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Gemini Horoscope 2016: Major Trends

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Saturn spent all of last year in your 7th house of love. He will be there all of this year too. This is testing marriages and existing relationships. They are getting ‘stress tested’. The good relationships will survive almost any kind of stress, but not the flawed ones, and this is the reason for the testing. Only the best will do for you. More on this later.

However, it’s not just love relationships that are getting tested. Uranus in your 11th house of friends is testing friendships too. They come suddenly and they go just as suddenly. There’s more on this later too.

Jupiter moved into your 4th house of home and family on August 12 last year and will be there until September 9. Thus there are happy moves (if they haven’t already happened) in store. There is an expansion of the family circle and happiness from the family. Jupiter will move into your 5th house on September 10 and stay there for the rest of the year. This will be a fun period in life, a period to explore the rapture of life. It will be like a vacation period.

You are always idealistic about your career and your work in the world. But now that Neptune is in your 10th house (as he has been since 2012) the idealism is much stronger. Career has to be more meaningful than just making money or achieving fame. It has to be spiritually meaningful too.

Pluto in your 8th house of transformation and regeneration for many years has forced many of you to get more serious about life. You’ve been dealing with death and near-death types of experiences – both personally and with those around you. This is sobering, but ultimately good. Many of you are involved in projects of personal transformation, and these projects are going well.

Mercury, the ruler of your Horoscope, will be in retrograde motion four times in the year ahead. Usually this happens only three times in a year and it shows that there is more indecision in your life, more need of review and mental clarity. We will deal with these periods in the monthly reports.

Your most important interests in the year ahead are: home and family (until September 9); children, fun and creativity (from September 10 onwards); love and romance; personal transformation, death and rebirth, occult studies and sex; career; and friends, groups and group activities.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment in the year ahead are home and family; and children, fun and creativity (from September 10 onwards).

## Gemini Horoscope 2016: Health
* (Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, these perspectives were identical. But now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.)

Health needs more attention these days. Saturn has been in stressful alignment with you since late December 2014, and Neptune has been in stressful alignment since 2012. By themselves they’re not enough to cause sickness, but when other short-term planets join the fray, you become more vulnerable. So make a special point to rest and relax more from February 18 to March 20, August 23 to September 22 and November 22 to December 21. These are your most vulnerable periods.

Your 6th house of health and work is not strong this year. You could have a tendency to ignore your health and this could be a problem. You’ll have to force yourself to give it the attention it deserves.

There is a lot that can be done to enhance your health and prevent problems from developing. Give more attention to the following areas (their reflexology points are highlighted in the following chart):

  • The heart (especially during the vulnerable periods mentioned above). Many spiritual healers affirm that worry and anxiety are the root causes of heart problems. Replace worry with faith.

  • The lungs, small intestine, arms, shoulders and respiratory system. These are always important for a Gemini. Regular arm and shoulder massage will be wonderfully beneficial.

  • The colon, bladder and sexual organs. These are also always important for a Gemini. Colon action has been sluggish for some years now. It’s a little better since 2015, but needs energy. A colonic or two might be a good idea. Safe sex and sexual moderation are always important.

  • The spine, knees, teeth, bones, skin and overall skeletal alignment. These have become important since 2008. Regular back massage is wonderful. There are chairs on the market that automatically massage your back and you might want to invest in one of these this year. Knee massage is good too. Give the knees more support when you exercise. Regular visits to a chiropractor or osteopath are a good idea.

  • The gall bladder.

You have made many sudden and dramatic changes to the health regime over the past two years, but things are more stable now.

Pluto, your health planet, rules surgery and detox regimes, and you have an affinity for both. Back and/or knee surgery could be recommended this year, but get a second opinion and don’t rush into anything.

## Gemini Horoscope 2016: Home and Familiy

Your 4th house of home and family is a house of power this year and seems very happy.

Jupiter, as we mentioned, entered your 4th house on August 12 of last year and he is there until September 9 of the current year. As our regular readers know, this transit generally produces a happy move or the fortunate sale or purchase of a home. The home – the living quarters – gets enlarged. Often this is by a physical move, but not necessarily. Sometimes people buy additional homes or renovate the existing home. Often they buy expensive items for the home. The effect is as if one had moved. If this hasn’t happened as yet, it is still likely in the year ahead.

