Dating Cancer Woman

A Cancer Woman as her astrological sign will want to take good care of her significant other, as she has a tendency to want to nurture. She is also likely to be an imaginative dreamer who sometimes gets very emotional, especially about relationships with other people.

A Cancer Woman does not want to have any bad feelings with others and will seek to smooth things out. She is someone you can have fun with and depend on to make sure you are comfortable.At the same time, she can grow dependent on you very quickly. A date with a Cancer is likely to involve discussions about goals and dreams, so be ready to share yours and listen to hers.

While a Cancer can sometimes be moody, her moods never last very long because she gets too busy caring for others to worry about her own feelings. Here is a list of the most common traits held by a Cancer.

Positive Traits


Negative Traits


When dating a Cancer, you want to make sure to be familiar with all her personality traits so you can develop a very positive connection with her.

Asking Her Out

Remember that a Cancer is usually shy and humble, so she will not usually make the first move. You should approach her in a gentle way, being sure not to come on too strong. Approach her with a question or small problem for her to help you solve, and her nurturing side will take over. She may be too humble to talk about herself a lot, but you should be able to draw it out of her by asking about her dreams. She will be glad if you keep this first conversation going because it will be hard for her until she gets to know you better.

Your First Date

Your Cancer date will be dependent on you for planning this first date due to her shy and dependent nature. Don’t expect that to be true for long. She will come out of her shell pretty quickly if you connect well with her. Plan to go somewhere quiet with subtle lighting so you can have a very good conversation and be relaxed. She will enjoy activities like a trip to an art museum or botanical garden with lunch in a garden setting. Use this quiet opportunity to talk about your hopes and dreams for the future and she is sure to chime in with hers as well.

After The First Date

After what has hopefully been a wonderful first date with a Cancer, you should start to let her nurturing side take over from her shy side. A great second date idea is to cook a meal together at home, preferably her place because there she is likely to be less shy and dependent.Here is a summary of her strengths and weaknesses along with tips about how to use them to get to know her better along with suggestions for gifts that she would really enjoy.


Most females who have the astrological sign of Cancer will wear their hearts on their sleeves, crying at sad movies and singing along cheerfully with happy songs. Be aware that many triggers can set off her emotions, and most of the time you are not the cause. Get to know what triggers her emotions and be ready to hug her when she is sad and grab her hand for a quick dance around the room when she is happy. Show your support and empathy by stating that you can understand what she is feeling without any joking about her emotional state. It is actually very nice that she shows her emotions easily so you will not have to do any guessing about what she is feeling. Very nice gifts for the emotional Cancer are CD collections of classical music or Christmas songs as well as a calendar with inspirational messages.


Once you have connected with a Cancer, she will want to take care of your needs, from food to running errands for you, so you will be a very lucky man. Be sure to make sure you go out of your way to assist her whenever you can, because she will probably not ask for help very often. Let her know you appreciate what she does for you by surprising her with small gifts that she can use for nurturing others, like a new or popular cookbook or fragrant scented massage oils.


A Cancer Woman is not egotistical or prone to tooting her own horn, so you may need to work hard to find out how talented she is. Her positive qualities are likely to reveal themselves slowly and not through her – you may need to get to know some of her friends and family better to find out her secrets. She does not need you to try and impress her either. A Cancer will enjoy hot dogs on the street as much as dinner in a five star restaurant. Gifts that the humble side of a Cancer will enjoy most are things that she can actually use like a stationary set or vegetable starter plants that she can nurture.


You can be sure that a Cancer Woman enjoys fantasy books and movies and has an imaginative side that can make her a lot of fun to spend time with. When she is relaxed enough around you to talk freely, her ideas and plans will be original and fantastic. Let her use her imagination to plan an adventure for you to go on with her; it is likely that plans she makes will be unlike any you would ever have alone. Take advantage of her imagination to come up with novel ideas you can use in renovating your home or in projects at work. She can really use her imagination in art of cooking classes you can sign up to take together. Gifts of antique household items that she can restore would be perfect for a Cancer.


A Cancer Woman can be very dependent on others for support and for an outlet for her nurturing side. A little dependency is great for bonding, but if she is too dependent you can feel smothered. Make sure you let her know you are there to support her so she will not feel insecure, but be sure to give her choices to make and do not let her become too dependent. This dependency can be a good balance to her nurturing, as it gives others a chance to watch over her for a change. When you do have the chance to return a favor because she has helped you so much, do so by giving her the gift of your time to help her repair something in her home or take her car in for maintenance.


Cancer Woman sign tend to be quite shy, so you need to make an effort to get to know them. Be careful not to mistake shyness for disinterest and be sure to make her feel comfortable by keeping a conversation going if she seems at a loss for words. Make your questions to her open-ended so the conservation won’t stall with a simple yes or no answer. Pay careful attention to her likes and dislikes so you can ask her about things she can easily open up about. Take advantage of pauses in the conservation brought about by shyness for nonverbal communication like holding her hand or putting your arm around her shoulder. Nice gifts for the shy side of a Cancer include books of romantic poetry or sweet treats like a fancy cupcake.


Mood shifts from giddy to a little down are defining characteristics of a Cancer Wiman. Her shyness can combine with a depressed mood to make her seem extremely quiet and withdrawn, so when you see her in such a mood be sure to recognize it. She will not stay on either end of the spectrum too long, so stick with her as she goes back to a more even keel. A few positive words from you is all she should need to break out of the blues, and you can also be a calming influence when she gets too excited. Do not mention any word with “mood” in it to her – there is no surer way to put her in a bad mood. Remain a steady rock for her to cling to when she is not as steady.No matter what kind of mood she is in, she will enjoy receiving aromatherapy gifts like scented candles and potpourri.


A Cancer Woman sometimes needs to be gently brought back down to Earth from her dream states. She loves to daydream, and also usually remembers more nighttime dreams than your average person. She has big hopes and goals, both short-term and long-term.Hopefully you share some of the same dreams with her, so you can spend countless hours exploring the possibilities. Most of her dreams are of finding happiness and sharing good times with other people rather than those directed at becoming wealthy or getting material possessions. These are the kind of dreams that are fun to share and that can really make a difference in the world, so join in with her.Gifts directed at dreams should be abstract and not necessarily practical, like hand-woven decorative baskets with unusual shapes or stained glass window ornaments.


When you start to date a Cancer Woman, you will notice right away how concerned she is about your happiness and comfort level, so let her nurture you and enjoy the pampering. A true Cancer is humble and won’t brag no matter how successful she is, so you may need to work on getting her to talk about herself. You are also likely to observe some mood swings and see her laugh and cry in the same day. Her emotional swings can be extreme but do not last long, so be patient and support her without criticizing when she is emotional. A Cancer may be shy, so you need to make some effort to get her attention.She has a vivid imagination and loves dreaming, and this can make quiet time spent together very enjoyable so be sure to spend some time in front of a fireplace sipping hot chocolate and sharing dreams.

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