A challenging year ahead, Cancer, but you’ve been through even more challenging times; 2016 was arguably more challenging than the coming year. You got through that, and you will get through the year ahead. It’s important to understand that the universe never gives us more than we can handle. If challenges are given it means that you can handle them. The challenge itself is the measure of your abilities. Also understand that challenges – difficulties – are not bad. They’re perhaps not pleasant, but they bring growth and strength.

There is good news here too this year. Things will get easier after March 7, as Uranus leaves his stressful aspect with you.

Health needs more watching this year and we will discuss this later.

The love life is very challenging this year. Complicated. Serious relationships will get tested. Singles are not likely to marry. Things will improve in this department, however, after December 3 when benevolent Jupiter moves into your 7th house of love.

Jupiter spends most of the year in your 6th house. Thus you are a hot item in the job market. Happy opportunities are coming your way.

Usually we get two solar eclipses in a year, but this year we will have three. This signals that there is more financial change and disruption than usual. You will need to make more course corrections than usual.

Uranus has been in your 10th house for the past seven years, causing great instability in the career and producing many career changes. On March 7 he leaves this house and moves into the 11th. The career should thus become more stable, with fewer shocks and surprises.

Neptune has been in your 9th house for some years now and he will be there for many more to come. Thus your religious, theological and philosophical beliefs are becoming ‘spiritualized’ – more refined. You are approaching religion in a whole different way.

Your most important interests this year are health and work (until December 3); love and romance; religion, theology, higher education and foreign travel; career (until March 7); and friends, groups and group activities (from March 7 onwards).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year will be health and work (until December 3); love and romance (from December 3 onwards); and the body and image.


(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both of these perspectives were identical. But now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Health, as we mentioned, needs watching this year. Three powerful planets are in stressful aspect with you at the start of the year; after March 7 there will be two. But these two – Saturn and Pluto – are powerful planets – not powers to be trifled with.

The good news here is that your 6th house of health is strong and this indicates focus. You’re on the case. You’re taking care of things. You’re open to healthy lifestyles and regimes. It would be much more dangerous if the 6th house was empty. That would show lack of attention.

Stressful aspects don’t mean sickness per se. It only means greater vulnerability. More work and effort is needed to maintain good health. If you put in the work – and it seems that you will – you should avoid most problems.

As always, the first line of defence is high energy levels. Make sure to get enough rest. Keep your focus on the essentials in your life and let go of trivialities and side issues. Take a business-like approach to your energy. Invest it for greatest return and don’t fritter it away.

Important foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Try to massage all of the foot on a regular basis – the top of the foot as well as the bottom – but pay extra attention to the points highlighted on the chart. When you massage, be aware of ‘sore spots’ as these need special attention. It’s also a good idea to massage the ankles and below them.

Cancer Horoscope Reflexology

There is more good news. Health can be enhanced by giving more attention to the following areas – the vulnerable areas in the Horoscope (reflexology points are shown in the chart above):

  • The heart has been important for some years now and is even more important in the year ahead. The important thing with the heart is to avoid worry and anxiety – the two emotions that stress it out. Cultivate faith. (Worry can be defined as lack of faith.)
  • The stomach and breasts are always important for you, Cancer, as is diet. What you eat is important, but how you eat is perhaps just as important. Do your best to elevate the act of eating – to elevate it in vibration. Make it an act of worship. Express thanks for the food. Bless it. Both the food and your digestive system will respond.
  • The liver and thighs are two other important areas for the Cancerian. Regular thigh massage should be part of your normal health regime, and a herbal liver cleanse every now and then – especially when you feel under the weather – might be a good idea.
  • The spine, knees, teeth, skin and overall skeletal alignment will become important later on in the year – after December 3. Your health planet, Jupiter, will move into Capricorn which rules these areas. Regular back and knee massage will be good (the lower back will be strengthened by thigh massage, as well as liver). Good dental hygiene becomes more important than usual. Therapies such as Alexander Technique, Rolfing and Feldenkrais will be beneficial, and yoga and Pilates are also good for the spine.

When overall energy is lowered – because of planetary stress – pre-existing conditions often flare up and seem to get worse. The body lacks the energy to control them. So, as we mentioned, make sure to get enough rest.

