Cancer Horoscope 2016

Cancer Horoscope 2016

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Cancer Horoscope 2016: Major Trends

Many of the trends written of in past years are still very much in effect. Long-term planets are involved here. Long-term planets indicate long-term projects – things that can’t be done in a year or two years or three years. They take much time.

Uranus is still in your 10th career house. He has been there for many years and will be there for another few years. This shows much ferment and change in your career. There is much instability there. However, the career is definitely interesting and exciting. Instability is the price we pay for excitement.

Neptune has been in your 9th house for some years now and will also be there for many years to come. Your personal religion – your personal philosophy of life – is becoming spiritualized, more elevated. Neptune’s action is to ‘dissolve’ old ideas and philosophies; he doesn’t shatter them like Uranus does, or Pluto, instead they sort of just ‘melt away’ gradually. This is a very good time to pursue the mystical traditions of your own religion.

Pluto, in your 7th house for many years now, is purifying the marriage and social life. Purging it of impurities, bad attitudes and bad people. Through this process you’re giving birth to the ideal love and social life. There’s more on this later.

Saturn has been in your 6th house since December 2014 and will be there for the year ahead. It shows that you’re getting more serious about your health and are taking on disciplined health regimes. Your work situation could be better, though.

Jupiter spends most of the year in your 3rd house of communication. Many of you are getting new cars and communication equipment these days. (It could have happened last year too.) This is an excellent aspect for students (below college level). It shows success in their studies. It is a good year to expand your mind – to read more and take courses in subjects that interest you.

Jupiter will move into your 4th house on September 10. This often indicates a move or renovation of the home. The family circle gets enlarged. More on this later.

Your strongest interests in the year ahead are: communication and intellectual interests (until September 9); home and family (from September 10 onwards); health and work; love, romance and social activities; religion, philosophy, higher education and foreign travel; and career.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this year are communication and intellectual interests; and home and family (from September 10 onwards).

Cancer Horoscope 2016: Health

Please note that this is an astrological perspective on health and not a medical one. In days of yore there was no difference, these perspectives were identical. But now there could be quite a difference. For a medical perspective, please consult your doctor or health practitioner.

Health needs more attention paying to it this year – especially from September 10 onwards. Happily, your 6th house of health is strong and you’re on the case. You’re willing to do whatever is necessary to maintain good health.

We should mention that if you got through 2014 in reasonable shape, the year ahead will not be too trying. This year is much less severe than 2014 was.

There is much you can do to enhance your health, as our regular readers know. Give more attention to the vulnerable areas of your chart, detailed below (the relevant reflexology points are shown in the diagram). This is where problems would most likely happen.

  • The stomach and breasts. These are always important for you, Cancer, and this year is no different. Diet is always an important issue for you. Keep in mind that * how you eat is perhaps as important as

  • what you eat. Meals should be taken in a calm and relaxed way. It is good to have nice soothing music playing as you eat, and to say grace (in your own words) and express appreciation for the food. Do your best to make the act of eating a ritual of worship rather than just the fulfilling of an animal appetite.

  • The liver and thighs. These too are very important for you. Liver action is more sluggish than usual this year and needs more energy. Avoid foods that stress the liver (too much alcohol for example). A herbal liver cleanse/detox is a good idea if you feel under the weather.

  • The small intestine. This area is only important until September 9. Right diet will help the intestine.

  • The kidneys and hips. These become important from September 10 onwards. The hips should be regularly massaged, and if you feel under the weather a herbal kidney cleanse would be a good idea.

  • The spine, knees, teeth, bones, skin and overall skeletal alignment. These became important last year. Regular back and knee massage will be very helpful and it is a good idea to give the knees more support when you exercise. Regular visits to a chiropractor or osteopath will prove beneficial. The vertebrae need to be kept in right alignment. Protect the teeth with good dental hygiene. If you’re out in the sun remember to use a good sun screen.

We have discussed the purely physical aspects of health, but as regular readers know, the body is only where disease manifests – it is not the cause. The causes are always on the more subtle levels – the levels of mind and feeling.

So, good emotional health is always important for you. Keep your moods positive and constructive and avoid depression like the plague. Meditation will be a big help here. Good health for you means good emotional health.

Of late, though, good social health has also become important. Your love planet, Saturn, is in your 6th house all year (and was there last year), and your health planet, Jupiter, moves into the love sign of Libra on September 10. So problems in love, in the marriage or with friends, can be a spiritual root cause of health problems. Should such problems arise (God forbid), restore the social harmony as quickly as you can. The same is true for family discords.

