Libra Horoscope 2016

Libra Horoscope 2016: Major Trends

When Jupiter entered Virgo, last August, you entered a multi-year prosperity cycle, which will continue for the next few years. More on this later.

On September 10, Jupiter will enter your own sign, Libra – a most happy and fortunate transit. It brings sensual pleasures and the good life, so the weight will need more watching from that date onwards. Also, Libras of childbearing age will be much more fertile than usual.

Many of the trends that we’ve written about in previous years are still in effect now. Long-term planets are involved, and long-term planets show long-term projects.

Saturn in your 3rd house of communication is a challenging aspect for students – especially those below college level. They will have to work harder on their studies. They need to focus more. They need to discipline themselves intellectually – which is the whole purpose of the transit. Intellectual discipline is needed for all Libras, especially students.

Pluto has been in your 4th house of home and family for many years now, and will remain there for many more. A cosmic detox is going on in the family and especially in the emotional life. Impurities in the feeling body are being brought up and purged. A great period for those involved in psychological kinds of therapy. More details on this later.

Neptune has been in your 6th house of health and work for the past few years and will be there for several more. This shows a deep interest in spiritual healing methods. You’ve advanced far in recent years but there’s always more to learn. Again, there are more details on this later.

Volatile, explosive Uranus has been in your 7th house of love for many years. And this is a good description of your love life. Explosive. Never a dull moment. An ongoing soap opera. Learning to deal with social insecurity and instability is still the main lesson these days.

Jupiter will spend most of the year in your spiritual 12th house. So you’re in a strong spiritual period these days. Growth is more internal. Although it is not visible to the eye, it is happening. When Jupiter crosses your Ascendant in September the inner growth will be more apparent and tangible.

Your most important interests in the year ahead are: the body, image and personal pleasure (from September 10 onwards); communication and intellectual interests; home and family; health and work; love and romance; and spirituality (until September 9).

Your paths of greatest fulfilment will be spirituality; and later the body, image and personal pleasure (from September 10 onwards).

Libra Horoscope 2016: Health

  • (Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, these perspectives were identical. But now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

You still have two long-term planets in stressful aspect to you this year, so your health needs attending to. However, the planetary stresses this year are much, much less than they have been in previous years. Health needs watching still, but much improvement is happening.

The good news is that your 6th house of health is powerful. So, you are paying attention. This is perhaps more important than just having easy aspects.

The two stressful planets – Pluto and Uranus – are not enough by themselves to cause disease. However, when they ‘gang up’ on you with the short-term planets that are passing through this house, this is when you become more vulnerable. This year these periods are from January 1–20; March 21 to April 19; June 21 to July 23; and December 22–31. Be sure to rest and relax more over those periods and maintain high energy levels.

Our regular readers know that there is much that can be done to enhance the health. You should pay more attention to the following areas this year:

  • The heart. This has been important for many years now and will be important for years to come. Spiritual healers affirm that the root cause of heart problems is worry and anxiety. Avoid these like the plague. A simple faith will do much to relieve them.

  • The kidneys and hips. These areas are always important for you. Kidney action seems hyper from September 10 onwards. A herbal kidney cleanse might be a good idea if you feel under the weather. Regular hip massage is always good.

  • The feet. These are also always important for you, and have become even more so ever since Neptune entered your 6th house in 2012. You respond especially well to foot reflexology – see our chart above. Foot baths and foot hydro massages are also good. There are all kinds of gadgets out on the market – some actually massage the feet, some are like foot whirlpool baths and some are just foot baths. All these things are beneficial and you might want to invest in one of them. As always, wear shoes that fit and that don’t unbalance you. Shoes that pinch the toes are not so good. Comfort and correct fit are more important than fashion (from the health perspective). If you can have both, all the better.

These are the most vulnerable areas this year. Problems, if they happened (God forbid) would most likely begin here, so it is important to keep these areas healthy and fit. Most of the time problems can be prevented, and even if they can’t be totally prevented they can be lessened to a great extent.

As we mentioned earlier, you respond well to spiritual healing techniques. So, if you feel under the weather, see a spiritual healer.

Neptune, your health planet, is the wateriest of the water planets and Pisces, your 6th house, is the wateriest of the water signs. Together this is a lot of water energy. The message of the Horoscope is that you have a special connection to the healing powers of the water element. You will find it very beneficial to hang out near water – oceans, rivers, lakes and springs. Water sports and boating are healthy kinds of exercise. (I also like the spiritual exercises like yoga and tai chi.) If you feel under the weather, a good long soak in the tub will do wonders for you.