Jupiter, your health planet, spends almost all year in a Fire sign. Thus you have a good connection to the healing powers of the Fire element. Plain old sunshine is a healing tonic. If you feel under the weather, get out in the Sun and absorb the rays. Heat-oriented therapies are powerful this year – things like saunas, steam rooms and hot baths (as hot as you can take them). The hotter climates are better healthwise than the colder ones.

It is one thing to have a few long-term planets arrayed against you, but if they are joined by the short-term planets, the stress is greatly magnified. Those periods require more rest and more attention to health than usual. This year these vulnerable periods are: January 1 to January 20; March 20 to April 19; and September 23 to October 22. We will discuss this more fully in the monthly reports.

Home and Family

Home and family are always important to the Cancerian. That’s what life is all about – creating, nurturing and protecting the family. This is still the case this year (and will always be), but to a lesser extent than usual. Even the strongest interests have their rhythms. They wax and wane like the Moon, your planetary ruler. This year, with your 4th house of home and family basically empty (only short-term planets will move through there), you’re in a waning home and family phase. The marriage, love life, friendships seem far more important these days.

The empty 4th house can be read as a good thing. It often indicates contentment with the status quo. You have no need to make dramatic changes. You can, if you like, but there’s no pressing need. It tends towards stability. However, if family problems do arise, lack of attention can be the cause and you’ll have to start paying more attention here.

Venus, a fast-moving planet, is your family planet. During the year she moves through all the signs and houses of your chart, and in fact this year she will move through some signs twice – she is moving faster than usual this year. Thus there are many short-term family trends depending on where Venus is and the aspects she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

With Venus as your family planet, the home tends to be a social centre as well as a home. You tend to entertain a lot from your home and with family. Venus is not only your family planet, but also the ruler of your 11th house of friends; thus there is a tendency to consider friends as part of the family and to treat them that way.

If you’re planning major renovations or repairs (or planning to build a house) October 4 to November 19 is a good time. If you’re planning cosmetic kinds of decoration – painting the house or buying art objects for the home – September 14 to October 23 will be a good time.

A parent or parent figure in your life can move later in the year. (It can also happen next year.) He or she will be very prosperous in 2020. The other parent or parent figure will enjoy good career success after December 3. He or she has been restless for some years now and seems to be settling down. The marriage of the parents or parent figures – if it survived the past seven years – will become more stable.

Siblings or sibling figures in your life are likely to move this year. They also have good fortune in the purchase or sale of a home. If siblings or sibling figures are of childbearing age, they will be more fertile than usual.

Children and children figures are prospering this year. A move is more likely after December 3 (or next year) than earlier in the year.

Finance and Career

Though this is not well known, Cancer tends to wealth. Some of the richest people have been Cancerians (John D. Rockefeller, the first billionaire, comes to mind but there are many others). This is because the financial planet, the Sun, occupies your sign at birth. Cancerians have excellent financial skills and instincts. So this area is always important to you, but this year less so than normal – your money house is basically empty.

Generally the empty money house is a sign of contentment. There’s no need to make financial changes. The tendency is to the status quo. But this year could be different. As was mentioned, three solar eclipses this year will shake up the financial life and produce dramatic changes. In addition there will a lunar eclipse on January 21 that occurs in your money house, and also affects finance. The financial life is subject to four eclipses this year. This is twice as many as usual.

In a way this is good (but not necessarily pleasant). The financial landscape is a constantly shifting and changing thing. Hot companies can cool down very quickly. Booming industries can go bust rather quickly. Technology, government regulations and the like can change things. Strategies that were good under one set of circumstances are not good under a different set. So, having periodic course corrections in the financial life is good and necessary. In your case the cosmos – through its tough love – forces the issue. This year, course correction is an ongoing thing.

With the Sun as your financial planet, you have a natural affinity for residential real estate, hotels, restaurants, the food business and family businesses. You also have an affinity for both gold and silver, the commodities. Electric utilities, power companies, entertainment companies – industries that cater to youth – are all interesting to you.

Since the Sun is a fast-moving planet, in the course of the year moving through every sector of your Horoscope, there are many short-term trends in finance that depend on where the Sun is and the aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

In general you will have strong financial periods from March 20 to April 19; July 23 to August 22; and December 22 to December 31.

With Uranus moving out of your 10th house on March 7, the career is going to be less hectic and more stable. Perhaps a bit more boring. But boring is the price we pay for stability. Authority figures in your life also seem more stable. This year their instability happens in their financial lives.