Cancer Horoscope 2016: Home and Family

Home and family are always important for the Cancerian. For them, they are the very meaning of life itself. In raising a family and dealing with these issues the Cancerian finds meaning and purpose in life.

Of late, they have not been as important as usual. But this changes on September 10 as Jupiter moves into your 4th house, making it a house of power. This, as we mentioned, often brings a move or an enlargement of the present home. Sometimes it indicates the purchase of an additional home, sometimes the purchase of expensive items for the home. The whole effect is as if one had moved.

Those of you of childbearing age are more fertile, and a pregnancy this year wouldn’t be a surprise. The family circle is expanding. It is almost like a clan or tribe rather than just a family. This is one way that the clan could expand. But other members of the family could give birth too – this would fit the symbolism of the Horoscope. Your extended family will be enlarged as well.

Jupiter is your health planet. His move into your 4th house shows that you’re very concerned with the health of the overall family and with family members. You are working to make the physical home healthier. If there are toxic paints or other unhealthy environmental materials in your home, you’re spending to clear them up. There will also be a tendency to install exercise equipment, back massagers and other health equipment in the home. The home will become as much a health spa as a home.

Jupiter is also your work planet. Thus many of you are working more from home this year. With all the new technology available, this is not the problem that it used to be. So, if you don’t already have one, you’re setting up a home office. You are making the home a work place as much as a home.

A sibling or sibling figure in your life is in a strong prosperity cycle this year and seems more attached to the family than usual. He or she should probably not move this year, though they may want to. Next year will be better for that than now.

A parent or parent figure begins a prosperity cycle from September 10 onwards. Until then he or she is in a strong spiritual period, with many spiritual breakthroughs and supernatural kinds of experiences happening.

Children and children figures in your life have had a rough few years, but things are getting better for them this year. They seem more emotionally stable than in the past. Those of appropriate age have had multiple moves in recent years – and this trend continues in the year ahead.

Grandchildren (if you have them) are having a stable kind of family year. There’s no need for them to make any dramatic changes.

Cancer Horoscope 2016: Finance and Career

You’re coming out of two wonderful financial years, Cancer, and by now most of your important financial goals have been achieved. Money, of itself, is not that interesting. Your money house is basically empty this year. (Only short-term planets will move through the 2nd house – they will do their job and then move on.)

This I read as a good thing. You seem basically content with the status quo and have no need to make dramatic changes or pay undue attention here. Of course, you’re free to make changes, but there’s no compelling urge.

There will be two solar eclipses this year. One on March 9 and the other on September 1. These will shake up the financial life and if changes are needed, you’ll make them. We’ll discuss these events in greater detail in the monthly reports.

Career is much more interesting to you than mere money. You understand that if the career is good, money follows naturally. A good career opportunity is more important than a financial opportunity. If you can have both, all the better.

The Sun is your financial planet and during the course of the year he will move through all the signs and houses of your Horoscope. Thus money and financial opportunity happen through a variety of ways and means. These short-term trends are best discussed in the monthly reports.

With Jupiter in your 3rd house until September 9, you can earn through your communication skills – through writing, teaching, sales, marketing and PR. Those of you involved in these fields should have a banner year.

Jupiter in Virgo until September 9 makes you lucky in speculations. It also shows enhanced personal creativity.

Children or children figures in your life are prospering and seem supportive. In many cases they inspire you to earn more. In many cases they have good financial ideas.

Jupiter in the 3rd house often indicates a new car (and a good one, and sometimes a second car) and the purchase of good, high-end communication equipment.

Job seekers have opportunities close to home this year. Until September 9, those opportunities can be found in the neighbourhood and perhaps through the recommendation of neighbours or siblings. It is good also to look for opportunities through the ‘usual channels’ – through the wanted ads in the media and online. After September 9 there will be job opportunities at home. But family members or family connections can also play a role.

Favourable financial numbers are 5, 6, 8 and 19.

The career has been unstable for many years, as we have mentioned. Learning to deal with this has been one of your life lessons of late, Cancer. But along with that is the excitement of knowing that career opportunity can happen at any time in any place – and often in the most unexpected kind of way.

