Cancer Horoscope 2018

The year ahead is best described as a ‘bittersweet’ kind of year. Jupiter in the sign of Scorpio brings many happy events – more money, more fun in life, optimism and personal creativity. But Saturn’s move into Capricorn late last year says ‘hold on a minute, you’ve got real responsibilities, you can’t just be having a good time’. Your challenge will be to enjoy your life while handling all your responsibilities – and there may be a few extra ones this year.

Pluto has been in your 7th house of love since January 2008. This has caused great changes in your love and social life. There have been many a divorce and separations during these past ten years. Spiritually speaking, you’re giving birth to the social life of your dreams: your ideal love and social life. This always involves purging the old and effete. Usually these are inner attitudes and beliefs but often it manifests in outer ways as well, such as the death of old relationships and the beginning of new ones. Now that Saturn has moved into your 7th house these new relationships will get ‘stress tested’. Only the good ones will survive. More on this later.

Cancer Horoscope 2018

Uranus has been in your 10th house of career for the past seven years, which has brought multiple career changes to many of you. In some cases the career changes involved your industry or company. In others it involved your approach to the career. And sometimes it brought actual career changes – lawyers became talk-show hosts; doctors started writing blogs or entering online businesses – things of this nature. Uranus will still be in your 10th house for some of this year, but he leaves it between May and November and next year he will move out for good. So there is more stability happening in the career. A greater sense of security. Again, there is more on this later.

Uranus’s move into your 11th house from May 16 to November 6 will test many of your friendships. Over the next seven years your whole social circle will be changed and radically different.

Neptune has been in your 9th house of religion, education and ideas for some years now and he will be there for many more to come. This indicates a spiritualizing of your religious and philosophical beliefs. Many of you will be exploring the mystical side of the religion you were brought up in.

On November 8, Jupiter will move into your 6th house, his own sign and house. Thus he is very powerful. This brings happy job opportunities – very nice ones. It will bring good news on the health front as well. More on this later.

Your most important interests this year are fun, children and creativity (until November 8); health and work (from November 8 onwards); love and romance; foreign travel, higher education and religion; and career (from January 1 to May 16 and from November 6 to December 31).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are fun, creativity and children (until November 8); health and work (from November 8 onwards); finance (until November 17); and the body, image and personal pleasure (from November 17 onwards).

Health 2018

(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both of these perspectives were identical. But now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

per se – it only means that more work, more attention, needs to be given to your health. It’s not just something to take for granted.

Until November 8, your 6th house will generally be empty, with only short-term planets passing through it. So there is a tendency toward ‘lack of attention’. You will have to force yourself to concentrate on health.

The good news, as our regular readers know, is that much can be done to enhance the health and prevent problems from developing. Give more attention to the following – the vulnerable areas in your Horoscope this year (the reflex points are shown below):

  • The heart. This area became important in 2008 and will be important for many more years to come. Since many spiritual healers affirm that worry (i.e. lack of faith) is a prime root cause of heart problems, it is good to cultivate faith.
  • how you eat can be just as important. The act of eating needs to be elevated from mere animal appetite to an act of worship. Bless your food. Give thanks for it. Say grace (in your own words) before and after meals. Have soothing music playing when you eat. This will change the energy vibrations of both the food and your digestive system; the food will be digested better and you’ll get only the highest and best qualities from what you eat.
  • The liver and thighs. These too are very important for the Cancerian, as Jupiter, the ruler of these areas, is your health planet. Thighs should be regularly massaged, and a herbal liver cleanse every now and then – especially if you feel under the weather – is a good idea.
  • The colon, bladder and sexual organs. These have only become important recently – since last October – although they continue to be important until November 8. Safe sex and sexual moderation are crucial these days. There should be neither too much nor too little. Listen to the body and not the mind. The body will tell you when enough is enough. A herbal colon cleanse every now and then is a good idea.

Your health planet Jupiter’s position in the sign of Scorpio shows a tendency to surgery. You sort of see it as the ‘quick’ solution to a health problem. But keep in mind that Scorpio also rules detoxification and often this will do the same job (though it does take somewhat longer). You respond well to detoxes this year.

Jupiter in your 5th house of fun and creativity indicates a need to ‘stay happy’. Watch the moods (Cancerians are very moody). Avoid depression like the plague. Keep the creative juices flowing. A creative hobby would be fun and therapeutic these days.

Home and Family 2018

Home and family are always important to you, but the intensity of this feeling is less than usual this year. Your house of home and family is basically empty: only short-term planets will move through there this year.

