Pisces Horoscope 2020


You’re just coming out of a very strong career year in 2019; major goals (the short-term ones at least) have been attained and now you can shift your focus to other things – friends, groups and group activities. The fruits of career success are in the people you get to meet and socialize with due to your success. Success puts you in a new social sphere. More on this later.

Your 11th house of friends, groups and group activities is the strongest overall in your chart this year. So, while your social life will not be especially romantic, it is satisfying and very active.

Neptune, your ruling planet, has been in your own sign for many years now, and will be there for many more to come. So the spiritual life has been more active than usual (it is always active with you). This year it becomes even more pronounced as your 12th house of spirituality gets stronger as the year progresses. Your challenge will be to keep both feet on the ground. You might be living in the ‘other world’ beyond the veil more than in this world.

The year ahead looks prosperous. Your financial planet Mars will spend more than six months (four times his usual transit) in your money house, from June 28 onwards. This should bring increased earnings and earnings opportunities. More on this later.

Uranus moved into your 3rd house last March and will be there for another seven or so years. This signals major changes in your intellectual life and reading tastes. Books and magazines related to science, technology, astronomy and astrology become more appealing. There is a spiritual agenda behind this. This aspect also shows much change and turmoil for students below college level. They can be changing schools (perhaps multiple times), educational plans, etc. There can be shakeups in the school as well. There are upheavals in the neighbourhood you live in – and this will go on for many years.

We will have six eclipses this year – two more than usual. Five of the six will impact on children and children figures in your life, bringing them personal dramas and life-changing events. Many Pisceans are involved in the creative arts, and these eclipses show major changes in the creative life.

Your most important areas of interest this year will be the body and image; finance (from June 28); communication and intellectual interests; friends, groups and group activities; and spirituality (from March 23 to July 1 and from December 18 onwards).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year will be friends, groups and group activities (until December 20); spirituality (from December 20 onwards); children, fun and creativity (until May 6); and health and work (after May 6).


(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both these perspectives were identical. But now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Health looks excellent this year, Pisces. There are no long-term planets in stressful alignment with you, and most are in harmonious aspect. Even those that are not in harmonious aspect are leaving you alone. Thus, if you have any pre-existing conditions they shouldn’t be troublesome now and, in general, it is good news on the health front.

Your empty 6th house of health (only short-term planets move through there this year) is another positive indicator. You don’t need to focus on health as there is nothing wrong. You can sort of take good health for granted.

Good though your health is, you can make it even better. Give more attention to the following – the vulnerable areas of your Horoscope (the reflex points are shown in the chart below). Problems, if they happened, would most likely begin here, so keeping them healthy and fit is sound preventive medicine.

Important foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Massage all the foot on a regular basis – the top of the foot as well as the bottom – but pay extra attention to the points highlighted on the chart. When you massage, be aware of ‘sore spots’ as these need special attention. It’s also a good idea to massage the ankles and below them.

  • The feet are always important for you Pisces, and foot massage should be a regular part of your health regime. There are inexpensive gadgets about that massage the feet, and some even give whirlpool treatments for the feet. These are good investments for you. Keep the feet warm in winter, and wear shoes that fit well: comfort is preferable to fashion (although if you can have both – comfort and fashion – all the better).
  • The heart is also always important to Pisces. The important thing with the heart – as our regular readers know – is to avoid worry and anxiety, the two emotions that stress the heart. Cultivate faith, and let go of worry.

Keep in mind that there will be periods where health and energy are less easy than usual. These periods come from the short-term transits and are temporary and not trends for the year. When they pass, your normally good health and energy return.

Two solar eclipses this year – in June and December – can also impact on health, as the Sun is your health planet. The eclipses bring corrections to the health regime. Often they signal changes of doctors or other health professionals that you see. Sometimes they show dramas in the lives of these people. Sometimes they bring a health scare (but your health is good and these are likely only to be scares).

Your health planet is a fast-moving planet and changes signs and houses each month. Thus there are many short-term health trends that depend on where the Sun is and the aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Home and Family

Your home and family house hasn’t been prominent in your chart for some years now and this remains the case for most of the year ahead, with the exception of Venus’s unusually long transit from April 3 to August 7. This tends to the status quo. You seem basically content with things as they are and have no pressing need to make changes.