With the relatively fast-moving Mars as your career planet there are many short-term trends in the career that are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Love and Social Life

A complicated and challenging area this year, Cancer. Last year was the same story and the saga is continuing. Saturn has been in your 7th house of love since December 21, 2017 and he will remain there for all the year ahead. In addition, Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, has also been in your 7th house for many years.

Cancerians by nature don’t like divorce. Family is sacrosanct. If you see a Cancerian who has been divorced you can rest assured that things were very bad. Extremely bad. They will do almost anything to hang on to a marriage and keep things together. Yet, there have probably been divorces (and widowings) over the past ten years. And this year there is more testing going on.

There are various scenarios shown in the Horoscope. Existing relationships seem the most threatened. They are getting ‘stress tested’ to reveal hidden flaws that can then be corrected. If the relationship is fundamentally sound, it can actually get better when the flaws are seen and corrected. But the unsound ones are likely to fail.

Stress testing has other benefits. When things are good, when harmony prevails, we don’t know if love is real. Love is just natural in those conditions. It is only under difficult conditions that we learn the depth of our love.

Since the cosmos wants the best for you, it tests you.

As we mentioned, relationships were tested last year too, but this year the stress testing seems even more severe. This year, in addition to Saturn in your 7th house, there will also be three eclipses in that house, to add to the drama. Saturn in a sign can be considered like a long-drawn-out two-year eclipse. But now three short-term eclipses add more intensity.

For singles, marriage is not advisable this year. Singles will be dating, but not as much as usual. Saturn is urging quality over quantity. Better fewer dates but good ones than hosts of mediocre dates. Singles will have relationships, but they don’t seem very happy or romantic. There are at least three this year. The third one, which will happen late in the year, has possibilities.

One of the problems with Saturn in the 7th house is that one is tempted to relationships of convenience, rather than real love. Singles will certainly have these kinds of opportunities.

Social and romantic opportunities happen in the usual places this year – at parties, gatherings, resorts and places of entertainment. Singles are attracted to older, more settled kinds of people; people who can provide security and steadiness. Business people seem most alluring.

Those involved with Cancer romantically need to be careful of being over-controlling. Cancerians can see you this way even if you’re not trying to be. You need to bend over backwards to avoid this. Also, work to show more love and warmth.

We see a similar story with your friendships – though not as severe. Uranus is moving into your 11th house of friends on March 7 and will be there for many years. So, friendships are getting tested. There is much social instability. A lot of this instability is not your fault. Friends are undergoing dramatic, life-changing events of their own. Some are having surgery or near-death kinds of experiences. The testing is coming from that – not you. The good news here is that you can meet new friends suddenly and unexpectedly. It can happen anytime, in any place. The friends that you do make are unconventional, interesting and exciting: scientists, technology geeks, astronomers, astrologers and inventors.Run-of-the-mill is a social turn-off these days.

Those of you in or working on the second marriage have an easier time. But romance will really improve after December 3.


Neptune, the most spiritual of planets, has been in your 9th house for many years now, and will be there for many more years to come. So, you are undergoing a long-term process with regard to your religious and philosophical beliefs: they are being spiritualized, elevated. This kind of thing can never happen overnight. It takes time – and this is what is going on here.

The 9th house can be considered the most important house in the Horoscope. It shows our personal religion, our personal philosophy of life.

It is our philosophy that determines our world view, and which will determine our emotional reactions. Emotional reactions – moods and feelings – are caused by a person’s interpretation of an event. And what determines a given interpretation? Philosophy.

People experience problems in life. Sometimes they are related to love or finances or health. But these problems are only masks for the real problem, which is always theological. Here is the root. These problems are revealing a theological deficiency, and to correct them at their root an adjustment to the theology is needed.

So events in the 9th house – which is happening for you – will have profound effects on every department of life. You are being called to elevate and correct your theology.

Neptune in the 9th house shows a need to explore the mystical traditions of your native religion. Every religion has a mystical tradition (often now buried under masses of humanly created rules and regulations), and yours is no different. Getting in touch with this is an important interest these days. It will pay dividends in many areas of your life.

The other important spiritual lesson this year is learning to deal with social instability – and not just to deal with it but to be comfortable with it. Uranus will be in your 11th house for many years to come. Embrace the instability. Learn to enjoy it.

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