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The Collective Subcircuits

The Collective Subcircuits energy supports the creation of infrastructure for the organization of institutions such as schools, government, and scientific methodology, as well as sharing the capacity of the human experience. Collective circuitry has two subcircuits: Logic and Sensing. Each represents a very different way we can “know” things as humans. Understanding your definition in these two subcircuits can help you discover how you know what you know and ultimately learn to trust your inner knowing.

The Logic Circuit

The Collective circuitry is about sharing information that has been proven to be true through repetition over time. This is information that is vital for establishing cultural patterns, laws, and habits.

Everything that we know has been shared with us from the Collective and has been verified over time. The world is ordered and patterned by logic. Life is patterned. There is consistency, duplication, and order all contained within the Logic Circuit.

The Logic Circuit contains two motors, the Root Center and the Sacral. It is a Generator circuit, so we see within it the theme of mastery. Mastery only happens over time with repetition and correction.

If you follow the flow of the Logic Circuit from the Head around to the body graph and back to the Throat Center, you find the energies that duplicate the steps of the scientific method. The Logic Circuit starts with suspicion and doubt (“Can this be true?”), followed by inspired ideas and a hypothesis that, throughout the course of the circuitry, must be proven to be correct and patterned over time. Once the hypothesis is proven to be correct, it is shared with the Collective through leadership in the Alpha channel (7/31).


Figure 142: The Logic Circuit

The agreements we make with the Logic Circuit create the stability for building the structures that maintain society and cultural empires. For example, we collectively agree that math problems are calculated in the same way to consistently get the same answer. Because of this, we agree on how we calculate interest on debts and loans.

Observing natural patterns helps us know that we need sun, water, and good soil for food. Our understanding allows us to predict the future, to a certain degree, so that we can make choices for our survival.

We rely on logical facts. Notice that the Emotional Solar Plexus is not in the Logic Circuit. Logic is not emotional. We don't have to passionately argue for it; logic speaks for itself. The validity of logic is born of time and repetition, allowing us to be comfortable with the future. We can predict what is to come based on the patterns of the past.

There is pain in the logical process. By nature, logic has to meet with resistance first in order to be proven to be correct. You can't just get inspired and think your idea is right without proof. The logical gates in the Head and Ajna, like all mental gates in Human Design, do not have motors and therefore do not have the energy to do the work of repetition to get to mastery. What comes out of the mind are ideas that need to be proven.

The logical mind can only share opinions that are subject to validation. People with a lot of opinions are often met with resistance until they can prove themselves to be correct.

There is a beautiful perfection in logic. The perfect expression of an idea over time leads us to the joy of life. Mastery feels good. Easy and effortless mastery is joyful. But to reach mastery takes time, practice, and correction. Like a music coach who makes her student play a piece over and over again until its right, or an editor who demands rewrite after rewrite, logic demands correction and perfection.

The correction of logic is uncomfortable. Within this circuit is the energy for what feels like criticism. No one likes an opinionated, critical person. But we all love correction that leads to perfection when we ask for it.

As a Collective Circuit, Logic is interdependent by nature. You can't just prove something by yourself over time. If you are a scientist, you must rely on others for financial support for your experimentation. Accountants and editors are here to correct the financial or creative assumptions of others. And, in the end, the whole process is to be shared so we may all benefit from the information mastered and corrected over time.

Logic Circuit Channels

  • Channel 63/4: Logic
  • Channel 17/62: Acceptance
  • Channel 16/48: Talent
  • Channel 18/58: Judgment
  • Channel 9/52: Focus
  • Channel 15/5: Rhythm
  • Channel 7/31: The Alpha

A person with a lot of definition in the Logic Circuit will feel compelled to share. The key is waiting to be asked to share. It's an energetic compulsion. No one likes to wait. But the right logic shared at the right time is impactful. The right logic that is forced on others is ignored or resisted.