Many of you have moved or refurbished the home in the past two years. Your family circle has expanded as well. This year you seem well content here and have no need to make major changes. It is a year that favours the status quo.

Cancerians of childbearing age were unusually fertile last year, and this trend continues in the year ahead. A pregnancy wouldn’t be a surprise.

This year, your focus is more on your children (or the children figures in your life) rather than other family members. You get on well with them. They seem to bring great happiness and joy. They also seem very prosperous – living on a higher than usual standard – and inclined to travel as well. They seem like ‘happy campers’.

Major renovations or repairs to the home don’t seem likely this year (though the short-term planets and your personal Horoscope, cast for you, could modify this). But if you are repainting or re-arranging the furniture – beautifying the home in a cosmetic kind of way, the periods of August 7 to September 9 and November 16 to December 2 would be good times. These would also be good times to buy decorative objects for the home.

Your home and family planet is Venus. She is a fast-moving planet and in any given year she will move through every sector of your Horoscope. Thus there are many short-term trends with home and family, depending on where Venus is and the aspects she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Venus will make one of her rare once-every-two-years retrograde moves this year, between October 5 and November 16. This will not be a time for major family decisions or major expenditure on the home. This is a time for reviewing things and for seeing where improvements can be made. You can put your plans into action when Venus moves forward again on November 16.

A parent or parent figure has gone through many personal changes over the last seven years, but now things are starting to settle down a bit. The other parent or parent figure is having a very prosperous year and seems generous with you. He or she can have job changes this year. Moves are not likely for them – these seem fraught with delays and difficulties. As we mentioned, children and children figures in your life are prospering, but a move is not likely. Siblings or sibling figures can move or renovate property, especially after November 8. (It could happen next year too.) Grandchildren (if you have them) are having a stable family year.

Finance and Career 2018

The year ahead looks very prosperous. Jupiter is making beautiful aspects to you, so there is financial expansion. Happy opportunities. What the world calls ‘good luck’ (which is only the application of spiritual laws). There is luck in speculations and it probably wouldn’t hurt to invest modest sums in some form of speculation (although not your rent or food money please, and not automatically – only under intuition). Speculations are favourable but the cosmos has many ways to prosper you.

There are going to be many dramatic financial shifts and course corrections this year – more than usual. We have three Solar Eclipses this year, rather than the more usual two. And since the Sun is your financial planet, these bring changes and dramas. Also, two eclipses – one Solar and one Lunar – will occur in your money house. So, four out of the five eclipses this year impact finance. My feeling is that you might be underestimating your earnings and need to change strategy.

If there is a financial weakness this year it is the lack of power in your money house. Only short-term planets will move through there. Generally this indicates satisfaction with earnings as they are. You sort of take prosperity for granted and have no need to overly focus here. However, if financial problems arise, lack of attention could be the cause.

Jupiter’s beautiful aspects to your Natal Sun suggests earning through work. Your work will create the good fortune. It also shows earning from the health field.

Jupiter in your 5th house shows that children or children figures are important financially. Often they are the motivating force for financial success, but they can also come up with ideas or inspirations. If they are of appropriate age they can be physically and materially supportive too. Jupiter’s position here also indicates earnings from industries that cater to the youth market – music, entertainment, sports or companies that supply these industries.

Uranus has been in your 10th house of career for many years, as we have said, and he is still here for part of the year ahead. There have been many career changes over the time, but now this career uncertainty is starting to settle down now. It’s not quite over yet, but by next year it will be and there will be more stability and security here.

Uranus in your career house favours a freelance kind of career – a career that offers a lot of freedom and change. The electronic media and the online world are favoured. The only problem with a freelance career is the insecurity and uncertainty. Learning to live with this has been one of your main lessons over the past seven years.

There are a lot of short-term career trends, depending on where Mars, your career planet, is and the aspects he receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

Love and Social Life 2018

The love and social life is challenging this year. But, the challenges can bring many rewards if you handle them properly.

Saturn, as we have mentioned, will be in your 7th house of love for the next two years. This is a transit not conducive to marriage or to committed, contractual love. Even if you meet a ‘special someone’ it is not advisable to marry. Enjoy the relationship for what it is. Next year might be a better time for that.

As we mentioned, if you’re already in a marriage or serious relationship, it will get tested this year. This is not usually pleasant, but it has some good points. We never know if love is real during the good times, when everything is idyllic. We only find out during the tough times. If your marriage or relationship can handle the stress of the next two years it can probably survive anything.

