Dating Aquarius Woman

Aquarius is one of the friendliest signs in the zodiac and most Aquarius women are known usually as “one of the guys.”Men who have their eye on an had best learn the personality traits of this sign before trying to make a move, without this key information on her, you could easily be jilted.Although not all women are alike, here are some common traits affiliated with this sign:

Positive Traits





Negative Traits


Emotionally Detached



Asking Her Out

Aquarius women come in two very distinct forms. She can be shy and quiet, very relaxed or she can be lively and enthusiastic about everything she does. Both of these forms will need different ways to be approached. If your lady is shy, ask her out slowly, after getting to know her. Since she is weary in nature, she may need a few conversations to decide what you intentions are.On the other hand if she is more extroverted, do not be intimidated. She welcomes new social interactions.  Both forms value friendship. She would rather have a friend than a mate. Before any moves you make, try to get to know her a little better. This will leave your Aquarius Woman with a long lasting impression. However, do not take too long to ask her out. She may become impatience with you and lose her interest.

Your First Date

After you have her undivided attention, your first date is a way to really show her how you feel. As intelligence is one of her common traits, take her on a mentally stimulating date. A chess match or a trip to an Art museum could be all you need to have her in the palm of your hands. If neither of these things interest you, take her to a crowded place, maybe a sports event or concert. Aquarius women love being around people.On the date, keep the conversation going, use this time to get to know your Aquarius better.Provide her with an intelligent and witty conversation. A boring date like dinner and a movie may stunt her interest in you. She values originality. If you manage to catch her attention, she will be yours. However, keeping that attention is another story.

After The First Date

Looking back, was your date successful? Do you think you’ve caught her interest now? Here are some things to keep in mind about your Aquarian darling after the first date. An Aquarius girl, even though independent, loves to have her man’s attention on her.As a way to stimulate this would be to play a little hard to get after the first date with her. Don’t be rude to her, show her you are interested, but not too eagerly interested and clingy. Aquarius women do not generally like clingy men. Do not be jealous of the other males in her life. Since an Aquarius Woman tends to be a little emotionally withdrawn, she cannot handle emotionally clingy and jealous men.A warning, do not try to tie her down and control her. An Aquarius Woman values her independence. Once you pass these three phases, you will need to look further into her traits to understand the enigma that is Aquarius.


If an independent Aquarius Woman is what you are looking for, then an Aquarius is right for you. She loves freedom and stands firmly for what she believes in. She is usually equipped with a high self-esteem and will never let anyone put her down for her beliefs. Therefore, be careful and gentle when dishing out criticism. Her personality is strong and vibrant because of this. She may come off as bossy because of her need to be in control. Don’t take it too harshly if she puts herself before you once in awhile. Sometimes she may need space to regain her independence from your relationship. In general, Aquarius women will take time to settle down, since they are wild in nature. It may be months into your relationship before she breaks from the single lifestyle. Never try to hold her back, it will only make her defy you more. An Aquarian is like a bird, in a cage she will not sing and her spirit will wither.


Although an Aquarius Woman may live the single lifestyle well into your relationship, she seeks only loyalty and honesty. She cares about her loved ones above all others in her life. She would never lie to someone she cares deeply about. Aquarius are known to have lots of friends with the opposite sex. However, never become jealous of this. Once under your spell, your girl will remain loyal to you. You will find that your Aquarius will put you before herself when you are in need. When you are sick, she will be the first one to take care of you. All of this is done out of love for you and her loyal nature.


Aquarian are known as “The Inventors” zodiac symbol because of their unconventional thinking. Your Aquarius Woman will march to the beat of her own drum. The Water Bearer will blaze her own trail and will seem a little eccentric at times. Her originality, you will see, is always drawing attention from others, and she likes it that way too. You will find after getting to know your Aquarius that she is the most outlandish of all the zodiac signs. As a potential mate of a water bearer, you will need to help her creativity flourish and never dampen it.


Aquarians have constant hunger for knowledge and intellectual stimulation because of their love for interaction with other human beings.Aquarian women will use their intelligence to get what they want in life. Do not mistake her intelligence for wisdom. Her decisions will sometimes be foolish or impulsive, but they will be precisely chosen with all her beliefs taken into consideration. As a mate, help her in her decision making. Let her know you are there to help her if she needs any advice.


The patience of an Aquarius is always fleeting. They can become easily impatient with someone who doesn’t see eye to eye with them. A large amount of this is caused by her independent and opinionated nature. At times you will feel she is ready to give up and may see some withdrawal from you. Never put her down, or she may throw you out. Once again, it is important to realize that an Aquarius does not need a man in her life to complete her. Watch your tongue, or you will see the wrath of her impatience.

Emotionally detached

Do not be surprised if your Aquarius seems a bit distant at times. A negative trait of all Aquariuses is their emotional detachment, no matter how extroverted she may be. You may find that from the beginning she may be a loner or have very few close friends, even though she may be friendly. Aquarians struggle connecting with others at times because of their high intelligence and originality.At the beginning of a relationship it may appear as if she is not interested in your courting.It does not always mean this is true. Aquarians are often too afraid of being hurt by their lover, which is a reason why they are so weary of men who enter their life. When she gets this way, she may need to emotionally retreat. Make sure to give her this space kindly. Once she has had time to herself, she will bounce right back up to welcome communication with you again. Her love will be soft and subtle and never overly vibrant.


For some, this may be seen as a positive trait, but for most, this trait in your Aquarius dream girl will leave you worrying about what will happen next in your relationship. At times it may seem that she is confused by what she wants.If this happens, give her space to meditate and relax until her mind is made up. On the other hand, her unpredictable nature could bring you surprises of new dates which will add spice to your relationship. You will never be bored in your relationship with an Aquarius.


One of the worst attributes of an Aquarius is her stubborn nature. Because she is highly independent, she is often set in her ways. Although she is usually open to new things, she will often carry opinions that do not change so easily. Once she has her mind pressed on something, she will keep on until she accomplishes it. On the brighter side, your Aquarius will recognize her faults and change her opinion when needed.


A man who would like to date an Aquarius needs to be aware of her good and bad points. Before even asking her out on the first date, one should get to know her better because of an Aquarian’s value of friendship. Overbearing energy and jealousy do not hold well with this type of symbol as both conflict with her independent and friendly nature.Overall, an Aquarius needs a man who is as strong and  independent as she is. Do not forget that as a partner to this symbol, you should also be her best friend who will always keep her intellectual and vibrant spirit going. With the understanding of the most common traits of this symbol you are given the information to enlighten yourself on the Aquarians. Better understanding of your Aquarius will warm her up to you and allow you to build a strong, long lasting relationship with her.

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