Channel 63/4: Logic

This is the initiating sequence of logic. If you were to trace the scientific process from its inception to completion, the 63/4 is the inspiration for the creation of a hypothesis. The Channel of Logic starts in the Head with a question, followed by a need for proof that is demonstrated throughout the rest of the circuit and eventually shared.


Figure 143: Channel 63/4—Logic

Gate 63: Doubt

Gate 4: Answers

This is a highly visual channel. It is also associated with dreaming and sometimes insanity. The pressure to prove and the ensuing suspicion can be challenging if the Head Center is undefined.

Channel 17/62: Acceptance

The Channel of Acceptance gives voice to the initiation of the Logic Circuit. This is the verbal formulation of the logical hypothesis or question. Note that this is still a question. There is no energy in the mind, just ideas. As with all things spoken from the Ajna, these ideas are projected and only heard and acted upon correctly when invited or recognized.

Hypothesis without proof is purely conjecture. Unsubstantiated ideas can be experimented with once recognized but resisted mightily when not asked for.

Gate 17: Opinions

Gate 62: Details

Logic struggles for energy. All energies within this circuit do best either in response or through recognition. Without these key activations, ideas are just words carried away on the wind.

Gate 62, like Gate 17, has ideas, but because we are now connecting to the Throat Center, the potential for access to energy improves. Gate 62 is the gate of practical, organizational answers, and people with this energy have the capacity to organize things and provide practical ways to implement the energy of Gate 17.


Figure 144: Channel 17/62—Acceptance

The flow of the 17/62 takes us from the speculation and conjecture in Gate 17 to a practical answer in Gate 62. Note that it is still only a possible answer, not  the  answer, as there is no energy or action here.

This can be a difficult energy. We like to share opinions. But not every-one wants to hear them. If you absolutely have to share your thoughts, always ask first if it's okay to share them. It can soften the impact of this energy significantly.

Channel 16/48: Talent

Here we bring the intuitive expression of logic to the Throat. Notice this channel has no direct access to energy. That means that talent and mastery have to be recognized by others when the timing is right.

Gate 16 is the energy for communicating with enthusiasm the correct expression of mastery, but only if it comes into connection with Gate 48. Without Gate 48, Gate 16 lacks the depth of mastery and intuitive correct expression.

Gate 16: Skills

Gate 48: Depth

Talent is expressed through practice over time, but it also struggles for resources and money because it has to be seen to be supported. The arts are always hungry for money and support. This is why shows and exhibitions are important for artists of all types. They have to be seen.


Figure 145: Channel 16/48—Talent

This channel represents the intuitive expression of talent blended with repetition over time. Talent is raw and undeveloped without practice. Everyone has some kind of talent. The question is, are you willing to practice to become a master? Mastery happens over time.

The energy for enthusiasm and depth is contained in this channel. There is also right timing in this channel. Do not express the depth with enthusiasm until you have practiced and achieved mastery—otherwise, you'll look silly.

Channel 18/58: Judgment

This channel can pose some serious challenges to those who carry this energy. First of all, notice that this channel is way far down in the chart and has no access to the Throat. Also notice that this is one of the energy centers in this circuit (the Root).

Gate 18: Correction

Gate 58: Joy

One of the challenges of logic is getting energy to the Throat. This is why logic is so tenuous; it has to be proven, and it is met with resistance until it stands the test of time. The Channel of Judgment is purely projected, meaning it serves best when others ask for it. It contains the intuitive and energetic ability to make things correct in order to create a perfect expression of the joy of life.

Imagine how hard it must be to watch others doing things less than perfectly when you know exactly how to make it more correct—but you can't say anything to fix it unless you are recognized or asked! This energy can be exceptionally challenging, especially if you also have the energy for opinions (Gate 17) in your chart.


Figure 146: Channel 18/58—Judgment

This energy is also exceptionally difficult for Projectors. The bottom line of this channel is that you must wait for recognition. If you do not wait, you run the risk of being perceived as critical by others, and no one likes to be criticized.

