Dating Capricorn Woman

You think you’re in-love to a Capricorn Woman born under the sign of Capricorn and you want to know about her attitudes and wants. This information will help you gain insight about your Capricorn Woman.

Shortly we will get into some details about dating and having a relationship with a Capricorn Woman born under the Capricorn sign. Capricorns are strong and dependable types of people. A very practical one and always wants to be successful in every action they will make.

Knowing your Capricorn Woman well is beneficial to you so you will always know how to handle her especially in difficult times. Learn what’s her positive and negative attitude and you will be guided by them.

Positive Traits





Negative Traits





Beware of these attitudes and learn how to handle the situation when these attitudes start to arise. It is a plus if she can see that you can manage her during difficult times.

Asking Her Out

When you decided to ask her to go out make sure you already know what she likes when on a date. A Capricorn Woman is ambitious in nature so appeal to this side of her. Catch her attention by talking about her profession and future goals, in this you will surely gain some confidence to ask her out. Ask her the right way, like professional moves, be like her real lover and she will surely be impressed.

Your First Date

On your first date, you can take her to a bowling alley or to any places that offer some competition since a Capricorn Woman enjoys events and places that promote competition. Just make sure it matches her taste. Let her win in some games since she can be upset when losing no matter how friendly the game is. Remember always acts as a professional and appeal to her ambitious nature. Also you can give her a present like jewelry or an organizer that can help her manage things at work to climb up her professional ladder.

After The First Date

Capricorn women are slow and careful in love so be patient and give her enough time for this. Continue sending her messages saying some sweet thoughts of yours. Don’t flirt. Physical appearance matters to a Capricorn Woman so visit her house as often as you can and build a good relationship with her parents if possible. She is a family-oriented person and very sensitive to it.


Capricorn women are realistic by nature and have a strong personality. This combination of attitudes makes a real Capricorn Woman. She hates wasting time for useless conversation or work. So don’t bother if she starts to talk to you without any greetings from her at all. She always has big goals in life; a Capricorn Woman only sees the dreams that can turn into reality. She is the type of person who solves a problem in the shortest period of time. As her man, remind yourself that flowers are not so important instead, present her with a discount coupon for groceries or a salon instead.


A Capricorn Woman has a helping hand for others. You can stand on her when times get rough. Her willingness to help is what makes her more lovable. It feels so good when you see your girlfriend helping others for good right? She can be involved in a charity and she will have at least one cause to help. It’s a plus point if you can show her your support in her doings. She’ll be happy to be appreciated. To appeal to this nature give her some gifts with a lasting value.


Symbolized by a mountain goat, a Capricorn Woman strives for the top, slowly but surely and eventually reaches there. She works firmly and likes to finish a job as fast as she can. She can put hours in a single project and work on it quietly with ease because she knows that the reward will be worth it. Love is not her priority but work and money are. So do not try to argue if she cancels a date to put more hours of work in at the office. Understand her instead, have a clear understanding of her behaviors when it comes to work and relationships.


A female Capricorn has flawless etiquettes. Just like a goat, she is shy and conservative. She has a good sense of elegance and conventional looks. From the outside looking in she looks so calm and balanced. But like other Capricorn Woman, her mood swings like a pendulum as well. She’s a kind of person which prefers ageless materials. Being practical and conservative is a major attribute of a real Capricorn. It’s a good strategy if you could appreciate her doings and support it. Any antique jewelry or fresh-water pearl earrings are welcome and can wow her and adds a plus point for you when it comes to gifts.


Pessimism brews in a female Capricorn when things don’t work well. They become depressed and start thinking negative.It doesn’t matter if it’s at work or in a relationship, if things go out of her plans and when jealousy sets in. Some people think they are boring and negative thinkers; it can be because they work hard and don’t have time for relaxation and some happiness in life. You can treat her pessimism by letting her realize the good opportunities she is losing, the good feeling when you think that “everything will be fine” instead of the “what if’s” in her mind. Stretch her imagination so she can think of more options for several situations to avoid thinking negative.


She can become judgmental about people and things at times. “Capricious” others called them. But this happens only when they think negatively or during difficult times. I don’t think you have to deal with it cause no one will convince her that her point of view is wrong. Accept her manner instead. When you learn to accept that manner the way people wants to accept you, you’ll have the key to your issue. She will just laugh at you in your face and criticize you even more the next time so just simply ignore it. This is the best way to deal with the judgmental side of a Capricorn.


Soft as a marshmallow, a Capricorn Woman can easily get hurt and remember it over months. Like a cry-baby, she will let her tears flow to comfort her own self. She’s very emotional when getting hurt and will take time for healing. It is advisable not to tease a Capricorn Woman cause she might take it literally and get hurt. She feels depressed when someone misjudges or treats her bad. She hates being laughed at, as she feels very weak. A man with a very good sense of security that can give her this is the right one for her.


You may find your Capricorn Woman as a very conventional person, a normal type in the community because of her family-oriented nature but a female Capricorn can easily fit into any type of category. Her strong personality can make a way for her to get to the top. You will never see her beautiful like other girls in the town but her abilities are what make her standout. Her homely feature is some men look for in their future wife. A female Capricorn wants a man that could give her security and appreciates her every doing in the relationship. A slow, romantic and sincere courtship is just right to win her heart, once you own her you will see the fruit of having a Capricorn girlfriend.

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