Venus’s prolonged stay in your 4th house could show renovations going on at home – and perhaps redecoration of the home. It could also show surgery or near-death kinds of experiences in the lives of family members. A sibling or sibling figure could be staying for a while. You could be installing new communication equipment at home too.

There will also be a lunar eclipse on November 30 that occurs in your 4th house. This can produce dramas in the lives of family members – especially for a parent or parent figure. It often shows a need for repairs to be made in the home as hidden flaws come to light.

There is nothing against a move this year but nothing that especially supports it either. Most likely you will stay where you are.

Both the parents or parent figures in your life are making important financial changes this year. One of them is prospering and focused on finance; the other is having a more spiritual kind of year. The former can have multiple job changes this year – and in future years. Both seem to have a stable home and family year.

Siblings and sibling figures are more freedom-loving and rebellious these days. They are restless. They can travel more and live in different places for long periods of time, but a formal move is not likely.

Children and children figures are having many personal dramas and life-changing experiences – many are quite normal, but change the direction of their life. There is love in their lives this year and perhaps they are considering marriage (if they are of appropriate age). But they should not rush into anything. If they are younger, they have an active social life this year and are making new friends. Those of childbearing age are more fertile this year. The home and family situation tends to the status quo.

Grandchildren (if you have them), or those who play that role in your life, probably shouldn’t marry this year. If they are already in a relationship it is getting severely tested. A move could happen later on in the year – but next year might be better. Aunts or uncles could move in the coming year, but it will not be smooth; there are many complications and delays involved.

Renovation and redecoration of the home is likely from April 3 to August 7 – and it’s a good time for that. It is also good for buying art objects or other objects of beauty for the home.

Finance and Career

The year ahead is prosperous, as we mentioned earlier. Your money house will be strong for most of 2020: from March 20 to April 19 (a yearly financial peak) and from June 28 onwards. This shows focus and, by the spiritual law, we get what we focus on – good, bad or indifferent.

The Sun in your money house from March 20 to April 19 shows earnings through work – through productive service to others. Mars in the money house from June 28 onwards shows various things. For a start, you will be a lot more inclined to take risks during the second half of the year. You are attracted to ‘quick money’ – and this has good points and bad. When your intuition is good it can lead to quick money. But if your intuition is off, you can become the victim of all kinds of scammers who prey on this tendency. When intuition is good, financial decisions will be made quickly and with great confidence – and they turn out well. But when intuition is off, you are likely to be too quick in your decision-making. It will be a good idea to sleep on things before making major purchases, investments or important financial decisions.

With Mars as your financial planet, one of your life lessons is to learn financial fearlessness, to develop courage in finance. With you it’s not so much about winning or losing, but of overcoming the fear of loss. Even if a financial transaction doesn’t work out, if you overcame your fear, you have won. This trend is especially significant after June 28.

It is good to be quick and decisive in financial matters – it saves a lot of time – but your financial planet will go into one of his rare retrograde periods between September 9 and November 14. This will not be a time to be ‘quick and decisive’. It will be a time for review, for pulling back a bit, for gaining clarity on financial goals and the current financial situation. If you must make important investments or purchase big ticket items, do it before September 9 or after November 14.

The retrograde of Mars won’t stop earnings, but it slows things down a bit. You can avoid unnecessary anguish by doing everything perfectly in finance – taking care of the details. Make sure payments are properly signed and dated, that envelopes are properly addressed, that money transfers from one account to another are correct, etc.

With Mars in your money house for so much of the year you could favour start-up companies. You would have a good feeling for the athletic and military industries. You would probably spend more on the gym, personal trainers or sports equipment too.

Mars will move through five houses of your Horoscope this year before he enters your money house. Thus there are short-term trends in finance that depend on where he is and the kinds of aspects he receives. These will be discussed in the monthly reports.

Career, as we mentioned, is not that prominent this year. This I read as a good thing. You’ve basically achieved what you set out to achieve last year and now you can focus on other things. Jupiter, your career planet, will be in your 11th house almost all year – thus your technology and networking expertise are important. Your good social connections help the career, and a lot of your socializing is career related. There is foreign travel related to the career happening too.

Your career planet will move into Aquarius, your 12th house, on December 20 and will remain there almost all of next year. So, this will be a time to further your career goals by getting involved in charities or altruistic causes. This will be the case for most of 2021 as well.