Libra Horoscope 2016: Home and Familiy

Pluto has been in your 4th house of home and family since 2008 and he will be there for many more years. This is a dynamic transit. As we mentioned it brings a purge of family life and the family circle. Anything impure, or anything that obstructs your ideal of family, gets removed – exorcised. In many cases there have been actual literal deaths in the family. In many cases there have been near-death kinds of experiences in the lives of family members. In other cases families have broken up and disintegrated, only to be reintegrated on a better level. The symbolism of the Horoscope is ‘the death and rebirth of the family’. These things are seldom pleasant, but the end result is good.

Pluto in your 4th house also shows many physical renovations of the home. These are major renovations rather than cosmetic ones. They can involve the breaking down of walls, rewiring and the ripping out of old pipes and plumbing. Serious stuff!

Pluto is your financial planet. His position in your 4th house gives us other messages. You’re investing in the home. Spending on it. Spending on the family. Family support should be good (especially this year). You can also earn from the home too. With this aspect for so many years, most of you already have home offices, but these could be expanded this year. Family and family connections are important on a financial level.

Saturn, your family planet, has been in Sagittarius, your 3rd house, since late 2014. This shows a need for better communication with the family. Lack of communication is perhaps a major source of conflict here. It also indicates the installation of high-end communication equipment in the home.

A parent or parent figure in your life has had surgery of late and this trend continues in the year ahead. He or she would benefit from detox regimes and these should be explored.

A sibling or sibling figure becomes very devoted to you later in the year. A move is not likely this year, though. He or she has a stable, static kind of year.

Children and children figures in your life also have a stable year. Grandchildren (if you have them) are likely to move in the year ahead though. (A move could have happened last year too.)

Major repairs or renovations are likely all year, but September 27 to November 9 is an especially good time. If you’re painting, redecorating or otherwise beautifying the home, January 1 to February 17 is a good period.

Libra Horoscope 2016: Finance and Career

As we mentioned, you have been in a strong prosperity period since August of last year. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and good fortune, is making beautiful aspects with your financial planet Pluto. Earnings increase. Financial opportunities increase. Because Jupiter is in your spiritual 12th house until September 9 this year, the financial intuition is excellent. Financial guidance will come to you in dreams and through guru or minister types. Psychics, astrologers and other spiritual channels also have important financial guidance. A millisecond of good financial intuition is worth many years of hard labour.

On September 10 Jupiter will cross your Ascendant and enter your 1st house. While this doesn’t necessarily bring wealth, it does bring the high life. There will be more travel, more good food and wine and more pleasures of the senses. Generally these things happen naturally. Nothing special needs to be done. Generally, also, the supply for the high life comes too – you will find that the wherewithal needed for such a lifestyle is provided.

Family support is good all year. A parent or parent figure is not in agreement on financial matters (after September 10) but will be supportive anyway.

Pluto is your financial planet. Generally he rules inheritance. Hopefully no one has to die, but you can be named in someone’s will, or be appointed to some administrative post. Sometimes this aspect indicates earnings from trust funds or insurance claims. Those of you of appropriate age are doing more estate planning these days. Taxes and estates issues are influencing your financial decision-making. Often there are earnings from tax refunds.

Your ability to borrow or pay down debt – depending on your need – is strengthened these days. If you have good ideas it is easy to attract outside money to your projects.

Pluto in your 4th house shows an affinity for real estate – both commercial and residential. It shows an affinity with the bond market – and especially the bonds of traditional blue chip companies. The creative use of debt – creative financing – is also a source of income.

The financial planet in Capricorn shows excellent financial judgement. You get value for your money. You have a long-term perspective on wealth and seem ready to undertake disciplined financial measures to achieve your aims, such as setting up savings and investment programmes. You’re good at budgeting and staying within a budget at the moment (rare for you, Libra). You take a step by step, methodical approach to wealth now, building it for the long term.

This is not an especially strong career year. Your 10th house is for the most part empty. Only short-term planets will pass through here, temporarily boosting the career. But they pass rather quickly. Moreover, most of the long-term planets are below the horizon of your chart. The year ahead is more about family and getting the emotional life in right order. In general we can say that career energy will be strongest on the New and Full Moon and when the Moon is waxing. These periods are best discussed in the monthly reports.