Saturn is your love planet. So, in general, you tend to be traditional and conservative in marriage and relationships. But now, with Saturn in his own sign and house, you are apt to be more conservative than usual. And this goes for the spouse, partner or the people you get involved with.

Those of you who are single will tend to favour older, more settled kinds of people. Corporate types. Business types. There is a feeling of practicality in love (you always have this tendency, but more so now). You gravitate to the good provider, the ambitious person, the person who can help you in your career. The problem here is that ‘relationships of convenience’ rather than of real love are likely.

The spouse, partner or current love seems very ‘business-like’ these days: cool, aloof, standoffish. The element of passion seems missing. This will need to be ignited artificially. Both of you will have to work on this. Both of you will have to practise – make it a project – sending love and warmth to others.

For singles there is less dating and party-going this year. The cosmos is calling you to be more selective about these things. There is a need to focus on quality rather than quantity. You will date less, but the dates will be of higher quality.

Often this aspect brings social disappointments. Perhaps your expectations were too high. Perhaps you were too naive. You should look at this not as disappointment, but as ‘revelation from the Divine’. Truth sometimes hurts, but it is better than living a lie.

Those of you in or working toward the second marriage have a much easier time in the marriage. If you are unattached there is romance in store, but no need to rush into a marriage. Those in or working toward the third marriage will also have the relationship tested. If you are unattached, it would be better not to marry. You have the aspects for serial relationships rather than marriage.

Self-Improvement 2018

Saturn in your 7th house, as we mentioned, brings challenges to the love and social life, which is being reorganized and made more stable. But this is a process, not one event. Saturn is going to reorganize – and test – your current love attitudes, your notions of what love is all about. Saturn, involved in love, often makes one a ‘non-believer’ in love – at least in the romantic love that is idealized in our culture. One sort of feels, ‘love is an illusion anyway, so I might as well be practical about it’. This was the concept in many cultures for thousands of years – and is still prevalent in many parts of the world. Marriages were arranged by the parents, who, presumably, were more clear-headed than their children. The chemistry between the two people was rarely an issue. Marriage was practical; it created bonds – either financial or diplomatic – between families. It was often an instrument of state policy. It was never about ‘personal fulfilment’. The thinking was that one can learn to love anybody, so one might as well learn to love someone who is useful to the state or to the family fortunes. Almost all marriages were marriages of convenience.

can learn to love anyone – with practice and patience. Spiritually speaking, it is merely a choice that one makes, a moment-by-moment choice. Perhaps the chemistry is not what it should be. Perhaps the habits and mannerisms are off-putting. Yet, as any meditator knows, these are not obstructions to love. Spiritual love is above any and all human conditions. It is not dependent on ‘objects’. It is a spiritual force that anyone can tap into. It will flow, without distinction, to every part of life – the good, the bad or the ugly. This love might not approve of certain actions – it doesn’t whitewash reality – but it loves in spite of these things.

Learning this kind of love will be a great help over the next two years. Meditation will help you.

There is another lesson that Saturn teaches about love – not popular to be sure, but valid. Duty and Love are generally seen as opposites, as antagonistic attitudes. Duty is seen as involving discipline, the stiff upper lip, effort and exertion. Love, on the other hand, is seen as effortless. Yet, duty performed in a loving way is perhaps the highest form of love. Someone who truly loves another will always do their duty to that person.

As we have said earlier on, Saturn in your 7th house is apt to bring disappointment, not only in love but with friends as well. Perhaps your expectations are too high. Perhaps the spouse or friend is undergoing a personal drama. Perhaps these people were never who you thought them to be. No matter. This is a year to practise the art of forgiveness. It isn’t wise (or healthy) to hold on to grievances. You need all the help you can get in your relationships, and forgiveness will be a huge help.

Real forgiveness is never about ‘whitewashing’ history. We don’t paper things over. The people did what they did. It was wrong. Yet, we forgive. Real forgiveness happens when we can put ourselves in their shoes and understand why they did what they did. The realization often comes that had I been in that situation, I too might have acted that way.

Finally, some relationships will not survive the coming stresses. In the dissolution there are lessons too. In this situation you have a choice. You can maximize or minimize the negativity. Dissolution always brings negativity; the issue is, do you want to maximize or minimize it? It is best to minimize, wherever possible. Sadly, most choose the former course.

Cancer Horoscope 2018