One of the major headlines this year is Uranus’s move out of your sign (where he has been for the past seven years) into Taurus. This happens on March 7. You’ve been dealing with sudden personal changes for many years. You’ve been reinventing yourself and upgrading your image constantly. You’ve been breaking free of old relationships and personal limitations. These lessons have been learned, and now – from March 7 onwards – you’re going to be financially more experimental. The financial life will become exciting, but insecure and unstable. More on this later.

Jupiter will spend almost all year in your 9th house. This is a strong position for him as he will be in his own sign and house. Thus this is a year for foreign travel. It is especially good for those either applying to college or already there. It shows success in these endeavours. Those of you involved in legal issues – lawsuits and the like – should also have successful outcomes.

With both Saturn and Pluto in your 10th house of career all year (and with Jupiter entering the 10th house on December 3), you’re in a very strong career year. You’ll be working hard and be very serious about it. And, if you put in the work there will be success. There’s more details on this later on.

Neptune, your spiritual planet (and also the generic spiritual planet) spends the year in his own sign and house – your 12th house. He is powerful there and thus the year ahead is also very spiritual. This has been the case for some years and the trend continues. More later.

Mars and Venus – two very important planets in your chart – will be moving forward all year, showing good forward progress in love, finance and in personal matters. It shows confidence in these areas.

Usually in a given year there are two solar eclipses. This year we will have three, impacting on your children or the children figures in your life and indicating more change and drama in their lives than usual.

Your most important interests this year will be the body and image (until March 7); finance (from March 7 onwards – and for many years to come); religion, philosophy, higher education and foreign travel (until December 3); career; and spirituality.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment will be home and family; religion, philosophy, higher education and foreign travel (until December 3); and career (after December 3).


(Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, both of these perspectives were identical. But now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Your 6th house of health is not a house of power this year, and so the tendency will be to take good health for granted or to ignore things. This would be a mistake. Two powerful long-term planets – Saturn and Pluto – are in stressful alignment with you, and on December 3 Jupiter will join them in that alignment. So you need to pay more attention.

The good news is that there is much you can do to enhance your health and prevent problems from developing. Give more attention to the following – the vulnerable areas of your Horoscope (the reflexology points are shown in the chart below):

Important foot reflexology points for the year ahead

Try to massage all of the foot on a regular basis – the top of the foot as well as the bottom – but pay extra attention to the points highlighted on the chart. When you massage, be aware of ‘sore spots’ as these need special attention. It’s also a good idea to massage the ankles and below them.

  • The head, face and scalp. These are always important for Aries and this year is no exception. Regular scalp and face massage should be part of your health regime, and craniosacral therapy is said to be good for the head too.
  • The musculature – another important area for you, Aries. While you don’t need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, you do need good muscle tone. Weak or flabby muscles can knock the spine and skeleton out of alignment and this will cause all kinds of other problems. So vigorous physical exercise (according to your age and stage in life) is a good thing.
  • The adrenals. With the adrenals it is important to avoid anger and fear, the two emotions that stress them out. Ginseng is said to be good for the adrenals.
  • The heart has become important in recent years, and will become even more so after December 3. Most spiritual healers affirm that worry and anxiety are the major root causes of heart problems. So try to avoid these; replace them with faith.
  • The lungs, arms, shoulders, small intestine and respiratory system. These are always important for you, Aries, as Mercury, the planet that rules these areas, is your health planet. (The reflexes to the lungs are shown above.) Regular arm and shoulder massage, especially the shoulders, is beneficial as tension tends to collect there and needs to be released.

With Mercury as your health planet, good health also means good mental health. It is good to exercise your body, as was mentioned above, but it’s just as important to exercise your mind and to give it proper care and feeding. The intellect needs food – ideas of wisdom and truth – exercise, digestion and expression. So read good books by good writers. Digest them and then express them – either by the spoken or written word. Keeping a journal is good for mental health.

Intellectual purity is a good thing in its own right, but with you, Aries, it can be a health issue. The best cure for error is light. Invoke it often. Learn to turn the mind off when not in use. A hyperactive mind burns energy that the body needs for other things. Meditation is a big help for this.

As our regular readers know, the first line of defence is always high energy – a strong auric field. This is our spiritual immune system. A strong aura will repel germs, microbes and other opportunistic invaders. So make sure to get enough rest.

Mercury is a very fast-moving planet, and in a given year will move through all the signs and houses of your chart (this year he will visit some twice). So there are therapies that will work that depend on where he is at a given time. These things are best discussed in the monthly reports.

Home and Family

Normally when the 4th house is not strong, there’s not much going on on the home or family front: they tend to the status quo. But with you things are different. There will be two lunar eclipses this year, each of which will shake up things at home in various ways. In addition there will be a solar eclipse on July 2 that will occur in your 4th house. This too is going to shake things up. Often there are dramas in the lives of family members, and often hidden flaws in the home come to light and repairs are needed. We will deal with this in more detail in the monthly reports.

