Capricorn June 2020 Horoscope


In a way it is good that your 7th house of love becomes powerful this month, as it is very important to focus here now. Two eclipses this month impact on the love life, so there is much turbulence.

The lunar eclipse of 5th occurs in your 12th house of spirituality. Every lunar eclipse impacts on your relationships and this one is no different. The relationship gets tested. Usually long-suppressed emotions, dirty laundry, surface for resolution. Often there are personal dramas in the life of the beloved which can be the root cause of the problem. The beloved can be experiencing job changes or health challenges. Friends are making important financial changes. For you this eclipse also brings spiritual changes – changes in your practice, teachings or teachers. There are upheavals and disruptions in spiritual or charitable organizations that you’re involved with. There are personal dramas in the lives of gurus or guru figures. This eclipse impacts pretty directly on both Mars and Mercury. So there can be family dramas or repairs needed to the home. The impact on Mercury brings changes to your health regime and upheavals in your place of worship or school. College-level students change their educational plans.

The solar eclipse of the 21st affects you strongly as well – perhaps more strongly than the previous one. All of you will feel this, but those of you born early in the sign of Capricorn (December 21–22) will be most affected. It occurs in your 7th house of love and again tests the current relationship. The beloved is forced to make dramatic financial changes; perhaps there is some financial crisis that forces this. You are once again confronting death and issues to do with death – albeit generally on the psychological level. You can experience a ‘close call’ – a near-death kind of experience. You can read of some grisly crime or the passing of someone you know. Often there are dreams of death. These are love letters from above. Life is short and can end at any time. Get busy with the work you were born to do.

You should reduce your schedule from the 21st onwards, but especially around the eclipse periods. Health needs attention after the 21st – and especially after the 28th. Rest is probably the best cure for any problem, but your health can also be enhanced with right diet, abdominal massage and good emotional and social health. Meditation will be a big help here.

Best Days Overall: 7, 8, 16, 17, 18, 26, 27

Most Stressful Days Overall: 1, 14, 15, 21, 22

Best Days for Love: 1, 9, 10, 19, 20, 21, 22

Best Days for Money: 7, 8, 9, 10, 16, 17, 18, 26, 27

Best Days for Career: 1, 9, 10, 19, 20

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