Love and Social Life

The year ahead will be an active social year, but not an especially romantic one. It’s more about friendships and group activities than about romance. There are a few reasons for this. The Eastern sector of self is, overall, the most dominant sector in your chart this year. While the Western social sector will strengthen as the year progresses, it will never be stronger than the Eastern sector. In addition, your 7th house of love and romance is empty – only short-term planets move through there. Your 1st house of self, by contrast, is powerful all year. Romantically it is a status quo kind of year. I read this as a good thing. You seem content with things as they are and have no need to make major changes. Singles will tend to stay single, those who are married will tend to stay married. Of course, singles will date, but marriage is not really seen here. (There’s nothing especially against it, but nothing that supports it either.)

With so many planets in the East (all the long-term planets are there), this is a year for personal independence and personal initiative. It is a year for self-reliance and for having things your way. There is less of a need for others.

Though your 5th house of fun and love affairs is empty (only short-term planets will move through there), five of the six eclipses this year affect this area of life. Thus there can be multiple love affairs and multiple break ups. Or one love affair with multiple break ups and reunions. There are various ways that this can manifest.

Your love planet Mercury is one of the fastest moving – and erratic – of the planets. Sometimes he speeds along through three signs and houses in a given month. Sometimes he moves slowly, staying in one sign. Sometimes he stands still and sometimes he goes backwards. This is how you are in love – very variable, with different needs and attitudes. Because of this, there are many short-term trends in love that depend on where Mercury is at a given time, his rate of motion and the aspects he receives. These will be dealt with in the monthly reports.

Your 11th house of friends, as we mentioned, is the strongest in your Horoscope this year. Thus you are making new and significant friends and these seem to be people of high status and prominence. These are people who can help you careerwise and seem to be involved in your career. Later on in the year, as Saturn, the ruler of your 11th house, moves into Aquarius (between March 23 and July 1, and from December 18 onwards), the social life will still be active but you’ll be making more spiritual-type friends.


Spirituality is genetically built into Pisces. This is so under normal circumstances, but with Neptune in your own sign this is even more pronounced. Add to this the power in your spiritual 12th house this year and the spiritual urges are even stronger.

Pisceans are often described as ‘dreamy’. The reason is that for them – and especially now – the invisible world beyond the five senses is more real than the so-called physical world. This is basically good. The invisible world is the world of causes; the physical world is the world of effects. However, Pisceans need to remember that though they are supernatural beings, they are stationed here on earth – in their particular milieu and circumstances. Never lose sight of that. Keep both feet on the ground.

The good news is that this will be easier to do now that Uranus, your spiritual planet, moved into the earthy sign of Taurus in March last year and will stay there for many more years. This favours an ‘earth-based’ spirituality. You will learn that you need not go to ‘other worlds’ to contact spirit. It is right here on earth if we look properly. Every rock, every tree, every flower, every animal is the incarnation of a Divine Principle. The Earth itself is the body of a Goddess. This is a good period to explore the earth-based systems such as the First Americans and other indigenous peoples practise and teach. The Divine, through nature, is communicating to us all the time. Did a certain bird or animal cross your path today? Was there a blackbird underneath your car at the supermarket? Did a certain insect buzz around you while you were outside? These all have special meanings and are the way the Divine is communicating. Spirituality these days is not about going off to other worlds but about looking at this physical world properly.

Your spiritual planet will be in your 3rd house for many years, so journaling is a healthy spiritual practice. Keep a diary of your experiences during the day.

With spiritual Neptune, your ruling planet, in your own sign you have been learning the power of spirit over the body. Mind controls the body, but spirit is supposed to control the mind. Thus you are moulding and shaping your body by spiritual means – and this will go on for many more years. The body has appetites and habits, but not a will of its own. Eventually it must obey the dictates of spirit and mind.

With Neptune in your 1st house the body is becoming more refined and spiritualized. (We have written of this in past reports but the trend is still in effect.) So it is best to avoid (or minimize) alcohol and drugs as the body can overreact to them. Also you will feel psychic vibrations in a physical way – right in the body. So it is important not to put too much importance on physical sensations; a bad sensation might be just be a reception of negative, discordant energy. It would be good to keep around positive, uplifting kinds of people – these will come to you in the year ahead.

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