The beauty of this channel is that the correction in Gate 18 leads to Gate 58, the joy of life. When Gate 18 waits to be recognized, it clears the path for the perfected expression of the joy of life, the Root result of the logical stream.

Channel 9/52: Focus

This energy is a format energy of the Root. It pulses on or off. This is the energy for focus and concentration (or not). When the pulse is on, it adrenalizes the Sacral and things get done. When the pulse is off, it may seem challenging to learn and master.

Gate 9: Focus

Gate 52: Stillness

This channel is the beginning of the flow of energy up the middle of the chart. The logical process has been proven, and we are headed to expression through life force (the Sacral to the Throat). We are applying the logic with the collective. Remember, this is about sharing with the group the hypothesis that is true or the talent we have mastered.

The focus and concentration of the 9/52 is about learning and doing repetitively so that patterns can be established as collective behavior. This is the energy for reading about experiments in books or research journals and duplicating and applying the results in life.


Figure 147: Channel 9/52—Focus

The next three channels are about “doing” logic in groups.

Channel 15/5: Rhythm

The 15/5 is the only channel that is contained within all life forms. It is the energy of the rhythm of nature itself. If you think about the natural world, it has rhythm built into it. It is ruled by rhythm. The sun comes up every day and sets every evening. Plants grow by season. Animals have their daily routine. This is the energy of life patterns such as seasons, weather, reproduction, and genetics. People with the 15/5 need rhythm to feel secure. Rhythm gives direction to the Sacral and to work force energy.


Figure 148: Channel 15/5—Rhythm

The Channel of Rhythm is a very important energy in the chart. This is a tantric channel, a channel that gives direction (Identity) to the life force (Sacral).

Because we are unique among living things, we have more control over this energy. We can step away from natural rhythm. Electricity and other inventions of modern life have liberated us from natural rhythms, but, possibly, with consequences that will affect all of humanity.

This energy is about aligning humanity with nature. If we step away from the natural order, humanity stands a chance of suffering. The archetype of the chart begs of us to exert our free will but to remember that we are deeply tied to the natural world. We cannot override the forces of nature.

People with this energy usually have a deep connection to nature and animals, and they need this connection to find direction for their spirit. If you have this energy, going outside can often help you stay calm and clear. This is especially true for children.

The love of humanity is also located in this channel. What we see with this energy is that the fullest expression of our love for our fellow man is part of being human, and expressing that love is deeply tied to the natural world.

The Human Design chart shows us that for us to stay strong, connected, and aligned as people, we have to be fed and have adequate resources. It is natural for us to feed and shelter one another.

People with this energy also have an unusually large aura and stand out energetically. They get noticed. This is important because, ultimately, this energy is vital for the sustainability of mankind. Because this energy is so deeply tied with all mammals and nature, people with this energy can often communicate with animals, use plants and herbs, and can even have a deep tie with the elemental kingdom. This is a magical energy; the archetype of fairies, gnomes, and elves. People with this energy are often staunch environmental activists seeking to align the collective with natural order.

Gate 15: Extremes

Gate 5: Patterns

Channel 7/31: The Alpha

In this final expression of the Logic Circuit, leadership is based on mastery and repeated truths. Here we have the final expression of logic: democratic leadership. The leadership here has to be recognized, or it is not effective. This is not dictatorship or ruling by extremes. This is leadership recognized by the people based on its demonstration over time of its effectiveness.


Figure 149: Channel 7/31—The Alpha

Gates 7 and 31 have to work together. Gate 7 provides direction and support in leadership to Gate 31. Neither alone can provide leadership. Gate 31 without Gate 7 has a leader's voice but no direction; the 7 without the 31 struggles to be heard.

The ultimate expression of humanity in groups is democracy, and the 7/31 will be called out by others. This is a leadership energy that is a result of a group of people agreeing to rule themselves. If someone with the 7/31 tries to force leadership, then you have a revolution and a new regime that is not logical; it has not withstood the test of time and, consequently, has to start over with logic and “prove” itself to be effective—otherwise it will be subject to being overthrown.