A move is not very likely this year – though there’s nothing in your Horoscope that signals against it.

This is much more a career year than a family year. Most of the long-term planets are in the upper, day side of your Horoscope, and the night side of your Horoscope will never totally dominate your chart (though there will be periods where it is stronger than it normally is this year). Thus if problems arise they will be due to inattention – lack of focus. If problems arise pay more attention here.

There will be dramas in the lives of parents and parent figures this year. If they are married, the marriage is being severely tested. If they are in a relationship, this too will get tested. They could also be having surgery or near-death kinds of experiences. There are three eclipses in your 10th house, which rules one of your parent figures. (If you are a woman, it rules the mother; if you are a man, the father.) So there is a lot of drama going on in their lives. The overall health of this parent or parent figure needs watching too.

One of the parents or parent figures in your life has excellent job prospects in the year ahead. And, towards the end of the year, will have a better social life. Moves don’t seem likely for either of them.

Children or children figures are having multiple career changes. They are being more experimental in this area. A move is not likely. They seem more focused on love than on the career, but they can find love through pursuing their career goals. They are working hard – they have many job opportunities – but they’re also having fun. They work hard and play hard. Children or children figures of childbearing age are more fertile than usual this year.

If you have grandchildren of the appropriate age, they too seem more fertile. A move will work better for them after December 3. They will have a prosperous year.

If you’re planning major repairs or renovations (or building a home), May 16 to July 23 will be a good time to do them. If you’re beautifying the home in a cosmetic kind of way, or buying objects of beauty for the home, July 3–27 will be a good time.

The Moon is your family planet – the best possible one to have as this is her natural domain. But the Moon is the fastest of all the planets and will traverse all your houses in any given month. So there are many short-term family trends that are best discussed in the monthly reports.

Finance and Career

Very important financial things are happening now. You had a foretaste of this last year as Uranus flirted with your money house. Now, on March 7, he is moving in there for the long haul. So, in finance, expect the unexpected. By the time Uranus is finished with you, in seven years’ time, you will be in completely different financial conditions than you are now – radically different. They will also be much better. However, in order for your financial prayers to be answered, things need to be shaken up. Obstructions need to be blasted away. There is a need to learn to handle the insecurities that change brings.

Uranus is the planet of innovation and experimentation. So you are throwing out all the old financial rule books – all the old tried and true methods – and discovering what works for you personally. Experiments sometimes fail but these are temporary setbacks and you learn from them. Often, however, experiments succeed, and when they do earnings will skyrocket beyond belief. Money and earning opportunities can come in unexpected ways, out of the blue, and often when things seem darkest.

Uranus is a planet of extremes. The financial highs will be super-high, but the lows can be super-low too. Make sure you set aside money from the good times to cover the bad periods.

Uranus favours the new, and thus you’re attracted to start-up companies and even start-up industries. He rules the high-tech world – computers, software, the online world. He rules companies that are involved with new inventions and innovations. These are all alluring and you have a good feeling for them. You can even be involved in radically new technologies. In fact, whatever you’re actually doing, your technological expertise is important. By all means invest in technology – get the latest software, apps and computers.

Uranus also rules science and astrology. So astrology can be important in earnings – perhaps through consultations or investment. Your friends seems rich and seem supportive and provide financial opportunity too.

Venus, your financial planet, is a fast-moving planet (not as fast as the Moon or Mercury, but faster than all the others). In a given year she will move through all the signs and houses of your chart. (This year, indeed, she will make one-and-a-third turns around your chart – she moves faster than usual.) Thus earnings and earnings opportunities can come in many different ways, depending on where Venus is and the aspects she is receiving. These short-term trends are best dealt with in the monthly reports. The good news is that Venus will move forward all year – a financial plus, showing forward progress.

The career is unusually active this year. Your 10th house is not only the strongest in the Horoscope, but will be the scene of three eclipses in the year ahead. So there is much change happening there. With Saturn and Pluto in your 10th house all year, you’re working hard and methodically. There is a beautiful, single-minded concentration on your goals, which is 90 per cent of success. This is not the chart of ‘overnight’ success, but of success that happens methodically and through steady, persistent work. It shows success earned through sheer merit and for no other reason. You simply must be the best at what you do. It might seem slow and boring, but the eclipses will come and blast away any obstructions and, suddenly, you’ll be where you want to be.

With Saturn in your career house bosses can be more exacting and demanding, and difficult to please. The cosmic way to handle this is to give them even more than they ask for. Pick up the burdens and go the extra mile. By the end of the year, as Jupiter moves into your career house, you can expect promotions (official or unofficial) and recognition. It shows success.

Love and Social Life

This is not an especially strong love and social year. Some years are like that. Money and career seem far more important this year. The empty 7th house indicates the lack of focus. Usually this tends to the status quo: you’re more or less satisfied with things as they are and have no compelling need to make changes.

