Healing Crystal Names

Here you’ll find 99 healing crystal names to help familiarize you with their origins, colors, and primary uses. These profiles also specify each crystal’s chakra association for those who wish to integrate chakra work into their crystals practice. Finally, each entry notes recommended placement for the crystal to maximize its vibrational power. Agate Agate is … Read more

Healing Crystals Therapy II

Our greatest challenges and our deepest desires tend not to present themselves in isolation. As such, we can activate crystals to help us in an even more holistic way when we apply them to one or more emotions or aspirations that often affect us in combination. While some of the remedies in this chapter call … Read more

Preparing to use Healing Crystals

After carefully selecting my crystals and bringing them home, I immediately start preparing to use them by cleansing, charging, and programming them. Your crystal energy work will benefit if you do the same. A big part of using crystals rests with how you set your intentions. Properly preparing your crystals, the space where you use … Read more

Buying Healing Crystals

Buying Healing Crystals is a fun activity. Part of the enjoyment comes from personally choosing crystals for your collection. There are many types of stores that sell crystals, such as dedicated crystal stores, New Age shops, bead stores, hobby shops, Wiccan stores, and metaphysical shops. You may also be able to find crystals at traveling … Read more

Basics of Healing Crystals

How can a rock bring about healing crystals? After all, healing crystals are just pretty stones, aren’t they? While it’s true that crystals are stones, each has a unique structure that imparts its own energetic properties. Healers, holy people, and shamans have known about these properties for millennia. As a result, cultures throughout history have … Read more