage the ankles and calves regularly, and support the ankles well when exercising.

There are many short-term health trends for you, Sagittarius, because your health planet Venus is a fast-moving planet. This year she moves through 11 signs and houses of your Horoscope. So health needs can change depending on where Venus is and the aspects she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Venus is the generic planet of love and in your chart she is the ruler of your 11th house of friends. So there is always a strong social dimension to health. Good health for you means a healthy love and social life – harmony with friends. If problems arise in these areas your physical health can be affected. So, always strive to restore harmony as fast as you can.

Home and Family

Home and family has been important for many years now, with Neptune residing in your 4th house, and they will continue to be important for many more years. Many of the trends we’ve written about in past years are still very much in effect.

The home is a place of safety and comfort. This is a given. But for you it has become (and this will continue) more like a spiritual retreat. An ashram or a temple. I can easily imagine home altars being set up – either personally or with family members. I can imagine the walls covered with pictures of holy men or saints. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hosted prayer meetings or meditation sessions in the home. Your home has (and will) become a portal to the spirit.

This is a good year to apply the principles of feng shui to the house. Keep in mind that there are other spiritual systems for this as well (Ayurveda and hermetic science, for instance). But it makes a difference when things are arranged properly in spiritually correct ways. The family as a whole, and a parent or parent figure in particular, seem much more spiritual. The attempt is to run family life in a spiritual kind of way.

Neptune is the planet of revelation. It sheds light – impersonal light – on everything it touches. This light often reveals hidden things, secrets, that are often unpleasant. Family secrets – good and bad – come to light. Thus, there can be scandals in the family. Despite this, you are getting on reasonably well with the family this year.

A move or renovations to the home could have happened in 2018. This year, however, a move is not likely. There’s nothing against it, but nothing that specially favours it either. Next year or 2022 seem much better for a move than now.

Parents and parent figures are having a stable family year. Moves are not likely. Their marriage or current relationship also seems stable and solid. One of the parent figures will have many good job opportunities at the end of the year (and next year). Siblings and sibling figures in your life are taking on more responsibility and seem more serious about life. They prosper towards the end of the year. Their domestic life seems highly unstable and they can have multiple moves or undertake multiple house renovations this year and for years to come. They need to work on emotional stability. If they are of childbearing age they seem more fertile this year. Children and children figures in your life can endure many disruptions and repairs to the home, but a move is not likely. Grandchildren (if you have them) or those who play that role in your life can move this year, but it’s a complicated matter and there are many glitches and delays involved.

If you’re planning renovations or major repairs, May 13 to June 28 would be a good time. If you’re decorating the home in a cosmetic kind of way – or buying art or other objects of beauty for the home – January 13 to February 7, August 7 to September 16 and November 21 to December 15 would be good periods to do this.

Finance and Career

Last year was prosperous and the year ahead is even more so. Your money house is easily the strongest in your Horoscope this year. It is not only strong quantitatively but qualitatively as well. A strong money house shows focus. It shows someone willing to face all the issues and challenges that arise. It shows passion and fervour – the Will to Wealth. This is generally more important than just ‘easy’ aspects.

But there are other signals of prosperity too. Your financial planet, Saturn, is powerful in his own sign and house, which signals strong earnings this year. In addition Jupiter, the ruler of your Horoscope, will be in your money house until December 20. While this is not Jupiter’s best position, he is not very strong here, still it shows good fortune. Perhaps you are not that comfortable with this focus on finance and business, but prosperity is happening.

Jupiter in your money house shows that you spend on yourself – invest in yourself – take on the image of wealth and prosperity. Others see you as a ‘money person’ this year too. You will be richer at the end of the year than when you began. The Horoscope doesn’t give numbers, but it shows increase.

By nature you are a risk taker. But these days you are much more conservative in financial matters and your financial judgement will be sound. These days it’s not about gaining a ‘quick buck’ but about amassing wealth in steady, methodical, step-by-step ways. A business is favoured.

Those of you who invest will do well with conservative, blue-chip, traditional companies – companies that comprise major stock exchange listings. Sagittarians are generally not good with budgets – they tend to spend freely – but this year it will be good to set up budgets and disciplined savings and investment plans. You have the discipline to see them through.

Saturn in the sign of Capricorn favours commercial real estate, makers of office equipment, and companies that service the government or corporate world. Saturn’s move into Aquarius from March 23 to July 1 and from December 18 onwards favours the world of technology: computers, online activities, online companies and companies involved with new inventions or innovations. Saturn is strong when he is in Aquarius too (by classical astrology he rules the sign).

Saturn’s move into your 3rd house favours telecommunications, transportation and media companies. It favours companies involved with education and retailing. It favours trading – buying and selling.