Jupiter in the 4th house enlarges the family circle. Generally this happens through birth or marriage, but often one meets people who are ‘like’ family to you. They give the same kind of emotional support you would expect from a family member.

Geminis of childbearing age are ultra-fertile this year. A pregnancy wouldn’t be a surprise.

Jupiter in your 4th house gives us other messages as well. Jupiter is your love planet. So, this reinforces what we said above about marriages in the family. It also shows that your social life is centred in the home and with the family. You are doing more entertaining from home as well.

The ruler of the 7th house being situated in the 4th gives us other messages too. It shows that you’re beautifying the home. You are redecorating, perhaps repainting or landscaping and otherwise transforming the home. Most likely you’re buying objects of art and beauty for the home.

One of the parent figures in your life is in a prosperity cycle (they have been since August last year) and seems generous and supportive. He or she needs to watch the weight these days, though.

Jupiter in your 4th house makes this a year for making psychological progress. It reveals the wealth you possess in your subconscious mind. Your memories are a source of wealth.

A solar eclipse on September 1 occurs in your 4th house. This can make family members more temperamental and volatile, so be more patient with them. Often it produces some family kind of crisis which requires your utmost attention. If there are problems in the home, this is when you find out about them.

Gemini Horoscope 2016: Finance and Career

Your 2nd house of finance is not a house of power this year, Gemini. Since the Horoscope aims at a balanced development, it is normal that in certain years different areas of life are emphasized and others de-emphasized. In our culture it is always about money, money, money. But the cosmos has a different perspective. Finance is important – it is one of the twelve houses of the Horoscope – but it’s not everything. It is only a part of the whole.

This signals a stable kind of year. I read it as basic contentment with the status quo with no pressing need to make dramatic change. However, should financial difficulties arise (and this can happen because of temporary planetary transits through the house) you probably need to focus more. You will not have been giving finance the attention it deserves.

There has been much instability in the job for some years now. There have probably been multiple job changes – sudden and dramatic. The good news is that this year things are more stable on this front. In fact, ever since August of 2015, your job prospects have been excellent. Very nice job opportunities are happening and these seem much better, much happier, than the previous ones.

There is more good news. When Jupiter enters Libra on September 10, he will start to make wonderful aspects to you. This will help finances – but most especially it will help your writing and communication skills. The final quarter of the year will be more prosperous than the first three quarters.

Your financial planet, the Moon, is the fastest of all the planets – and the most changeable. Every month she moves through all the houses and signs of your chart. Thus, financial fortunes tend to fluctuate with the Moon, with her position and the aspects she receives. So you can be up one day and down the next. One day you’re full of enthusiasm and optimism, the next, lethargic. These short-term trends are best covered in the monthly reports.

In general we can say that your best financial days in a given month are the New and Full Moons and when the Moon is in Virgo (until September 9) and Libra (after September 9). A waxing Moon is financially better than a waning Moon.

When Jupiter enters your 5th house on September 10 you can earn from your personal creativity. It becomes more marketable. This transit will also bring luck in speculations. The cosmos doesn’t have to prosper you in this way, but this can be one of its avenues. When intuition urges it might be wise to invest harmless sums in a lottery or some other speculation after this date.

Your favourable financial numbers are 2, 4, 7 and 9.

Career – your life work – seems more important than finance this year. You might take a pay cut to get a job with more prestige and status – and not everyone thinks this way. A successful career tends to lead to money. But with you the career comes first.

Neptune, your career planet, spends many months on the South Node of the Moon this year. He also gets eclipsed. So there are career changes afoot and probably for the better. In addition to this there are two eclipses in your 10th house – a solar eclipse on March 9 and a lunar eclipse on September 16. This reinforces what we have said above.

In general you need a spiritual kind of career, as we mentioned. But the glamour industries – film, photography, music and dance – would also fit the bill.

Gemini Horoscope 2016: Love and Social Life

The love life is very complicated this year – especially until September 9. Singles will still date and socialize but not as much as usual. The social life is much toned down.