Gate 7: Self in Interaction

Gate 31: Democracy

It is a profound thing to see that the highest expression of self-determination in the Collective circuitry is democracy, and it helps us understand that all people eventually want the freedom to govern themselves in a way that is egalitarian and fair. This isn't just a philosophy or a belief. Democracy is perfectly and beautifully human.

The Sensing Circuit

The Sensing Circuit is the second part of the Collective circuitry. The Sensing Circuit gets its energy from the Root, the Sacral, and the Emotional Solar Plexus. This circuit is all about telling stories about the past and incorporating new experiences into the bigger story of humanity.


Figure 150: The Sensing Circuit

The Sensing Circuit is holistic, right-brained, sensual, and experiential. Epiphanies, great understanding, aha moments, and curiosity are contained here.

Because most of this circuit is about new experiences and curiosity, there is potential for “unrooted” daydreaming and chaos if you don't follow your strategy with this circuit. Luckily, there are other circuits to ground the daydreams of the Sensing Circuit and bring the ideas generated here into form.

Even though we all contain aspects of this circuit, in Western cultures there is a bias against this circuit. We are deeply conditioned to learn in a “logical,” linear, and patterned way. People who are strongly defined with the Sensing Circuit often struggle to articulate their thoughts and to avoid the impulse to take action. (You might think of the low expression of this circuit as the “ADD circuit.”)

In truth, both kinds of thinking are necessary—logical and sensual. The experiences of the Sensing Circuit tend to flow into logic to determine if there are duplicable patterns. Sometimes with the Sensing Circuit there are patterns, while other times it's just about having an experience.

The energy in this circuit is the energy that allows an individual to push the envelope of the human experience and for all of us to use that experience and make it a part of our own story of life.

Sensing Circuit Channels

  • Channel 64/47: Abstraction
  • Channel 11/56: Curiosity
  • Channel 53/42: Maturation
  • Channel 29/46: Discovery
  • Channel 13/33: The Prodigal
  • Channel 41/30: Fantasy and Desire
  • Channel 35/36: Transitoriness

We don't have to be Olympic athletes or jump out of rockets and break the sound barrier to appreciate the courage, commitment, and spunk necessary to create these experiences. We can watch the stories on TV or read about them, and we are moved by the awareness that what one person may experience can become a possibility for all of humanity.

Channel 64/47: Abstraction

The 64/47 is the initiating energy in the Sensing Circuit. Here we see the right side of the brain at its very best. The energy of this channel starts with confusion (Gate 64). The confusion of the abstract or Sensing Circuit comes from experiencing a complex idea in a very short period of time. An abstract idea is holistic and nonlinear, but the challenge of abstraction is turning a big idea into a linear process that can be followed through on.


Figure 151: Channel 64/47—Abstraction

A second challenge of abstraction is answering the question, “How do we make this idea happen?” An inspiration can seem difficult and challenging without the step-by-step sequence of how to bring it into form. What's the point of having a big dream if it seems impossibly big? Mental defeat and negative thinking, the low expression of “possibility thinking” are also sourced in this channel.

Gate 64: Confusion

Gate 47: Realization

In order for the big ideas of channel 64/47 to come to fruition, the mind-set of possibility and the willingness to wait for the passing of confusion are vital. The 64/47 can be marvelously open to miracles when they understand that the “how” will be delivered when the timing is correct, and no amount of forced thinking will bring it forth.

Channel 11/56: Curiosity

The inspiration of the Sensing Circuit is expressed through the Channel of Curiosity, the 11/56. Unlike its counterpart, the Logic Circuit, the Sensing Circuit is not about facts or data. This is the channel of storytelling and the energy for seeking (and not always necessarily finding).