Your money house will be strong all year, but by the end of the year, it will be less strong, and there will be less emphasis on finance. This I read as a good thing. Most financial goals (the short-term ones at least) will have been attained and you can shift your focus to other areas – to your intellectual pursuits and interests.

Career, as we said, is not prominent this year. Money is much more important. You don’t care that much about status or prestige – just give me the cash, thank you. As we also mentioned, the lower half, the night side of your Horoscope is overwhelmingly stronger than the day side. Your 4th house of home and family is stronger than your 10th house of career. So this is a year of inner preparation – the behind-the-scenes actions – that will further the career later on. These actions shouldn’t be despised. They are just as important as the outer career: they make the outer career possible.

Mercury, your career planet, is very fast moving and often erratic. During the year he will move through every area of your Horoscope, so there are many short-term career trends that depend on where Mercury is, his direction and the aspects he is receiving. These are best discussed in the monthly reports.

Love and Social Life

As we mentioned, this is not a very strong love or romance year. Your 7th house of love is empty, only short-term planets move through there. It doesn’t seem like a major focus this year. This tends to the status quo. Those who are married will tend to stay married; singles will tend to stay single. The good news here is that this shows a basic contentment with things as they are and you have no compelling need to make changes. On the downside, if romantic problems occur, it is probably due to a lack of attention, a lack of focus. This will be a signal to start paying more attention here.

There is another issue in love this year. The ruler of your Horoscope, Jupiter, is in his ‘fall’ – his weakest position. Thus your personal self-confidence and self-esteem are not up to their usual standards. This is not helpful in love. Also – and this is perhaps more important – you seem too serious this year, and perhaps more pessimistic than usual. You might feel older than your years. The normal Sagittarian ebullience and verve is not there. This can be off-putting to others. You can come across as cold, aloof, detached or unapproachable. Now, this is not who you are. But others can see you this way. And this can impede the love life. Happily, the solution is easy. Lighten up. Make it a priority to send love and warmth to others. This will turn everything around.

Marriage might not be in the stars for singles, but a love affair is. Mars will be in your 5th house of fun and creativity from June 28 onwards. This relationship is more about fun and entertainment rather than something committed.

Your love planet is Mercury – one of the fastest moving and erratic planets in the zodiac. Sometimes he speeds, sometimes he slows down, sometimes he stands still and sometimes he goes backwards. This pretty much describes your love life (and also the kind of partners you attract). There is always change. Romantic opportunity can come to you in a number of ways and through many different kinds of people and situations. Because Mercury will move through all the houses of your chart this year, there are many short-term trends in love that depend on where Mercury is and the kinds of aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Siblings, sibling figures, parents, parent figures, children and children figures in your life are all having stable love years.


Your spiritual planet, Pluto, has been in your money house of Capricorn for many years. (He will be there for many more years, too.) This shows a ‘down-to-earth’ kind of spirituality. Spirituality is seen as a practice that has to have practical – and especially financial – benefits. It shows much charitable giving and a powerful financial intuition. Intuition, as our regular readers know, is the short cut to wealth. You are always a generous person, but these days even more so than usual. There is a spiritual agenda happening in your finances. You’ve been exploring and learning about the spiritual dimensions of wealth. You already understand much about this – Sagittarius has an inborn understanding. But there is always more to learn and one can always go deeper into things.

The spiritual concept of wealth is often at odds with the materialistic concept of it. And this conflict is especially strong in you. In finance you are very down-to-earth this year – conservative. You have a business-like attitude to it. But spiritual affluence cares nothing about material conditions, how much money you have in the bank, the size of your portfolio, or what your financial statement says. Spiritual affluence comes from above and works with the resources of the Universe, not your own. It is never about how much you have, but about how much spirit has – and spirit has it all.

Here’s another interesting fact about spiritual affluence. It is always where you are. Always everywhere. It is an interior activity. It is about connecting to the principle and allowing it to operate through you as it wills. Moreover, it is there in its fullness whenever you make contact with it. That is, you have access to ‘all the affluence there is’. In theory, you have access to as much affluence as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett or Jeff Bezos. Affluence gives itself fully and equally to all. The only difference is a person’s capacity to receive, their capacity to take more of what is given.

We’re saying deep and wonderful things here, but Sagittarius will understand. For those who want to go deeper into this, my blog – – has more information.

Neptune’s presence in your 4th house shows that your spiritual practice will not only help you financially but also in your family and emotional life. Family issues need a spiritual understanding to be resolved. And spirit is very willing if you call on it.

Your emotional sensitivities are much greater than usual – and more than those of an average person. Thus you can be easily hurt. Much of the time others don’t even mean to do this – you just feel things more. So, it is best to be around positive and uplifting kinds of people. This is so for family members as well. They too seem more sensitive emotionally.

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