Uranus in your 10th house shows someone who needs a lot of change – variety – in the career. Thus it favours freelance kinds of career. Media and online businesses would fit the bill. But even a conventional corporate career could work if it allowed you much freedom and change.

With Uranus in your 10th house it is dangerous to form any kind of opinion of your career status – high or low. It can change in a flash. It just is what it is, in the ‘now’.

Those of you interested in astrology or science might consider these as career paths.

Cancer Horoscope 2016: Love and Social Life

Pluto has been in your 7th house for many years, as was mentioned above. This shows a ‘cosmic purge’ – a detox – of the whole love and social life. This has been going on for years and will continue for many more. This purge has taken many forms. Some old relationships died. Friends have died – in some cases literally, in others, the friendship itself. It’s as if they were dead to you. Many a marriage or serious relationship has gone down the tubes. Even the good ones have had ‘near death’ kinds of experiences.

This will go on for many more years. It is a long-term project.

Saturn, your love planet, has been in Sagittarius since December 2013. In general this is good for love. It shows an expansion of the social sphere. New friends and new love relationships are happening (and they too will get detoxed in due course).

With Saturn as your love planet you tend to be cautious in love matters. It takes time to fall in love. You like to test things and make sure everything is right before you commit yourself. But these days you are less cautious. Love happens more quickly. You’re more spontaneous about it.

Saturn in Sagittarius shows an attraction to foreigners, members of the clergy and professor types – mentor types. With these aspects one can fall in love with the minister, rabbi or imam. Also with the professor or guru. You’re attracted to people you can learn from and a good theological discussion these days is a form of foreplay. Your place of worship or your college is the venue for romance these days. Romance can happen through the intervention of your worship leader or people in your place of worship. Likewise through your professor or at university functions.

Saturn is ruling your love life from your 6th house of health and work. This shows many things. First, you’re also attracted to health professionals. Romance can happen as you pursue your normal health goals – perhaps at the doctor’s office, the lab, the gym or the health spa. Perhaps with people involved in your health. (If you go to school with them or attend the same church or place of worship, all the better.)

You yearn for a healthy love life and a healthy marriage.

Don’t let this urge, which is basically good, make you too critical or judgemental, however. This can do more harm than good. Don’t let it make you search for pathology either – a tendency with this kind of aspect. If there are pathologies in your relationship they will arise quite naturally without you trying to force them out. When they arise naturally, that will be the time to deal with them.

There are plenty of opportunities for love affairs this year. Jupiter is making fabulous aspects to Pluto, the ruler of your 5th house of fun and love affairs. But serious love is more likely after September 10, as Jupiter moves into better aspect with your love planet.

Your best love and social periods will be from March 21 to April 19, July 23 to August 23 and November 22 to December 21.

Cancer Horoscope 2016: Self-improvement

The detox going on in your love life sounds gloomy and sombre. But behind all this is great love. You’ve been praying for the ideal love life, the ideal relationship. The cosmos has heard and is responding. In order to give you what you want, it first has to remove the obstructions to it. And this is what is going on. It is much like what happens when the body gets detoxed. While it’s happening it’s not very pleasant. All kinds of toxins, effete material, things that have weighed the body down have to come out. Then and only then can the natural healing forces of the body come into play, and heal.

It is not just people that the cosmos is detoxing, but ideas, concepts, attitudes and opinions about love, relationships and even gender. Anything that stands in the way of your ideal love life, your ideal relationship, is being removed.

You’re giving birth to your ideal love life. The pains you feel are not pathology but birth pangs. If you understand things in this way, the process will go much easier.

There’s more to say about health issues too. Jupiter, your health planet, will be in your 4th house from September 10 onwards. Thus, health problems, should they happen (God forbid) could be coming from a re-stimulation of the memory body. The triggering of old memories can produce real symptoms. They feel real. But they are not what they seem to be. Since, on the outside, they seem real, the tendency is to treat them in the normal medical way. But in these cases it is best to treat the memory body. To go back to the origin of the bad memory and transform it. Sometimes these memories are from past lives, in such cases past-life regression can be a big help. Normally past-life regression is not advisable – there’s no reason for it except to satisfy idle human curiosity – however, if health is involved, it’s a different story and it is a valid way to proceed.

In the spiritual life, it is fashionable these days to look for the foreign and exotic. People feel that their own religion (whatever it is) has no mystical value. But every religion has its mystical side – its esoteric side – and this will be best for you. Your job now is to uncover the mystical-experiential roots of your native religion.


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