Further, Jupiter, your love planet, is in stressful aspect with you until September 9. A current relationship is being severely tested. If it is fundamentally sound it will survive – though it will take more work and effort. But the flawed ones are likely to dissolve.

Jupiter in the sign of Virgo is not especially good for love. Not in your case, anyway. Love, which is something of the heart, becomes too mental and analytical. If you’re not careful you’ll overanalyse yourself out of a relationship. Analysis is good later on, but not during romantic moments. Also, the love planet in Virgo can make a person too perfectionistic in love matters. Any little flaw can be magnified out of all proportion. The good points can get lost. Criticism is another issue with the love planet in Virgo. There is nothing that will destroy the feeling of romance faster than destructive criticism. You need to avoid this like the plague. (In many cases it’s not you who is like that, but your partner – you can be attracting these kinds of people these days.)

You can make the love life better by avoiding these pitfalls. You deserve perfect love but it is seldom handed to us on a silver platter. It is something that we work on and develop. It’s a long-term project. As long as the relationship is better today than it was yesterday, you’re on the road to perfect love. If you must criticize the beloved, choose an appropriate time – and do your best to phrase it in a constructive manner.

People get intellectual and analytical about love to avoid pain. But they often create more pain with this approach.

With Jupiter in your 4th house until September 9, love and love opportunities are found close to home – there’ll be no need to travel far and wide. Family and family connections play a huge role in love. Family members are playing cupid this year.

You are attracted to people with strong family values, to people with whom you can share feelings. Emotional intimacy seems just as important as physical intimacy. You also seem attracted to older, more settled kinds of people – corporate and managerial types.

When the love planet enters Libra on September 10, the attitude changes. Love becomes more about fun. You gravitate towards the person who can show you a good time. Someone you can laugh with. Love opportunities happen at the normal places – parties, the theatre, resorts and places of entertainment.

Marriage is not likely this year – nor is it advisable. There’s no need to rush into anything.

Gemini Horoscope 2016: Self-improvement

Saturn in your 7th house of love and Jupiter in Virgo can make you seem cold, distant and unfeeling to others. Even if you aren’t like that – they feel this. And this can further dampen the love life. Thus this year it will be good to practise sending love and warmth to others. You will have to work on this consciously. Make it a project.

With Jupiter in your 4th house this year, you’re going to experience Nature’s therapeutic system. Periodically an emotional spring-cleaning is in order and Nature goes about setting the stage for it. The subconscious mind is filled with untapped riches, with wisdom and knowledge gained by past experience and with abilities unhindered by space and time. But these can’t be accessed if there is too much baggage there too: resentment, false ideas, false opinions, etc. These are in need of resolution. So with Jupiter in your 4th house you will feel more nostalgic. Old memories will arise spontaneously. You’ll find yourself daydreaming of the past at odd moments. At night you’ll have dreams of the past. These are all significant and should be noted. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be remembering old, unresolved love relationships. Don’t try to suppress these things. The idea is to look at them from your present perspective, from your present state of consciousness. Things that seemed ‘disastrous’ when they happened are now seen as perhaps good things. You can laugh about them. Your personal history is not being rewritten – the facts are still the facts – but it is being reinterpreted in the light of greater maturity.

All of this will happen naturally, without a human therapist. However, a good human therapist can be of invaluable assistance to speed the process.

Part of the problem in the love life is that you might be living in the past. You might be trying to duplicate some happy kind of relationship, or trying to duplicate past pleasures. More likely, you’re trying to avoid past pains and disappointments. You have a tendency this year to leave the ‘now’. Past pleasures were wonderful, but new pleasures and new dimensions in love are constantly unfolding. Things you never imagined. Why block it?

Often with this aspect, an old flame come back into the picture. In many cases it is the actual person. In other cases it is someone with the same physical and psychological patterns as the old flame. Sometimes it is someone who reminds you of a parent figure at a younger age. These things generally don’t lead to anything serious, but they help to resolve old issues of the past. When these are resolved you are ready to move on. Nature is very smart.

It’s a very good idea to keep a journal of your dreams and experiences – especially this year.

Gemini Traits

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