Figure 152: Channel 11/56—Curiosity

People who have this channel need to understand that there are no answers, only the stories of their experience. This circuit is about the process of living life, not about finding answers or patterns.

It is crucial to remember that this is a projected channel. The stories and ideas of the 11/56 are best heard when invited. Sometimes people with this energy forget to wait for the invitation or recognition and can push others away with their stories or metaphors.

Gate 11: Ideas

Gate 56: The Storyteller

This is energy that is designed to be shared with others. If you have this energy defined, it's tempting to think that all your ideas belong to you and to go out and try to make them happen. If you do that, you'll only end up frustrated and burned out. Share your ideas and stories with those who ask you about them. When you wait to share, then all your ideas are put into action by the people who need your ideas, and you get rewards for sharing!

Channel 53/42: Maturation

Some of us are here to start things. Some of us are here to finish things. And some of us can complete the entire task at hand. This is the energy that starts the pulse of an experience. Contained within this channel is the energy for beginnings and ends.


Figure 153: Channel 53/42—Maturation

It is a Generated channel. Because the Sensing Circuit is all about having an experience in order to learn, entering into the right experience is something that must be done in response. When you enter into an experience correctly, you will have the right energy to start and finish it, or you will respond to having an experience with the right people who will bring you the correct energy.

While Gate 53 struggles to finish, Gate 42 struggles to get started. Together, the 53/42 makes a great energy for getting things done, but without responding, both energies can get stuck, which can cause frustration. If you are not waiting to respond, you will not have the energy to start or finish an experience. Because collectively we place a lot of value on being a “self-starter” or someone who “finishes the job,” there can be a lot of judgment on people who do not use this energy correctly.

Gate 53: Starting Things

Gate 42: Finishing Things

Channel 29/46: Discovery

The Channel of Discovery is sometimes called “the channel of succeeding where others fail, and failing where others succeed.” People who carry this energy have the capacity through perseverance, determination, and sheer hard work to be successful. And they make it look easy, even though they've worked hard to create it.


Figure 154: Channel 29/46—Discovery

Because they make it look easy, people assume that the 29/46 doesn't put much effort into things and that they are somehow lucky. And, truthfully, they can be lucky. The 29/46 is designed to be in the right place at the right time in response. But you can not underestimate the amount of preparation that went into getting positioned in the right place in the first place.

Because of its tendency to get noticed by others, many people with this channel will struggle to turn down their light to appear “normal.” But this requires them to shut down an enormous amount of energy. Remember, the Sacral is the most powerful motor in the body.

Gate 29: Perseverance

Gate 46: Love of Body

The 29/46 is also about failing where others succeed. The 29/46 can fail miserably at being normal, as they are designed to be exceptional.

The 29/46 is about having a physical experience. It is a tantric channel. Commitment in Gate 29 leads to Gate 46, the love of body. The 29/46 has a deep intuitive knowing that the body is a vehicle for the soul and that life is an experience to be enjoyed profoundly in the body. This brings the energy for sensuality, dance, yoga, or any movement.

When the 29/46 is responding, the body is full of zest and life. When it is not living its strategy, then we see body distortion. The body knows when the soul is out of alignment, and when the Sacral is not given expression with this channel we may see strange body problems, such as scoliosis or other progressive body disruptions.

Channel 13/33: The Prodigal

The Channel of the Prodigal is one of the expressive channels of the Sensing Circuit. Rooted in life experience, the Channel of the Prodigal is the mirror of the 11/56, the Channel of Curiosity, which is based on thoughts and ideas.

Channel 13/33 is the true storyteller, the one who shares the tale of the journey and uses the lessons gained to give direction.

In this channel we have the energy for keeping a history of the past. People with this channel often love history. They may make scrapbooks, or chronicle the journeys that have come before in another way. People with this energy are often the keepers of the traditions in their family. If this energy is missing in a family, they can sometimes struggle to have consistent family traditions.