There’s nothing in your chart against love and romance, but nothing especially favouring them either. Those who are married will tend to stay married. Singles will tend to stay single.

In your chart Venus does double duty. She is both your financial planet and your love planet. Thus love and money tend to go together with you. When finances are going well, love tends to go well; when love goes well, finances tend to go well. And vice versa. Problems in love will often show problems in finance.

The good news here is that your love planet is moving unusually fast this year. Usually Venus will move through all 12 houses in a year. This year she will move through your 12 houses and then repeat the cycle for four more houses. (In effect she is moving (approximately) a third faster than usual.) This indicates social confidence – it shows someone who covers a lot of social territory. For singles it indicates a kind of fickleness in love. The love needs and desires change constantly. Someone who attracted you one month might not attract you the next.

Thus for singles I see a lot of dating in 2019, but not long-term, serious relationships. Enjoy the love life for what it is. It seems about gaining experiences.

Because Venus is moving so fast there will be a lot of short-term love trends, depending on where she is in the Heavens and the aspects that she receives. These are best dealt with in the monthly reports.

The other important development is that with Uranus moving out of your sign, you are going to be more stable in love. There is less rebellion, less need for change. This will bode well for love later on, in the future. You’re becoming a more ‘settled’ kind of person.

Friendship – a different kind of social activity – seems more active. Friendships are not only good in their own right; they will help the bottom line. Your taste in friends seems more stable than your taste in romantic partners. You like them rich and dependable. Being involved with friends and group activities definitely helps the finances. It will be good also to get involved with professional or trade organizations. They are not only helpful financially but seem to boost the career too (especially after March 7). New and significant friends will come into the picture after December 3, as Jupiter starts to make beautiful aspects to Uranus (your planet of friends).

As was mentioned earlier, parents and parent figures are having their relationships severely tested. There will be improvement at the end of year though, after December 3. There is serious love this year for siblings or sibling figures in your life – marriage would not be a surprise. Children and children figures are very focused on love, and this is 90 per cent of the secret of success. They have love opportunities as they pursue their career path or with people involved in their career. Serious love is likely from December 3 onwards (and next year too). Grandchildren (if you have them) are having a stable kind of love year – but they seem very happy.


The spiritual life, as we’ve mentioned, is very active and strong these days. Neptune has been in your spiritual 12th house for many years now and will be there for many more. Most of you are now on a spiritual path – and if it hasn’t happened yet (unlikely!) it will happen. Those of you on that path are making very good progress.

Neptune is the planet of transcendence. He gives an ability to ‘rise above’ all earthly conditions and circumstances and see things from a higher, broader perspective. This might not seem like much, but it’s very powerful. It is like looking at things from a satellite orbiting the Earth rather than from a car. We see much more. We see the broad scope of things. We measure and judge things differently. Things that seem ‘bad’ in the short term (usually something unpleasant) are seen as good when the whole, wider picture is understood.

Much of what we have discussed in recent years still applies this year. The transit of a long-term planet such as Neptune is not really an ‘event’ but a process. It is a string of many events, all leading to one thing. So, the dream life is very active – and you should pay attention to it as the dreams will be significant and revelatory. Your ESP (extrasensory perception) faculties are getting stronger and stronger. Your intuition is much more reliable this year than in previous years, as Neptune is receiving better aspects from the other planets. (You will see even greater improvement after December 3.) Without this intuitive element, sacred literature doesn’t yield much insight. This must be read as much by the heart as by the mind. Often the intellect can’t understand certain passages, but intuition reveals the true intent. There will be many supernatural kinds of experiences this year. (Some call these synchronistic experiences – meaningful coincidences.)

One of the spiritual challenges this year comes from the power in your 10th house of career. This will tend to pull you in a worldly direction. There is a need to succeed in the world and in your outer goals. And, often, this will conflict with spiritual values. In the world it’s ‘dog eat dog’: get to the top any way that you can. So this internal struggle will need to be resolved. There are no rules for this. Some people marry the two urges by pursuing a worldly career and doing charity and pro bonowork on the side. Some people actually choose a spiritual-type career – either ministry or working for a non-profit organization or a company that caters to these things. Some people pursue their worldly career but work to do it in a spiritual way. Each person finds their own solution.

The other spiritual challenge you face has to do with Uranus’s move into your money house. This, as we’ve said, brings sudden changes to the financial life and the ups and downs can be very extreme. There is a need to handle financial instability in a spiritually correct way. Eventually you will learn this; Uranus is a genius who knows how to do his job.

Meditating on the affluence of God will be a great help. In the midst of all the changes and challenges, the Divine flow of affluence never ceases and never wavers. Concentrating on that – developing faith – will get you through with flying colours. Faith is a muscle that needs building up, just like every other muscle.

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