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The Sum of Your Parts in Human Design

Human Design is a complex system, filled with all kinds of details and information. It's easy to be seduced by all the intricate elements of your chart and to miss the bigger message hidden in that amazing triangle.

While each piece of Human Design is fascinating, powerful, and intriguing, just like each one of you, the real beauty of the system lies in its simplicity. Be yourself. Follow your decision-making strategy according to your type, and you will not only discover who you truly are, but you will be perfectly aligned with a life that is an authentic manifestation of your soul's purpose in this incarnation.

The chart reveals to us that when we are true to ourselves, love ourselves, and follow the direction of our souls, the energetic result of such self-honor and awareness is a world where we all express a natural love for humanity that is deeply aligned with nature and the natural order. This is a world where we can organize ourselves in groups that are fair, democratic, and egalitarian; where we can take care of our physical bodies and be responsible for our own physical reality; where we have more than sufficient resources and support that we eagerly share with one another—all because we understand on a bone-deep, soul-deep level that we are infinitely sustained by Source. (All that just from loving yourself!)

When you discover who you truly are and create a life that is a reflection of that truth, you are adding to the abundance of the world, and each and every one of you is a crucial piece of this divine puzzle. You matter. And the world needs you to be who you really are.

One of the most common questions people ask me is, “What can I do to make a difference in the world?” I always answer with, “Start first by being the fullest expression of yourself as your true self.” Your Human Design chart represents your potential. The journey of life is about discovering the true you and courageously creating a life that is in alignment with your authentic self. That is the nature of personal growth and evolution on this planet.

When we don't fulfill that potential, because life seeks to be in a state of constant expansion and growth, we tend to create life experiences designed to teach us the meaning of our lives. What we see in the archetype of mankind as defined in the chart is that sometimes we need to struggle a bit to discover the meaning of our lives. When we are not fulfilling our human potential, we tend to struggle with our health, our wealth, our relationships, our creative fulfillment, or even our spiritual connection. Our struggles are here to help us learn and grow, not to keep us stuck in suffering. There is no gate of suffering in the chart.

What sets us apart as a species is our ability to consciously evolve. Everything on the planet has a design. If you look at a human chart and compare it to the design of a mammal, you will see that we share common energies. What sets us apart is that our choices are not ruled only by survival instincts, but also the intuitive awareness to know whether we are fulfilling our soul's destiny in this lifetime. We instinctively know when we are off our path. This sense of being out of alignment with our soul's purpose creates in us a restlessness that inspires us to discover the truth.

Because of consciousness and our energetic uniqueness as humans, we always have a choice. We can be true to our authentic self or not. We can live out the highest expression of our chart or not. We can continue to create struggle to help us define the meaning of our life, or we can relax into the natural interface of our unique energy with the energy of the world and create a passionate, joyful life. We always have a choice. Self-awareness is the key to making more joyful, abundant choices.

We are each a holographic representation of the divine, recycled star-dust that is a part of a greater whole. What we do individually on a microcosmic level affects the macrocosm of life on earth. We are who we are collectively because we are the sum total of seven billion–plus magnificent aspects of consciousness. When enough of us hold a specific state of consciousness, it manifests on the earthly plane. There is poverty because enough of us are impoverished in consciousness. We are at war because enough of us are at war in consciousness. We are creating a lifestyle that is globally unsustainable because enough of us are consciously unsustainable, separate from the truth of who we are.

If you want to make a difference in the world and create a world of sustainable peace and abundance, you have to start first by living a life that is a reflection in consciousness of what you want to see in the world. In other words, you must be abundant, peaceful, and authentic in your life in every way. When you live in this state of consciousness, you add to the critical mass of this energy on the earth. And when enough of us are abundant, peaceful, and authentic in consciousness, then we will see radical change on our planet.

The greatest gift you can give the world is  you.  The True You.

Ask not what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive . . . then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive .


A Sneak Peak into the Future

The archetype for what it means to be human is evolving, and we stand on the cusp of new energy and new possibilities for mankind. By the year 2027, the human energy field will be hardwired in a brand-new way.

As part of this change in our hardwiring, the body graph is changing, and we are moving away from the Spleen being our center for intuition and survival. The Emotional Solar Plexus is evolving into being our new source of intuition. This means we are moving away from being driven by fear to a consciousness that supports us doing what feels good and right. It will no longer feel right that children are starving on our planet, or that war is okay, or that suffering is an acceptable part of being human.

In Human Design, evolution isn't just a Darwinian process. Evolution for humans happens first in consciousness. We've seen evidence of shifts in consciousness growing stronger over the last hundred years, and much more so in the last twenty years.

We are learning that we are designed to experience joy and support as our natural state, that we are One, and that our mindset is a crucial part of our co-creative capacity. We literally stand on the edge of a whole new way of being human. Those of us living right now have the important job of ushering in the new potential for humanity. We are midwives and stewards of a new world.

But in order to play our part in this transition, we have to fulfill our unique roles without distortion and without being stuck in old patterns and fear. If you can imagine that the consciousness of abundance has weight and mass, we are currently “weighted” toward the lack of abundance. The more people experience personal abundance, the more the consciousness of abundance gains “weight,” and the more we move toward all people experiencing personal abundance on every level.

The work you do to discover and express your magnificent self is the most important work you can do for both yourself and the planet. When you love yourself and live a radically authentic life, you will be playing your part in the creation of a new world of sustainable peace and abundance for everyone.

Be yourself. Love yourself. You matter.