Gate 13: The Listener

Gate 33: Privacy

This channel gives us the energy for listening and then guiding, if asked. This is the energy of the witness and the direction-giver. It's a nice energy to have if you are a coach or a therapist.


Figure 155: Channel 13/33—The Prodigal

In its highest expression, the Channel of the Prodigal looks back and remembers, keeping the history of life's experience alive. In its lowest expression, it gets stuck in the past, always looking over its shoulder, worrying that the past will repeat itself. Because this channel connects the Identity to the Throat, it is also vulnerable to the judgment and criticism of others.

Channel 41/30: Fantasy and Desire

The Channel of Fantasy and Desire is a powerful energy in the chart. This channel is actually the energy that starts the Human Design year. And though it is an enormously creative energy, it is not located any-where near the mind. In other words, the energy that gives us the push to create something new requires a different kind of force from thinking. We can think thoughts all day—we all do. But thinking is very different from doing. The Channel of Fantasy and Desire is actually about doing something new, not just thinking about it.

Gate 41: Fantasy

Gate 30: Desire

This channel is very intense, and burnout is rooted here. Usually people with this energy burn out other people, but occasionally they can burn out themselves, too.

When this energy shows up in a chart, it makes everything else in the chart more intense. It amps up the whole personality.

The 41/30 channel has to be used correctly. Even though its energy is fiery and intense, it is located way at the bottom of the chart, which means it has to wait for the right timing to express itself correctly.


Figure 156: Channel 41/30—Fantasy and Desire.

People with this energy can be powerful dreamers who bring to the world stories of new experiences and adventures. Or they can be living in a constant state of chaos, leaping into the wrong adventure and hurting themselves and others. Because this is an emotional channel rooted in the Root Center, people with this energy have to wait for clarity before they act. True creativity is a thoughtful, deliberate process, not a wild shot in the dark.

The theme of fantasy in this channel often inspires fantasy in those influenced by this energy. If you have this energy in your chart, other people will often have fantasy conversations with you that they will swear truly took place. It's important that when you have this energy you be sure to communicate clearly. Always make sure the other person really understands what you just said and isn't spinning fantasies around what they think they heard.

In its highest expression, this channel is extremely creative, passionate, and innovative. It has the power to set the world on fire with its intensity and drive. Waiting until it's the right time to express this initiating energy is crucial.

Channel 35/36: Transitoriness

The energies in this channel have two big challenges: boredom and feeling jaded. These challenges can create restless energy that can make someone look or feel as if they are jumping all over the place.


Figure 157: Channel 35/36—Transitoriness

Of course, this is an expressive, emotional channel, with a direct connection from the Emotional Solar Plexus to the Throat Center. Any time we have the Emotional Solar Plexus defined, we know there is some kind of waiting involved.

The Channel of Transitoriness waits for the right time to act on the right desire to have the right new experience. When the timing is on, then we have something new and exciting to add to the story of humanity. These are the stories that regale us, entertain us, and expand our understanding of the human experience. These stories can be emotional, poignant, and ultimately inspire us in every way.

But there is also impulsive and crazy energy living in this channel. Desires that are expressed without waiting for correct timing can sometimes be hurtful, dangerous, and destructive. Of course, stories are told from the dark side of this energy, too. When someone with this energy becomes bored or jaded, they can create chaos by leaping into things or by yanking up stakes and jumping into a new lifestyle. This is restlessness that is always seeking the next new thing until it gets bored with the newness.

Gate 35: Change

Gate 36: Crisis

Of course, with maturity, we make better choices about what to leap into. The name of the game is to wait until it feels right to act. And let others know what you're up to.

The subcircuits and channels in the charts help you discover the themes that play out in your life and show you how you care, what you care about, and what you're here to share with the world. This deeper journey into understanding yourself can empower you to make new choices in your life that reflect the truth of who you are. As new opportunities present themselves, you now have a whole new level of self-awareness that can help you create a life that is much more in alignment with what you really want and need.