Libra Horoscope 2016: Love and Social Life

The explosive ups and downs – stunning surprises – in the love life have been taxing even your social genius. Libras are not generally risk-takers – except when it comes to love. In love, they go where angels fear to tread. And this year more so than usual.

Many a relationship has broken up in recent years. Many a friendship has gone down the tubes. There’s been many a divorce as well. Uranus in the 7th house is just not that conducive to committed kinds of relationships. It is wonderful for serial love affairs, but not for marriage or relationships that are ‘like’ marriage. Uranus likes change and variety. He likes freedom. A stable kind of relationship seems ‘boring’ and hum drum.

Also, Uranus in the 7th house indicates a penchant for unconventional types of people. Plain vanilla types are not very interesting. The attraction is to geniuses and rebels against societal norms – programmers, inventors, mathematicians, astrologers and astronomers. Media types are also interesting. The people you gravitate to are generally not serious people.

With Uranus in the 7th house it is difficult to make long-term social plans. You don’t know if you’re going to be with that person a few months down the road. This is so with friendships too.

Mars, your love planet, behaves rather erratically this year, adding more instability to the love life. He makes one of his rare retrogrades from April 17 to June 29. This will be a period for taking stock of things and achieving some kind of clarity about where things stand in your relationship. From August 9 to October 30 (a long time) Mars will be ‘out of bounds’. This suggests that you’re going way outside your social sphere in your search for love. Family members don’t seem to approve.

You can mitigate problems in two ways. First, give the partner or current love as much space as possible, so long as this isn’t destructive. Second, allow for change and experimentation (as much as possible) within your relationship. Do unconventional things as a couple (the more unconventional the better). Try to satisfy the partner’s need for change within the relationship. You improve your odds that way.

Marriage is not advisable this year – especially for those of you looking for your first marriage. Those of you working towards the second marriage have more stability, but it looks like a status quo kind of year. The same applies to those of you working on their third marriages. Those of you working towards their fourth marriage have romance, but again it’s the stability of it that is questionable.

One thing is for sure. Love will not be boring. There will never be a dull moment. You can’t take anything for granted. Love can come instantly and leave just as instantly. If you’re happy with these frequent but brief lightning flashes across the sky, the love life will be happy.

Libra Horoscope 2016: Self-improvement

Spiritual healing has been an important interest since 2012. We have probably discussed this in previous years, but it is still worthy of discussing again. Though it can seem like a lot of ‘mumbo jumbo’ there is a deep science behind it. The first thing to understand is that the body is not a ‘thing’ – it is not a static kind of object. It is, like the universe itself, a dynamic energy system, constantly changing. This is why astrology works. The body obeys the laws of energy. It responds to changes in energy. When the planets change the cosmic energy field, bodies respond – either positively or negatively – depending on the nature of the energy. In spiritual healing we tap into another kind of energy – the energy of spirit – the Divine. Since this energy is always perfect (so long as we don’t interfere with it), it will, if allowed to act, create perfection in the physical body. Not always instantaneously, but over time. When this energy is called in – through prayer, meditation or invocation – it immediately starts a healing process on the energetic levels. Eventually this will filter down into the seemingly ‘solid’ physical body. Change the energy and you change the body on the subtle levels.

The second thing to understand is that healing is an ‘internal activity’. It is the inflow of Divine energy into the aura and eventually into the body. If healing doesn’t happen on the internal level, it won’t happen on the external level either. However, if internal healing happens – and this is the focus of the spiritual healer – the external healing will happen quite naturally. Often (depending on a person’s belief system) the healing will happen through seemingly external methods such as medication or supplements or the intervention of a doctor, surgeon or health professional. But these things are all ‘side effects’ of the internal healing that has already happened. It is just the way that spirit is working things out.

However, the Divine energy will often produce healing without any kind of human intervention or without any kind of external substance. It is not dependent on these things. It will take the easiest route to the healing.

The final thing to understand is that just because you may not see an immediate result, it doesn’t mean that the power isn’t acting. It is. On the subtle levels the action is instantaneous, but it can take time to filter down to the more solid material level. Keep up your procedure even if you don’t feel anything. You will eventually.

The Divine energy is not just working on outer symptoms but on the root causes of the symptoms – and if these are deep-rooted things it can take time.

As you go deeper into spiritual healing you’ll discover an important fact. You may think that you (or someone else) has a health problem or a financial problem. But the truth is that, underneath it all, there is a theological problem, a spiritual problem. When this is put right, the other problems clear up too.

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